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Africa Travel Guide: Food, Animals, Destinations

Planning your next trip to Africa? Congrats! 

Here are the best local dishes, destinations, and animals to watch for. Plus learn some of the local language and culture. 

Travel to Africa

Here’s our full guide to travel in Africa.

what sound does a hippo make

What Sound Does a Hippo Make? Guide to Hippo Noises, Roars, Mating Displays

Hippopotami are huge, strong, and very loud animals! What sound does a hippo make? They make a variety of noises ...
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hyena laugh

Why Do Hyenas Laugh? Laughing Hyenas 12 Sounds (and What They Mean)

The maniacal laughing of hyenas is one of Africa's most recognizable sounds. Why do hyenas laugh? Are they actually laughing? ...
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African lions

36 Facts About African Lions (Panthera leo)

In this post, you'll learn 36 facts about African lions. They are the world's most iconic cats and one of ...
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African Bush Elephants

13 Fun Facts About African Bush Elephants: Habitat, Scientific Name, Range, Lifespan…

In this post, you'll learn 13 fun facts about African bush elephants. They include their habitat, diet, range, lifespan, countries ...
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fastest animals in africa

13 Fastest Animals in Africa: Speeds, Facts, Photos

What are the fastest animals in Africa? In post, you'll learn about the fastest predators and prey, land and flying ...
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safest countries in africa

17 Safest Countries in Africa: Ranked by Data (Travelers Guide)

To travel as safely as possible, we created this list of the safest African countries. In this post, you'll learn ...
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Best camera for safari

How to Choose the Best Camera for Safari [Buyers Guide]

Heading on a safari? Congratulations! Here's how to choose the best camera for safari and trekking adventures. We also include ...
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cheetah vs leopard feature

Cheetah vs Leopard: 14 Key Differences (Speed, Size, Spots)

African leopards and cheetahs are both found in the African wild. What's the difference between leopard and cheetah species? In ...
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panther vs jaguar

Panther vs Jaguar: 7 Differences / 8 Misconceptions Clarified

What's the difference: panther vs jaguar? It isn't as straightforward as you may think. It all depends on what you ...
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Is hippo milk pink?

Is Hippo Milk Really Pink? (Fact Check) Hipposudoric Acid & Blood Sweat

Hippos naturally producing pink milk? Sounds pretty amazing! Sadly, it's false. Here's where the story came from. And the real ...
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swahili animal names

104 Swahili Animal Names (Safari Guide for Travelers)

Swahili is one of two official languages in Uganda. In this post, you'll learn about Swahili animal names for more ...
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Hippo facts

57 Huge Hippo Facts: Complete Guide to the Massive Hippopotamus

Hippos are huge, docile mammals. Or are they? In this post, you'll learn 57 hippo facts about one of Africa's ...
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Portable water filter

How to Choose the Best Portable Water Filter / Purifier [Buyers Guide]

If you're traveling to rural Africa, you need to decide how you'll filter your water supply. In this huge guide, ...
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Nile crocodile

31 Facts About Africa’s Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)

Curious about Africa's Nile crocodile? In this huge guide, you'll learn all about this apex predator, its diet, habitat, population, ...
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rivers in africa

12 Major Rivers in Africa (Facts, Length, Travelers Guide)

When thinking about rivers in Africa, people often think of the Nile River. In this post, you'll learn about the ...
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egyptian food

24 Egyptian Foods and Drinks to Try at Home or Your Next Trip

Learn about the best Egyptian foods, desserts, and drinks that you should try either at home or the next time ...
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crowned eagle

21 Crowned Eagle Facts: Guide to Africa’s Strongest Eagle

Looking for details about the African crowned eagle? Here you will find everything that you need to know about crowned ...
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rwanda food

12 Rwandan Foods to Try: Traditional Rwanda Dishes, Desserts, Drinks

Interested to learn about the best Rwanda foods? In this Rwandan Food Guide, you'll learn about dishes, drinks and desserts ...
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Uganda National Parks

Uganda’s 10 National Parks & 4 Wildlife Game Reserves [Travelers Guide]

Planning your Uganda trip? In this post about Uganda's 10 National Parks and 4 Wildlife Game Reserves, you'll learn about ...
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Facts about Lake Victoria Uganda

19 Amazing Facts About Lake Victoria, Uganda: Location, Cichlids, Map, Size, Islands

Interested in Lake Victoria? In this post, you'll learn 19 interesting facts about Lake Victoria, including size, location, cichlids, wildlife, ...
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smallest african antelope

15 Smallest African Antelopes: Species, Range, Size, Photos (Full Guide)

Curious about small antelopes? In this article, you will learn about the different features of the 15 smallest African antelopes ...
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african antelope

74 Types of African Antelope (And 56 Subspecies) Full Guide

Learn about all the types of African antelope in Africa. Complete guide covers every antelope species with tons of facts, ...
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african deer

African Deer Guide: Meet the Barbary Stag (Africa’s Only Deer)

Africa is known for having all sorts of wonderful animals, including a wide variety of antelopes. But what about African ...
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brown hyena

22 Brown Hyena Facts: Habitat, Diet, Strandwolf Size

Not all hyenas are the laughing kind. In this guide, you'll learn all about brown hyenas, including what they look ...
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king cheetah

21 King Cheetah Facts (King Cheetah vs Cheetah) Fur, Photos, Speed

With its sharp eyes and distinctively feline grace, the king cheetah is one of the most beautiful animals in the ...
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baby giraffe

17 Baby Giraffe Facts: Size, Diet, Skills, Photos, Videos

Have you ever wondered about baby giraffes? In this post, you'll learn 17 facts about baby giraffes, including birth, size, ...
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how fast can a cheetah run

How Fast Can a Cheetah Run? Top Speed, 6 Unique Features

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the world! Just how fast can a cheetah run? What are their top ...
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baby cheetah

14 Cute Baby Cheetah Facts: Diet, Cub Sounds, Photos

A baby cheetah is one of the most adorable creatures on earth (mind you, I say that about most animals) ...
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mountain ranges in africa

12 Highest Mountains in Africa: Travelers Guide

Here's your full guide to the tallest mountains in Africa. This ordered list includes tons of detail, including wildlife, climate, ...
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Largest lake in Africa

What’s the Largest Lake in Africa? 9 Largest Lakes Compared

Africa is home to many huge lakes. What's the largest lake in Africa? And where are the best places to ...
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Is Uganda safe?

Is Uganda Safe? Guide to Water, Crime, Disease, Sun Safety in Uganda

Is Uganda safe? This question gets asked often by people who are thinking about traveling to Uganda to enjoy its ...
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big african antelope

16 Biggest African Antelopes: Largest Species by Weight

What is the largest antelope in Africa? In this post, you'll learn about the biggest antelopes in Africa, sorted by ...
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how fast can a rhino run

How Fast Can a Rhino Run? All 5 Species (Speeds/Reasons)

How fast can a rhino run? Learn about the speeds of all 5 rhino species. Plus reasons why they charge, ...
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how fast can an elephant run

How Fast Can an Elephant Run? Speed of All Species

Just how fast can an elephant run? They're the biggest land animals in the world. You may be surprised to ...
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how fast can buffalo run

How Fast Can African Buffalo Run? (And Why You Should Be Careful)

Ever wonder how fast a buffalo can run? In this article, you'll learn the speeds these animals can get to, ...
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ostrich top speed

How Fast Can an Ostrich Run? Speeds, Unique Features

Ostriches, despite being flightless and the heaviest bird in the world, can move really fast. How fast can an ostrich ...
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how fast is a zebra

How Fast is a Zebra? All 3 Species: Top Speeds, Reasons

Just how fast can a zebra run? Zebras are African equines related to horses. In this post, you'll learn about ...
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what do giraffes eat

What do Giraffes Eat? (Diet, Favorite Foods, Volume)

Have you ever wondered what a giraffe eats? Learn what giraffes eat, how much they eat, and when they like ...
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rwenzori mountains

Rwenzori Mountains: 13 Things About “Mountains of the Moon”

Rwenzori Mountains are home to two of the highest peaks in Africa. In this post, you'll learn about these famous ...
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buffalo vs bison

Buffalo vs Bison: 9 Differences Between 4 Species

What are the differences between a bison and a buffalo? In this post, you'll learn the 9 buffalo vs bison ...
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Cape buffalo facts

23 African Cape Buffalo Facts (Syncerus caffer)

In this post, you'll learn 23 facts about African Cape buffalo. It is one of the most dangerous animals in ...
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african fat tailed gecko

18 Facts About African Fat-Tailed Geckos (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus)

Have you ever wondered about African fat-tailed geckos? In this article, you'll learn some really cool facts about these little ...
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cities in uganda

Guide to 18 Largest Cities in Uganda (Attractions, Population)

Planning a trip to the country of Uganda? In this post, you'll learn about 18 of the largest cities in ...
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different types of giraffes

Guide to Giraffe Species: How Many Types of Giraffes Are There?

How many types of giraffes are there? In this post, you'll learn about the current giraffe species / subspecies classification ...
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African leopard facts

33 African Leopard Facts (Panthera pardus pardus)

In this post, you'll learn 33 African leopard facts. You'll learn about their habits, habitat, diet, differences with other cats ...
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Uganda food

Uganda Food Guide: 17 Must-Try Dishes for Your Visit

Curious about what Ugandan food is like? In this Uganda Food Guide, you'll learn about breakfast, lunch, and dinner - ...
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uganda airports

25 Airports in Uganda: Codes, International, Asphalt, Gravel

Thinking about a trip to Uganda? While it's true that the biggest reason many would want to go there is ...
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ostrich kick force

Can an Ostrich Kill a Lion? Attack Methods, Kick Strength

Lion vs ostrich? Can an ostrich kill a lion? In this post, you'll learn 2 ways an ostrich defends itself ...
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what do elephants eat

What Do Elephants Eat? All 3 Species: Food, Water, Milk

Elephants can weigh +13,000 lb, the earth's largest land animal. What do elephants eat that helps them grow so large? ...
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how long do elephants live

How Long do Elephants Live? Average Lifespan of African, Asian Species

Elephants are popular at zoos and on safari. How long do elephants live? In this post, we'll consider the lifespan ...
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what do rhinos eat

What Do Rhinos Eat? 5 Species Guide to Feeding Habits / Diets

What do rhinos eat? In this article, you'll learn about the eating habits of all 5 rhino species (white, black, ...
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Southern white rhinoceros

14 White Rhinoceros Facts: Southern and Northern (Ceratotherium simum simum)

Curious about the white rhino? In this post, you'll learn about the differences between northern and southern white rhinoceroses - ...
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what sound does a giraffe make

What Sound Does a Giraffe Make? Guide: 6 Giraffe Noises

Giraffes are notoriously quiet. What sound does a giraffe make? In this post, you'll learn what sounds they make and ...
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largest deserts in the world

14 Largest Deserts in the World: Listed by Area

What is the largest desert in the world? Here are the largest major deserts of the world, sorted by size ...
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Uganda mountain gorilla facts

19 Amazing Facts About Uganda Mountain Gorillas (Silverback, Baby, Habitat…)

In this post, you'll learn all about Uganda mountain gorillas, including their diet, habitat, silverbacks and more. You'll also learn ...
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giraffe tongue facts

9 Giraffe Tongue Facts: Color, Length, 4 Features

Have you ever wondered why a giraffe's tongue is purple? Here we'll discuss the answer to that question, along with ...
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gorilla sounds

Gorilla Sounds: Guide to 6 Gorilla Noises, Roars, Grunts

What sounds do gorillas make? What do gorilla sounds mean? In this post, you'll learn about 6 gorilla noises, roars, ...
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why do gorillas beat their chests

Why do Gorillas Beat Their Chest? 4 Reasons

Why do gorillas beat their chest? Perhaps you picture an angry, oversized ape about to leap into action. But is ...
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Tree climbing African lion

Uganda Animals: 27 Amazing Safari Animals of Uganda

Looking for Uganda animals? In this post, you'll learn about 27 amazing animals that you can see while trekking and ...
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Uganda gorilla trek

How to Choose a Uganda Gorilla Trek (Best Time to Go, Tour Companies, Price…)

Planning your Uganda gorilla trek? Perfect! In this post, you'll learn what to expect, the best time to go, prices, ...
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Sitatunga antelope

20 Facts About Sitatunga: Africa’s Swamp-Dwelling Antelope

Want to learn about Africa's sitatunga antelope? In this post, you'll learn 20 facts about the sitatunga. 20 Facts About ...
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red billed oxpecker

19 Facts About African Oxpecker Birds (Both Species of Buphagus)

Have you seen little birds on rhinos and hippos? They are oxpeckers - small parasite-eating birds from Africa. Here are ...
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