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Photography Tip: Practice At Oaklawn Farm Zoo (Annapolis Valley) shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Visiting Oaklawn Farm Zoo is a family tradition. It’s pretty cool to have a zoo with lions, cheetahs and zebras in the Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia). The best time to go to Oaklawn may be around feeding time. You can check their site for more information.

oaklawn zoo gray crowned crane

And it’s a great place to practice photography! The animals are used to people, so you can often get close to the them and capture inquisitive photos, like the one above.

If the zoo allows interaction with the animals (like petting or feeding) you may be able to capture some pretty special moments!

It can be a little difficult to shoot without including the enclosures, but that also provides editing practice when you get home. With some careful cropping, you can get excellent results.

In this post, I share some of my favorite pictures from an afternoon at the zoo.

My Favorite Pictures From Oaklawn Farm Zoo

pony at oaklawn zoo nova scotia

peacock at oaklawn zoo nova scotia

peacock colors oaklawn farm zoo

oaklawn farm zoo baby llama

petting a baby llama at oaklawn

goat at oaklawn farm zoo

oaklawn zoo nova scotia zebras

feeding deer at oaklawn zoo nova scotiadeer at oaklawn zoo nova scotia

feeding deer at oaklawn zoobaby llama sleeping at oaklawn zoooaklawn zoo owlalpaca at oaklawn farm zoo

oaklawn farm zoo tabby cat

I hope you liked these photos. I really enjoyed capturing them!

It’s also a great idea to bring a GoPro, you never know what might happen. Bryan brought his along and had some fun with a camel. Check out his funny video of a flappy-lipped camel.

Have you practiced your photography at the zoo? Please let us know how it went and which zoo you visited by commenting on this post.

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