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Visiting Amaru Zoo in Cuenca Ecuador (Animals, Photos, Videos, Directions) shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

We recently visited the Amaru Zoo here in Cuenca. It made for a really nice morning.

The Zoo is located on the side of a hill so it’s like a trip to the zoo and a hike all in one. The ground is uneven so make sure to wear sturdy shoes/sneakers. The view from the zoo looking down on the city is amazing!

Nice view of Cuenca

Nice view of Cuenca

Our Visit to Amaru Zoo in Cuenca Ecuador 

There are 28 different kinds of animals at the zoo and they have fairly large enclosures. Ever since we heard about the Andean bear (while we were still back in Canada) we had wanted to see one. So we were really happy to see 2 at the Amaru Zoo. They have a very friendly looking face.

While most of the animals actually live in Ecuador, they are all still new to us.

He has such a sweet face

He has such a sweet face

Some of the other animals we saw were monkeys, alpacas, a mountain lion, deer, lions, ostriches, caiman, harpy eagles and parrots.

We went in the morning and there were only a couple of the animals that we could not see because they were hiding in their enclosures. The morning might be a good time to go because the sun isn’t usually very strong, so the animals might be out and about rather than hiding in the shade.

mountain lion

He looks so intelligent

He looks so intelligent

There is a nice shaded area to sit down and enjoy a snack. The little restaurant serves hot dogs, burgers, cookies, chips, drinks and other snacks.

The bathrooms are just down the hill from the snack area. There were also bathrooms not far from the entrance.

restaurant snack area

rest area

The zoo is a great place for a family outing.

The signs say not to be separated from your children, this is important because the ground is uneven and because some of the animals are not caged, like some of the monkeys and parrots. So it could be dangerous to let your kids run ahead.



Getting to Amaru Zoo

Directions to the Zoo: Autopista Cuenca – Azogues 10 1/2 kilometers, in front of the Hospital del Rio, but on the opposite side of the Autopista. They are open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

There are Andean bears, tigers, pumas, parrots and giant tortoises. There are also lots of monkeys (like these squirrel monkeys), white tailed deer, Andean squirrels, peccary and African lions.  In total, there are 70 species with more than 650 animals. This video highlights some of our favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Please share your favorites in the comments below!

The Animals of Amaru Zoo, Cuenca Ecuador

Photos of the Animals at the Amaru Zoo

Here are a few of the photos that we included in the video slideshow.

Female Andean Bear Cuenca Ecuador
Which animal is your favorite? Have you been to the zoo? Please share your comments on this post.

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