Apple blossom facts

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Are you excited about seeing the apple blossoms this year? In this post, we’ll explore 10 apple blossom facts. You’ll find photos, facts, festivals, edibility, and more – all about apple blossoms.

Apple blossom facts

Apple blossoms are a highlight of the year for many nature lovers, especially in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Let’s look at some facts that will help us appreciate these little beauties even more.

10 Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Facts

An orchard in bloom is a beautiful thing to behold, but there’s a lot more to apple blossoms than their beauty.

There are 10 apple blossom facts that I’ll cover in this post. 

Before we jump into the apple blossom facts, let’s watch a timelapse video of blooming apple blossoms.

Apple Blossom Timelapse Video

Okay, now let’s begin with 10 facts about apple blossoms.

1. Apple blossoms are edible in small portions

We know that these beautiful blossoms turn into yummy apples, but did you know that the blossoms themselves are edible?

It’s true, they normally have a sweet flavor and are high in antioxidants.

13 apple blossom facts

You can make a tea out of dried apple blossoms which is said to help clear the complexion, aid in digestion, and help relive stress.

They can also be infused to make apple blossom whiskey. Apple blossom jelly is another treat made from these pretty flowers.

When paired with other edible aromatic flowers they make an attractive garnish but remember to only use blossoms that haven’t been sprayed.

Apple blossoms should be eaten in moderation because they could contain cyanide precursors.

2. Apple blossoms are poisonous to cats

The fruit of an apple is okay to give as a treat to your kitty, but keep her away from the rest of the apple, including the blossoms.

Apple blossoms are poisonous to cats. If ingested symptoms include rapid breathing, loss of bladder and bowel control, drooling, watery eyes, and muscle spasms. If blossoms are ingested, symptoms may start within 15 to 20 minutes.

facts about apple blossoms

If your cat eats apple blossoms get him/her to the vet as soon as possible. And if you have apple trees on your property you’ll probably want to keep an eye on where your kitty is climbing.

3. Apple blossoms are related to roses

The apple tree is a deciduous tree in the rose family, so apple blossoms are related to roses.

apple blossom facts you need to know

No wonder they’re so pretty.

4. There are two apple blossom festivals in Canada

People around the world (from Canada to Australia) look forward to apple blossom festivals every year, they’re a draw for locals and tourists.

All about apple blossoms

There are two apple blossom festivals in Canada:

  1. Apple Blossom Tyme Festival in Colborne, Ontario
  2. Apple Blossom Festival in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

The festival in Nova Scotia has gained international recognition. It is said to be one of the largest parades in Canada and draws crowds of around 80,000. Along with lighthouses, it’s one of the main tourist draws each year.

5. Blossom colour depends on the apple variety

Apple blossoms range from white/pale pink to dark pink. Their color is dependent on their variety.

Most start out pale pink and turn white as spring progresses.

6. Apple blossoms bloom from early spring to late summer

Not all apple trees blossom in the spring. Some may not blossom until the end of summer.

Apple blossoms may bloom early, mid, or late season. The blossoms will occur depending on what type of apple tree you have.

learn 13 apple blossom facts

Early spring varieties include Gala, McIntosh, or Honeycrisp. If you see blossoms later on in the summer you may be looking at Granny Smith or Pink Lady.

7. Apple blossoms are the official flower of two U.S. states

The apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan and Arkansas.

8. Most Apple Blossoms need to be cross-pollinated

If you want your blossoms to turn into apples, you’ll need more than one variety.

Apple blossoms need cross-pollination. That means that they need to be pollinated with pollen from another variety of apple tree (or other suitable tree) that blooms at the same time.

Everything you need to know about apple blossoms

A few apple varieties are self-pollinating, like Granny Smith and Cortland.

9. Apple blossoms have five petals per blossom

Apple blossoms grow in clusters, and each blossom has five petals. The petals grow around the yellow stamen.

The fruit develops from the ovary which is at the base of the blossom just above the stem.

10. Apple blossoms get thinned yearly 

Each year the apple tree forms buds, and from each bud comes a cluster of four to six blossoms.

The blossom in the center is called the king bloom, it opens first and can grow a larger apple than the other blossoms.

What you need to know about apple blossoms

Farmers often thin their apple blossoms by removing some of the flowers. This way the trees can put more energy into the remaining blossoms and create better apples.

Apple blossoms are special to people in the Annapolis Valley – because of their history and their effect on the economy. Check out this Wilf Carter song about Annapolis Valley apple blossoms.

“Apple Blossom Time in Annapolis Valley” by Wilf Carter

What a sweet song, and a great way to finish this post about apple blossom facts.

3 Apple Blossom Crafts

As I researched this post, I found these great apple blossom themed crafts. Let me know if you make any of these – or have one to add.

  1. Icing Apple Blossoms: Spring would be the perfect time to pretty up your baked goods with apple blossoms made out of icing. You’ll learn how in the following video. How to Make Apple Blossoms With Royal Icing Video
  2. Paper Apple Blossoms: Knowing apple blossoms are poisonous to your cat means you won’t want to bring them inside, but this paper apple blossom project might be just the thing to help you bring a little spring into your home. Here’s how to make paper apple blossoms from a kit. You can either purchase the template or make your own for free.
  3. Shopkins Apple Blossom Cake: If your little one loves Shopkins, here’s how to make a Shopkins Apple Blossom cake.

13 facts about apple blossoms Apple Blossoms and You

Do you look forward to apple blossoms each year? Where do you see them?

I live in the Annapolis Valley, so I see orchards in bloom all over the valley, and we have a couple of trees in our backyard.

Check out the N.S. orchard directory to find an orchard where you can see apple blossoms up close. It’s best to call an orchard to ask about seeing their blossoms before you visit.

If you have any apple blossom facts to add to this post please share by commenting.

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