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My Expat Cost of Living in Hoi An, Vietnam: Rebekah Voss

Thinking about a move to Hoi An, Vietnam? What’s the cost of living there? Rebekah Voss is an American currently based in Vietnam. Learn all about her cost of living in the city of Hoi An.

Cost of living in Vietnam Rebekah Voss

My Hoi An, Vietnam cost of living: $550/month

You could VERY easily spend less if you’re willing to rough it – a one-room apartment with absolutely no amenities can be found for under $100/month.

My Cost of Living in Hoi An, Vietnam

Here’s my cost of living in Hoi An in five main categories:

  1. Food (I eat out every meal – cooking would be cheaper) – $35/week. Coffee is 50 cents, breakfast is included in my homestay so it’s free, lunch is 26 cents (sandwich), dinner is $1-$2. For a ‘splurge’ my boyfriend and I get a hot pot with tons of small plates, drinks, and seafood for about $10.
  2. Home: furnished room with a private bathroom that includes all utilities is $300/month. I could have gotten a cheaper place if I had rented a house, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of installing WiFi, etc. My friend rents a lovely 2-bedroom for $250/month.
  3. Health: I went to the Western doc in Da Nang – $59/consultation, $200 total to treat a 3rd degree motorbike burn
  4. Entertainment: Ang Bang Beach – 20 cents for parking, $5 for a huge spread of food and beer. Live music is usually free, drinks are cheap if you get beer and expensive if you get liquor/wine.
  5. Transport: bus to Da Nang (30km away) – $1, inter-city taxi $3-$5 to get anywhere you want to go. You can buy a used motorbike for $200-$250 (keep in mind that will probably be manual, not automatic).

Hoi An Vietnam cost of living

What Costs More in Vietnam?

What costs more in Hoi An, Vietnam? Toiletries! It’s almost impossible to find decent moisturizer, makeup, etc. For women, you should definitely bring makeup, face creams, etc from home because they are 4x as expensive in Hoi An.

Also, almost all of the body washes, lotions and face creams have bleach as their main ingredient (“whitening”), so that’s one more reason to bring your own from home.

Western foods (cheese, pasta, pizza, burgers), liquor, and wine are all expensive in Hoi An.

Rebekah Voss living in Vietnam

4 Things That Cost Less in Vietnam

What costs less where you are living?

  1. Vietnamese food ($1-$2 for a full dinner!)
  2. Beer (less than $1)
  3. Rent
  4. Gas (60km on the motorbike costs about $2)

Expat Cost of Living: Commodities

Also, there are a number of commodities that we can use to gauge real costs of living.

  • a liter of regular gas: – not sure exactly, but we fill up the motorbike for around $5 and that will last us a week.
  • a ten minute cab ride: $5
  • bottle of local beer: – less than $1
  • general practitioner doctors appointment: $59 (Western doctor – wouldn’t recommend local doctor)
  • Average rent for a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment: Varies, in Hoi An I’d say $300-$400 if you’re coming in blind. If you know locals, that will definitely help you find cheaper places. Also, look for a place away from the Ancient Town, this will drive the price down further.

living in Hoi An Vietnam

Rebekah Voss Digital Nomad

Bio: Rebekah Voss is a travel writer and digital nomad who’s been on the road since 2013. Originally from the U.S., she’s spent the past 9 months traipsing around Asia with no plans of stopping.

After 6 months in Vietnam she’ll next move on to Thailand, followed by Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. Rebekah is passionate about helping others travel long-term and find creative ways to make money traveling.

life in Hoi An Vietnam Rebekah Voss living abroad in Vietnam

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