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How Do You Eat Mango? Here’s How to Peel a Mango (and Eat it Like a Human) shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Mangos are delicious and messy. They are one of the hardest-to-eat fruits for new expats and travelers – especially those of us from non-tropical climates. In this post, you’ll learn how to peel and eat a mango (like a human).

eat a mango

I didn’t like mangoes in Canada. They never ripened, were expensive, and they tasted like soap.

Mangoes sold at the supermarket were always hard. Just set it on the window ledge for a few days, they said. It’ll ripen and be delicious, they said. Not true.

Mangoes in Canada arrive hard and unripe. They then quickly go from unripe to rotten. They seem to have forgotten the important step of being ripe and delicious.

Many expats move to a country where mangoes are both abundant, inexpensive and delicious.
But this creates a conundrum.

How can a gringo (with no experience) successfully eat this tropical fruit?

How to Eat a Mango

How is a mango to be eaten – while maintaining some level of human dignity?

We’ve noticed that there are three kinds of mango eaters. The first two are most common. The third method is a solid option.

  1. Rip & Tear: Get sticky up to your elbows while ripping it open and scraping the flesh off with your teeth. Often done while hunched over a sink.
  2. Juice Sucker: Gently massage the mango until soft – it becomes a sack of juice. Then bite a small hole in the end and suck out all the pure juice. Note: we did this for a few years when we first moved to Ecuador – until we discovered that an uncomfortable number of them had maggots.
  3. Cup Scooper: Following the simple steps below, you can easily remove the soft ripe flesh with a drinking glass.

eat a mango
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Love mango but hate the mess?

Here’s how to get the fruit without having to eat it over the kitchen sink.

how to eat a mango
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Eat a Mango Like a Human

If you’ve ever tried to eat a mango, you know that it will take away almost all of your dignity.

You know what I’m talking about.

Yellow pulp on both cheeks and juice dripping off your elbows. Even animals are better at it than we are.

There must be a better way…

3 Steps to Peel a Mango (Like a Human)

Here is a better (more civilized) way to peel a mango:

  1. Cut both sides off the mango (using a cutting board and care not to take off your finger tips)
  2. Holding the cheek in your hand, flesh side up, place the mango against the lip of a standard drinking glass.
  3. Slide the mango down, allowing the lip of the glass to separate the flesh from the skin.

Not sure of the execution? Check out this short video:

How to peel a mango in under 10 seconds

Your Turn

How do you eat a mango? How do you peel a mango? Are you one of the above? Or do you have another method? {Please share it in the comments below}

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