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Get the latest Ecuador news direct from one of Ecuador’s 32 daily newspapers. In this post, we share all the major daily newspapers in Ecuador. Every one of them is in Spanish. There are no English dailies in Ecuador.

Ecuador news

Get Local News from these Ecuador Newspapers

This set of papers will give you local news for whatever region you are interested to learn about. But what if you don’t read Spanish? No problem. Most expats and travelers are using Google translate to get their daily dose of Ecuador news. Here’s some background on using Google translate.

Translation tip: Instead of copying text, just copy the url of the paper and/or the specific article, click “Translate” and you can read it all in English.

Ready to get started? Here are all 32 daily papers in Ecuador – organized by the province.

Ecuador’s 32 Daily Newspapers

Ecuador’s daily newspapers (PERIÓDICOS DIARIOS DE ECUADOR)

National Ecuador News

From what I can tell, this is the only national paper in the country. While a few of the papers in Quito and Guayaquil do a decent job of covering national news, this free paper covers the three major cities quite well.

  1. METRO HOY Quito (Covers Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil)

QUITO (Pichincha), Ecuador News

Quito is the country capital and is the highest official capital city in the world (at 9,350 feet / 2,800 meters above sea level).

  1. LA HORA Quito
  2. EL COMERCIO Quito
  3. HOY Quito (Closed in August 2014)
  4. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS Quito (Offline)
  5. POPULAR Quito (Closed)

Azuay, Ecuador News

Azuay Province is home to Cuenca – the third-largest city in the country.

  1. EL MERCURIO Cuenca
  2. EL TIEMPO Cuenca
  3. LA TARDE Cuenca

Cañar, Ecuador News

  1. PORTADA Azogues (Offline)

Chimborazo, Ecuador News

  1. LA PRENSA Riobamba
  2. LOS ANDES Riobamba

Cotopaxi, Ecuador News

  1. LA GACETA Latacunga (Offline)
  2. Cotapaxi Noticias Latacunga (Offline)

El Oro, Ecuador News

  1. CORREO Machala
  2. OPINIÓN Machala (Offline)

Guayas, Ecuador News

  1. EL UNIVERSO Guayaquil
  2. EXPRESO Guayaquil
  3. EXTRA Guayaquil
  4. SÚPER Guayaquil (Offline)
  5. EL TELÉGRAFO Guayaquil
  6. PP EL VERDADERO Guayaquil

Imbabura, Ecuador News

  1. EL NORTE Ibarra (December 2015 – site down).

Loja, Ecuador News

  1. CRÓNICA Loja
  2. CENTINELA Loja (Closed)

Manabí, Ecuador News

  1. EL DIARIO Portoviejo
  2. EL MERCURIO Manta
  3. LA MAREA Manta
  4. EL MANABA Manta

Pastaza, Ecuador News


Santo Domingo de Tsáchilas, Ecuador News

  1. EL PERIÓDICO COLORADO Santo Domingo (December 2015 – site down)
  2. CENTRO Santo Domingo

Tungurahua, Ecuador News

  1. EL HERALDO Ambato

Ecuador Government National Papers

There are also a couple of government newspapers. Thanks to David Sasaki for the information.

  1. Andes
  2. El Ciudadano (Currently offline)

Are we missing one? Please add it in the comments below.
So there you have it. 32 sources of national and regional Ecuador news.

News in Ecuador

Keep in mind that the reporting is different in Ecuador. Front page images often feature gory accidents or violent murders. While this can be disturbing – especially if you have children – it doesn’t mean that things are worse here. You just see the details more often.
You can always catch up on Ecuador’s news for free online (with the above links) or by reading the free paper provided on national flights.

What are the Newspapers in Cuenca Ecuador?

Candid information about Cuenca can be hard to find (aside from here, of course). Sometimes its hard to even find the local papers online.
There are two primary newspapers in Cuenca: El Mercurio and El Tiempo

El Mercurio Newspaper


El Tiempo Newspaper

Something to keep in mind. The papers in Ecuador tend to state, for example, planned changes to the law as news – as if it’s already happened.
At first, I thought I wasn’t understanding it correctly, but I asked our Ecuadorian lawyer about it, and he sort of rolled his eyes and agreed. So when reading the papers, it’s important to remember it might not be as it seems. The “news” might be proposed changes and nothing more.
Also, as is the case throughout Latin America, the papers tend to print the goriest bloodiest picture on the front page.
While I’ve noticed the Cuenca papers to do this less than the national ones, they still do it. Seeing the effects of a crime or an accident doesn’t mean it happens more than anywhere else – you just get to see the fine details more here.

Break the Spanish Language Barrier

If your Spanish isn’t quite ready to handle reading the paper, you can always use the old standby: Google Translate.
While it isn’t perfect, it is constantly improving. There is a feature to translate a whole page – just copy the url (from the address bar on your browser) and paste it in the box to be translate.
When you click “translate” it will bring up a fully translated page – so you can more-or-less get the point of the news. Try it out! Read more about the fun and errors of Google translate.

Now it’s your turn

What is your favorite paper? What other source do you use for Ecuador news? Please share your comments below…

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