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47 Best Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers: Practical and Quirky

It can be hard to buy a gift for tea lovers. Especially if you don’t know much about tea. In this guide, you’ll find 47 hand picked gifts for tea lovers – from practical to decor. We also include Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and British tea sets. Plus iced tea, office gifts and tea samplers.

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Gifts for tea lovers

47 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Whether served hot or cold, it has a great taste and comes in a number of different flavors and blends. You have your choice of black or green teas and others that have a slightly floral flavor or a hint of herbs.

With the best gifts for tea lovers, you’ll find some great ways to treat the tea lovers in your life for special occasions.

Top gifts for tea lovers

Best Gifts for Tea Lovers (Top Picks)

Finding the right gift for someone who loves tea and drinks it regularly is easier than you might think. Some of the best gifts shown in the section below are great for those who drink tea every day and those who think it’s the best drink in the world. You can find gifts for both family and friends.

Dinosaur Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

Making tea is much more fun when you have a dinosaur infuser. This set comes with two dinosaur infusers that open up to fill with loose leaves.

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The neck of each dinosaur is long enough that it will stick out over the top of the cup, which lets the tea lovers stir the liquid inside and easily remove the infuser later.

Stovetop Safe Tea Kettle with Strainer and 4 Cups

Those who like the traditional method of brewing tea might like this tea pot set that they can use right on top of the stove.

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A built-in strainer allows users to brew tea with bags and to add other ingredients to their brews. It also comes with a set of four matching handleless cups.

Glass Tea Infuser Bottle Tumbler and Strainer

The Sacred Glass Tea Infuser is a set that any tea drinker might appreciate. It comes with a glass tumbler that has two layers of insulation to keep the tea hot and an infuser that works with loose tea leaves and other ingredients.

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This set also features a sleeve that wraps around the tumbler to keep the heat away from the drinker’s hands.

Classic Tea Kettle

Made from stainless steel, this classic tea kettle is resistant to rust and has a traditional look. Accents on the lid, spout and handle are resistant to heat and stay cool as the water boils inside.

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It also features a spout that whistles to let users know when the water is ready. This kettle is easy to use on a glass or ceramic stove top.

Bamboo Tea Box

Finding the right blend early in the morning is easy with this wood tea box. It has a clear glass top that lets users see the teabags inside and a drawer that slides out for storing spoons and other utensils.

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This box can hold more than 100 tea bags in the dedicated storage spots inside. It also allows users to display their six favorites.

1 Litre Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

The borosilicate glass used in the construction of this teapot makes it suitable for homes with kids and pets because it won’t break as easily as other kettles do.

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If an accident does happen, instead of shattering into hundreds of pieces the way that other glass kettles can, it breaks into large pieces that are easy to pick up. It has an ergonomic handle for added comfort and a spout that won’t drip as it pours.

Tea Infusers: Set of 3

Tea drinkers have problems making large pots of infused tea because most infusers are quite small, but this infuser set works with all pots and mugs. It comes with three different infusers that can hold enough loose leaves to make a full pot.

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The box also features a scoop for measuring tea leaves. With two small infusers and one large infuser, this set is suitable for making single cups and tea for a group.

Electric LED Kettle

Capable of holding 1.7 liters of water, this CORSI LED kettle allows users to make tea without waiting as long for water to boil. It uses borosilicate glass that won’t break or shatter and has a sleek handle on the side.

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The kettle plugs into any outlet and provides boiling hot water in minutes. Thanks to the LED display, users can easily see the temperature of the water inside.

Ceramic Tea Brewing Cup with Infuser Basket

With this infuser cup, making infused teas is easy. It has a delightful design that features white flowers against a pale blue background.

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The cup has an infuser bracket that works with tea bags and infusing ingredients and comes with a lid that retains the heat inside.

Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Designed for anyone who likes hot drinks, this cup warmer will work with most mugs and cups.

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It has temperature controls on the bottom that let the user set the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and a digital display that shows the current temp. The warmer comes with a matching stainless steel cup.

This is a perfect gift for travel bloggers and online teachers.

Tea lover gifts

Quirky and Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers

When you ask for ideas of what gifts tea drinkers will love, you’ll often get feedback from those who suggest tea samplers and sets. Those suggestions are great but you can get even more creative.

You can give a gift that no one else would when you look at some of the quirky and unique gifts for tea drinkers. These gifts are suitable for tea lovers of all ages.

Sloth Tea Infuser

A fun way to make or infuse tea is with this sloth infuser. Shaped like a sloth, it fits right over the side of a cup and allows the loose tea and other ingredients inside to slowly flavor the water in the cup.

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It is free of BPA and other harmful toxins, which makes it an infuser that tea lovers can use safely.

“Bring Me Some Tea” Socks

Perfect for cold nights, this pair of socks lets the wearer tell others what he or she wants.

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The socks, which come in different colors, have teapots and other images on the top. Across the bottom are the words, “If you can read this, bring me some tea.”

Tea Shirt

Available in sizes for women and juniors, the tea shirt is a fun addition to a tea drinker’s wardrobe.

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It uses a combination of spandex and cotton to fit comfortably and comes in several sizes. The shirt features “Tea Shirt” and a drawing of a teabag on the front in white.

Llama Tea Infuser (Como Tea Llama)

Those who prefer loose leaf tea might like this llama strainer. Designed to look like a tiny little llama, it opens easily and has space inside for adding leaves.

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Small holes on the side let the flavor of the tea come through and keep the leaves inside where they belong.

The Tea Book

Anyone who wants to know more about tea might enjoy The Tea Book, which features the tagline, “All About Tea.”

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This hardcover book looks at everything from how farmers grow tea and how people taste samples to tips on brewing a cup and making the tea taste its best.

Tea Rex T-Shirt

The Tea Rex is such a fun shirt that even those who don’t drink tea might appreciate it. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt will not shrink in the dryer.

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It comes in a bright green color with a fun image of a T-Rex drinking tea on the front.

The Story of Tea (Book)

The Story of Tea might just be one of the best gifts for someone who loves tea. This book goes over some of the cultures who drink tea and offers tips on how to brew and drink tea.

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It includes some nice color photos and comes in both Kindle and hardback formats.

Tea Gift Sets for Tea Lovers

Tea sets are a good gift for both new tea drinkers and long term fans of the drink. Many of the best sets come with both a pot and a set of cups, and the pot can store enough tea for everyone who wants a cup. You can choose sets inspired by some of the top cultures in the world.

Turkish Tea Set

An elegant addition to any home, this Turkish tea set comes with 25 pieces.

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It features clear glasses with brass accents, decorated spoons that use some bright colors, brass holders and matching brass saucers. This set also comes with a beautiful brass tray.

Japanese Tea Set

The Cherry Blossom pattern featured on this Japanese set has a traditional look, but the addition of black and white give the set a more modern look.

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It comes with a pot that has its own filter and six matching cups, all of which are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Chinese tea gift sets

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Chinese Tea Sets

It’s not surprising that so many people associate tea with China. China still exports more tea than any other country in the world.

Instead of just buying a sampler of Chinese teas though, you can look for a Chinese tea set. Most of these sets come with cups and other accessories for use with tea.

Yellow Dragon Chinese Tea Set (6 Cups)

At the end of a dinner party, your loved one can pull out this authentic tea set and invite guests to have a cup.

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The design features bold red and gold colors with a white finish on the inside of each cup. This set comes with a pot and six cups.

Traditional Chinese Tea Cups

Traditional Chinese tea cups do not have handles, and this set of five cups features that same design.

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Each cup features a floral and fish design on the bottom and a soft green color. These cups conveniently fit in the palm of the hand.

Travel Chinese Tea Set (2 Cups)

The jade green color of this Chinese set gives it a fun look.

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This set comes with a porcelain pot and two teacups in the same green color that fit on a small wooden tray. The tray and other pieces fit inside the including case.

This would work while on a road trip or even camping. Here are some more gift ideas for campers.

English Tea Sets

Tea drinkers in England believe that it’s one of the best drinks in the world. They often have service sets that include everything needed to have and share a pot of tea with others.

You can let a loved one enjoy the same type of ceremony at home with an English tea set.

English Tea Set (Blue Willow)

This English set is a popular choice because it features the traditional Blue Willow pattern.

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Not only will your loved one get four teacups and saucers, but he or she will also get four matching dinner plates and other service pieces for four people.

British Royal Tea Set (6 Setting)

Another option for tea drinkers is this tea set, which comes with service for six.

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The gold rims and accents on each piece match back to the gold tone of the holder, which makes storing all the pieces easy. It comes with a sugar bowl and creamer too.

Red Rose English Tea Set

This 13-piece set is one of the most elegant and affordable tea sets on the market.

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It comes with an elegant holder with a gold finish that holds both the cups and plates. All the plates and cups have a floral design in shades of pink and white.

Tea Accessory Gifts for Tea Lovers

The days of sitting down for an hour or more for a tea break in the middle of the day seem to be a thing of the past, except maybe on the weekend or a holiday.

Many busy people still like to have some type of ceremony when drinking tea though, which makes some of these accessory gifts suitable for them. You might opt for utensils and spoons or a handy travel set for your loved one.

GongFu Bamboo Tea Tray

Those who like having a cup of tea at the beginning or end of the day might like this tray.

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It’s large enough that it can hold a pot, cup and any utensils or accessories that the person needs. The tray uses real wood and features authentic writing across the top.

Chinese Tea Utensil Set

Hosting a traditional tea ceremony is easy with this utensil set, which comes with multiple tools.

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The set features coasters for holding teacups and utensils for mixing and stirring blends. It also comes with a holder that matches the utensils.

Tea Travel Set

Tea lovers can both make and drink hot tea on the go with this travel set, which comes with a small teapot that does double duty as a teacup.

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The cup and pot both feature a durable ceramic design, and both will fit inside the small carrying case in a matching color.

Gold Tea Spoons

One of the most elegant gift ideas for a tea lover is this set of spoons.

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Each of the eight included spoons has a gold finish and a scrolled design that incorporates other decorative elements. The spoons are nice for using with other hot drinks as well.

Tea Bag Squeezer

The best way to get the most flavor from tea is with a squeeze of the bag.

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Instead of getting their hands wet and dirty, tea drinkers can use this squeezer to get every bit of flavor from a bag. It uses real metal and is easy to use.

Decor Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Why settle for a box of tea or a tea maker, when you can find some great decor gifts for your favorite tea drinkers?

These gifts let them decorate their home and their office to let the world know how much they love tea. With decor gifts, you can find the right gift for any tea drinker.

Tea Bag Holder

Most tea drinkers remove the bag from their mug before drinking. As that bag can leave behind stains, they can use holders until they throw away the bags.

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This set comes with four holders shaped like kettles that can hold a single bag of used tea.

Vintage Tea Signs

This set of four vintage signs can add a fun accent to any kitchen or dining room.

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The set comes with four signs that each measure eight-inches by 10-inches, with different prints on each one. The signs are suitable for hanging as-is or for framing.

Tea Canister

With a tea canister, your loved one can keep bagged and loose tea fresh for months or more.

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Designed to match other products from Rae Dunn, it has a convenient handle on top of the lid that locks in the tea, and the word “tea” across the front in black.

Tea Trivet

A hot pot of tea can cause significant damage to a counter or table, which is why tea lovers like using metal trivets such as this one.

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Shaped like a kettle, it uses cast iron that keeps the heat of the pot away from any surface to prevent damage.

Tea Time Sign

The White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” is a classic literary character, it comes to life in this vintage sign.

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Measuring eight-inches by six-inches, it has a vintage design that makes it look older than it really is, and it puts the character holding his pocket watch right on the front.

Unique gifts for tea lovers

Tea Samplers

If you have a tea drinker in your life who likes trying new things, you might give the gift of a tea sampler.

Even those who have a favorite blend or product like the idea of sampling new teas and seeing what those flavors taste like.

Here are some great samplers that include multiple blends.

Classic Tea Sampler: Black, Green, White, Herbal

White tea and green tea are just a few of the flavors that come inside this classic sampler.

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Each of the 28 included packages fit inside a cardboard box that looks like a chest. The box lets users display the selection of tea at home or at the office.

Green Tea Sampler

Green tea has antioxidants and other natural properties that can help with weight loss and certain medical conditions. This green tea sampler offers all the benefits of that tea in easy to use packages.

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The 14 packages of tea inside can each make a single cup of tea, but users can also mix packages to make a pot of tea.

Vahdam Earl Grey Sampler

Earl Grey is one of the most popular teas in the world. Fans of that type will like this Earl Grey sampler, which comes with five types of tea.

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Your tea lover will get enough tea to make up to 50 cups. Some of the flavors included are oolong and chai teas, but the set also includes some unique flavors.

Loose Leaf Tea Sampler (11 Teas)

Not all teas come already packaged and ready to use. Those who like experimenting might like this set of 11 loose teas.

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Each type of tea comes in a small container inside a large box. The top of the box includes some information about each tea, including its name and country of origin.

Detox Tea Sampler

Detox teas are hot right now because so many people want to cleanse their bodies and get rid of impurities. VAHDAM makes a detox sampler that comes with 20 packs of five different teas.

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Each pack makes a single cup of tea and is easy to carry. Those who like detox teas will like seeing the effects that these teas have on their bodies.

Best gifts for tea lovers

Office Gifts for Tea Lovers

Many offices now have on-site kitchens with some basic appliances that employees can use. They can make popcorn and other snacks as well as coffee and tea.

Some of the best office gifts for tea lovers include products that let them make and drink their favorite teas on the job.

Travel Tea Infuser Set

From herbs to fruits, this tea infuser is perfect for experimenting with flavors and creating fresh blends.

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The infuser works as a teapot for one and makes it easy to create tea from leaves. It uses two walls of insulation to keep the tea warm. It can keep teas and other drinks hot for hours.

Tea Infuser Travel Mug

Infusing teas with fresh fruit and other flavors is a popular trend, and this travel mug gives tea lovers the chance to make their own brews. It holds up to 14 ounces and comes with a removable infuser that holds loose leaf teas.

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The included strainer catches any loose leaves and keeps them inside the mug. At the end of the day, your loved one can rinse out the strainer and clean the mug to get it ready for the next day.

Yeti Tea Desk Mug

Taking hot tea to work is often hard because it just doesn’t stay hot. Yeti makes a handy insulated tumbler that keeps that tea at the perfect temperature as the user moves from home to work and back again.

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It comes in several colors and has two walls of insulation inside. There is even a removable lid on the top. Fans of Yeti coolers and other accessories will find the same quality in this tumbler.

Gifts for iced tea lovers

Gifts for Iced Tea Lovers

When many people think of tea, they think of the hot drink, but iced tea can taste just as great and serve as a nice refresher on a hot day.

While iced tea is very popular in the south, it’s also quite popular in other regions of the country. You’ll find a few fun gifts suitable for those in your life who enjoy iced tea.

Iced Tea Maker

Add a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen with the Nostalgia iced tea maker. It has a unique design with chrome accents and makes three quarts of iced tea per cycle.

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With the selector dial, users can decide how strong they want their tea and how much they want to make. Nostalgia made this iced tea maker to match some of the other small appliances it offers.

Iced Tea Tumbler

Drinking iced tea on the go is a hassle because most cups won’t keep the drink cold. With this iced tea tumbler, any fan of the drink can enjoy an iced tea on the go.

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The tumbler is resistant to shattering and both odors and stains and will keep drinks cold for hours. It’s great for taking drinks to the office and for grabbing a glass of iced tea when running errands.

Iced Tea Spoons

Thanks to a nine-inch length, these spoons are perfect for mixing sugar and other ingredients into a glass of iced tea. Each spoon in the set uses stainless steel and has an ergonomic design.

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The spoons also work as dessert spoons for eating ice cream and other sweets. Users can use the spoon to make sure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed inside the glass.

1.5 L Iced Tea Maker

Whipping up a batch of iced tea is easy with this 1.5 liter maker. It has a spout on the top that makes pouring the finished drink into a glass easy, and a lid that blocks out the air and locks in the flavor.

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This product is great for making cold brew coffee too. It offers an easier and more convenient way to make iced tea.

Iced tea gifts

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