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46 Gifts for Writers, Authors, Poets (Idea Generation, Unique Gear, Apparel)

So you’re looking for a gift for a writer? In this post, you’ll find a curated list of the best gifts for writers, authors, and poets. I’ve organized them by gear, idea generation, apparel, coffee and tea, and writing accessories. Let’s get started!

Best gifts for writers

46 Gifts for Writers, Authors, and Poets

Finding the right gifts for writers can often be challenging because you aren’t sure what they need.

Whether someone you love works from home as a freelance writer or is a self-published author, you can still find some great products that they will love. We found some of the best gifts for writers that you can give to both the adults and children in your life.

Gifts for writers

8 Idea Generation and Capture Gifts

Writers of all types can come up with fresh ideas anywhere and anytime. That is why many will find the idea generation and capture gifts useful.

These gifts help them keep track of their notes and ideas until they can sit down and flesh them out on a computer screen or with a pen and paper.

Waterproof Notepad

Have you ever thought of something in the shower and forgot it as soon as you dried off later? Writers suffer the same problem and can benefit from this waterproof notepad.

Check current price on Amazon.

It comes with both a notepad and a pencil that have suction cups attached for sticking each piece to the shower wall or door.

Dixit Game

Dixit is a fun party game that lets authors have fun with those who do not write. This game comes with dozens of cards that feature unique pictures on the front.

Check current price on Amazon.

Between three and six people can play on teams and as individuals as they compete to come up with new stories based on the cards in their hands.

Great Writers Finger Puppet Set

Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers of all type but is just one of the famous authors included in this puppet set.

Check current price on Amazon.

Designed to fit on the fingers, the puppets are four-inches tall and come with attached magnets for sticking on the fridge. The set includes Tolstoy, Woolf and Dickens putters too.

The Storymatic Classic

The Storymatic is a great gift idea because it serves as a party game and can help authors feel inspired when writer’s block hits.

Check current price on Amazon.

This game comes with hundreds of cards that have different phrases across the front. Those cards work together to create more than six trillion story combinations that they can use as they write.

Writer Emergency Pack

Writer’s block is one of the biggest problems that authors have, but this writer emergency pack can help them push through.

Check current price on Amazon.

It comes with 26 cards that include tips that writers can use when they can’t come up with an idea or when they want to start writing. Those tips show them how they can look at the world and their ideas from different angles.

The Writer’s Toolbox

The Writer’s Toolbox is a handy box of tips and tricks that teach users how to focus on and use the right sides of their brains.

Check current price on Amazon.

Created by a teacher who taught creative writing, it shows users how they can use their passions as they write. It also serves as a fun ice breaker and party game.

Writer’s Block Journal

Another useful gift for those stuck in the writing process is this writer’s block journal. It encourages writers to sit down and write about anything that is on their minds.

Check current price on Amazon.

As it has more than 300 pages, authors won’t feel wasteful as they turn their ideas and concepts into full stories and articles.

Weatherproof Notepad

Many authors find inspiration in the great outdoors, and this weatherproof notepad lets them write even if it’s raining or snowing.

Check current price on Amazon.

The notepad is spiral bound across the top, which makes it easy to flip it open and start writing. Both the cover of the pad and the pages inside aren’t affected by the weather outside.

Once upon a time

Not sure how to package your gift? Here’s how to make it look great with a gift bag and tissue paper.

10 Writing Accessories Gifts for Writers

Though many people assume that authors today only work on computers and other electronic devices, many still rely on notebooks and pens.

They can keep track of their ideas and move to a computer later. The writer in your life might appreciate one or more of the following accessories as a gift.

Parker Fountain Pen

You cannot go wrong with a classic fountain pen such as this Parker set, which comes from one of the top names in the industry.

Check current price on Amazon.

This set includes a fountain pen with chrome accents that writes smoothly and fluidly, several refills and a bottle converter that makes it easier to use the pen with ink.

Leather Journal

Travel and adventure authors and those who just like to write on the go will like this journal, which features a real leather cover.

Check current price on Amazon.

Inside are blank pages that let them write as big or as small as they want. The journal also comes with two bookmarks to help the user keep track of important pages.

Hemingway Pen

Ernest Hemingway was one of the most famous authors of all time, and fans of his work will enjoy working on stories of their own with a Hemingway pen.

Check current price on Amazon.

This pen comes in packaging that includes a picture of Hemingway on the outside. The pen itself has one of his most famous quotes on it about how authors should live before they write.

Booklet Stapler

Those who write from home often need to put together proposals and other documents when selling their work.

Check current price on Amazon.

While ordinary staplers can jam and stick, this stapler can handle all the pages used to create a booklet and help the author secure his or her work before presenting it or sending it out.

Retro Typewriter Keyboard

Newer and older writers alike will appreciate this keyboard, which combine modern features and classic designs.

Check current price on Amazon.

Though it looks like a vintage typewriter, it functions as a mechanical keyboard to help them work as quickly as they need. The keys move smoothly and won’t stick, no matter how quickly they type.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Working in a house with kids, other adults and pets can often seem impossible. The writer you love might benefit from these noise canceling headphones.

Check current price on Amazon.

They come in three colors and block out ambient noises in the background. The headphones are also compatible with Alexa devices from Amazon for looking up information and ordering extra supplies.

Gifts for a writer

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Dragon Professional (Speech to Text Software)

Even those who learned how to type properly can suffer repetitive stress injuries from using a computer keyboard, but Dragon is a type of software that can prevent those injuries.

Check current price on Amazon.

It allows authors to speak into a microphone and watch the words they say appear almost instantly on the screen, no typing necessary.

Grammarly Premium

Grammar and spelling mistakes can make even the most experienced authors seem like amateurs who don’t know how to write. Grammarly Premium is a type of software that catches those mistakes.

Check current price on Grammarly.

It shows authors details about improper word choice, misspelled words and some grammar mistakes and offers suggestions on how to fix those issues before they share their work.

Laptop desk

With this laptop desk, any author can work from home while sitting on the couch or lounging in bed.

Check current price on Amazon.

It has a top that adjusts to change the angle of the computer screen and legs that keep the laptop stable. The desk has plenty of space for a computer and other accessories too.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Whether waking from a long night or a short nap, authors will like waking up to this sunrise alarm clock that mimics the look of the sunrise.

Check current price on Amazon.

They can adjust the settings to change the amount of light produced, which will wake them gently and lets them set the alarm before they go to sleep.

Unique gifts for writers

10 Coffee and Tea Gifts for Writers

Those who work in an office often have the benefit of coffee and snacks in the break room. Authors who work from home do not have that same luxury.

You can give them a reason to take a break from their work with some coffee and tea gifts that they can use daily.

Novel Teas

When most people think of teas, they don’t think about these novel teas, which come in individual bags with quotes from some of the top books in history printed over the top.

Check current price on Amazon.

Each bag contains the perfect amount of English breakfast tea to make a single cup of delicious tea that is perfect for the morning.

Coffee Desk Warmer

Those who suffer from distractions while working often find that their hot drinks become cold before they finish a mug, but they make that cup last longer with this warmer.

Check current price on Amazon.

It comes with a special mug that sits on top of the warmer, which they can adjust and set to the temperature they want.

LED Kettle

Making the perfect cup of tea, hot chocolate or instant coffee is easy with this LED kettle because it boils water quickly without requiring the use of a stove or microwave.

Check current price on Amazon.

The kettle uses a unique type of glass that can stand up to sharp temperature changes and has an LED light that comes on when the water boils.

Classic Loose Tea Sampler (Black, Green, White, Herbal)

No matter where your favorite author works and writes, he or she will love this classic tea sampler because it comes loaded with so many different flavors.

Check current price on Amazon.

This set includes 28 different types of tea and mixes that use green, white and black teas. A single packet can make a 12-ounce cup.

Here are more gifts for tea lovers.

Ninja Coffee Maker

Those who are serious about their coffee often pick Ninja coffee makers such as this model, which comes with a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours without burning it.

Check current price on Amazon.

This model is suitable for individuals and groups because it can make large carafes and single cups based on the user’s settings.

Bean Box: Gourmet Coffee Sampler (All Roasts)

Keep your loved one from growing bored with the same coffee while working on a deadline with this coffee sampler set.

Check current price on Amazon.

Featuring some of the best beans in the world, this set includes four bags of coffee that come from the best roasting houses in Seattle, the home of coffee. The coffee uses organic beans too.

Krups Coffee Grinder

Those who love coffee so much that they insist on grinding beans at home can use this Krups grinder with their favorite beans.

Check current price on Amazon.

It has different settings for adjusting the fineness of the finished power and can provide the perfect amount of ground coffee in seconds with the touch of a button.

Here are more gifts for coffee lovers.

Shakespearean Insults Mug

Fans of Shakespeare and his works will love this mug. Though it looks like an ordinary white coffee mug, it has tons of quotes from his plays across the front.

Check current price on Amazon.

This mug displays some of the most famous insults from his plays too. It can hold up to 12 ounces and is dishwasher safe.

Warning Mug

Do you know a writer who hates people who ask annoying questions? This warning mug puts a funny spin on the responses that they usually give.

Check current price on Amazon.

It lets others know that if they annoy a writer, they might just become a character in an upcoming book. Though this mug is not dishwasher safe, it is safe to use in the microwave.

First Lines Coffee Mug

Literature experts say that an opening line sets the tone for a book and encourages a reader to read more.

Check current price on Amazon.

This first lines mug uses different colors to print a series of the first lines from some of the best books in history across the front. It is safe to uses in the microwave and dishwasher and can hold up to 12 ounces.

Gifts for poets

Think your friend should spend more time outside? Here are some great outdoor gifts.

9 Books about Writing

Famous authors often suggest that those who want to write read as much as possible first.

No matter how much experience your loved ones have, they might appreciate a few books about writing. These gifts can help them get through a bout of writer’s block and learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

Spunk & Bite (Book)

Available as a hardback, paperback or Kindle version, Spunk & Bite introduces authors to the contemporary style of writing.

Check current price on Amazon.

It goes over some of the techniques that writers use and offers suggestions on how to produce a book that modern customers will want to read. This book also includes tips on creating social media updates and writing for the web.

The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style is a mandatory book for many college students. It provides detailed instructions on writing papers for school and articles as well as books.

Check current price on Amazon.

Authors will find tips on how to avoid common grammar mistakes too. You can buy a bound or digital copy of the book to give your author the updated version.

Finish this Book (Book)

Finish this Book is a fun and whimsical book that encourages authors to add their own words and illustrations to the inside.

Check current price on Amazon.

Each page contains some phrases or information but asks readers to finish each page and eventually finish the entire book. It’s a good way to get authors to think creatively.

Little Red Writing Book

Writers who aren’t sure where or how to start can find everything they need to know in the Little Red Writing Book.

Check current price on Amazon.

It includes 20 different principles that cover things such as writing for a wider audience and how to structure a novel. The book serves as a good introduction to those just starting out and those who need a little help.

Audible Subscription

Not everyone has time to sit down and read an entire book, which is why an Audible subscription is so handy.

It gives members access to thousands of audiobooks and lets them download those books to listen to at home and while on the go. Members can search for new titles added daily too.

Gifts for authors

Kindle Unlimited

A great gift for an author who loves reading is Kindle Unlimited. It provides unlimited access to the millions of books available through the Kindle app.

How to Give Kindle Unlimited as a Gift

  1. To give this as a gift, go to the Kindle Unlimited Gift page.
  2. Select “This is a gift” and then add to cart.
  3. Go to checkout.
  4. On the “Gift Options” page, select “Give Kindle Unlimited as a gift”.
  5. Fill in the recipients email and the date the membership should be sent. You can add a custom message for the gift recipient that will be sent in the email with the membership.

Readers can download up to five titles at a time and check out new books when they return one. A subscription gives the reader access to both modern and classic titles.

Writer’s Market (Book)

The ultimate book for writers who want to see their work published is Writer’s Market. The 2019 edition includes updated information on which magazines and companies accept and hire new writers.

Check current price on Amazon.

It includes both contact information for those publishers. The book also includes detailed information on how writers can query those publishers and submit their work.

Real Artists Don’t Starve (Book)

As the rise in people self-publishing their work rises, it becomes harder for authors to make money. Real Artists Don’t Starve is a guidebook for writers living in the modern age.

Check current price on Amazon.

It offers strategies that they can use to make a living in today’s world and tips on how they can think creatively and still make money. This book is a great gift for writers who feel discouraged about their skills.

Gifts for aspiring writers

10 Decor and Apparel Gifts for Writers

While there are a number of different gifts that you can get for an author or writer, you might consider decor and apparel gift ideas.

With the right decorations for their homes and the perfect clothing, those authors can tell their visitors and the world what they love to do and what they get paid to do.

Library Card Scarf

No matter how old you are, you might remember checking books out of the library and getting a card that showed you the due date.

Check current price on Amazon.

This funky scarf recreates that experience because it has the design of one of those cards on the end. It even includes a line for the author’s name, the book title and its due date.

The End: Dramatic Bookend

Those who write for a living often read nearly as much as they write, which is why this bookend is so handy.

Check current price on Amazon.

Made from metal, it features a large black panel and the silhouette of a man who appears to stand up and catch the books stacked against the end. It can accommodate several hardbacks or paperbacks too.

Library Shower curtain

Any writer a can turn a bathroom into an elegant library with this library shower curtain. It has small reinforced holes across the top for hanging from the shower curtain with hooks.

Check current price on Amazon.

This curtain also features a gorgeous image of hundreds of antique books lined up on wood shelves across the front.

Typewriter Coaster Set

Your loved one can remember bygone times and keep furniture safe from cold and hot drinks with this coaster set.

Check current price on Amazon.

Though it looks like a classic antique typewriter, it comes with four coasters inside that protect against water damage. Each coaster features a design that looks like letter and number keys across the front.

Typewriter Pin

From book tours to grocery shopping, authors of all types will get a kick out of wearing this typewriter pin.

Check current price on Amazon.

This enamel pin is durable enough to wear every day without the finish wearing down or off. It features an outline of a typewriter with an inspirational quote across the front that reminds them to write.

“I Write” shirt

Some people think that writing isn’t a superpower, but this tee shirt may change their minds. “I write. What’s your superpower?” is a slogan used on the front of the shirt, which also features a small writing pen.

Check current price on Amazon.

You can pick the right size for your author when you buy this cotton tee, which comes in sizes for men and women and kids.

“I Am Either Writing Or Thinking About It” shirt

Another shirt that the writer in your life might like is this writing tee, which comes in black and several other colors.

Check current price on Amazon.

You can pick from youth sizes and fits designed for women and men. All shirts have writing across the front that tells others the wearer is either writing or thinking about writing all the time.

Personal Library Kit

Let your loved one create a personal lending library at home with a library kit. This kit comes with everything needed to set up a library, including a stamper for stamping the cards with due dates.

Check current price on Amazon.

They can finally feel comfortable letting others borrow some of their favorite titles without worrying that their friends won’t return those books.

Library candles

Those who love old books often think that nothing smells better than a classic novel. You can appeal to all types of book lovers with this candle set.

Check current price on Amazon.

It includes three candles in fun and unique scents that include New Books, Antique Books and Ancient Scrolls that they can burn at home while writing.

Distracted T Shirt

The only people who think writers can sit down and write for hours at a time are those who never wrote before.

Check current price on Amazon.

Authors get a kick out of this tee shirt because of the funny phrase across the front. The shirt comes in several colors and sizes and tells others that your author often gets distracted.

Gift ideas for writers

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