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Meet Cassie McClellan, an American Living in Otavalo Ecuador

This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. In this interview, American Cassie McClellan talks about living in Otavalo as an expat.

Cassie McClellan Talks About Living in Otavalo

living in Otavalo

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Cassie McClellan Ecuador ExpatWhere are you currently living?

We are living in the northern Andes region in Otavalo, Ecuador, and have been here five and half years.

What’s Your Story?

My husband and I are Georgia natives. We met and became friends in college. We lost touch as I moved to New York while my husband went to L.A. for a few years.

We re-connected twenty years later on Facebook and fell madly and hopelessly in love. We married two years later and within a year of getting married, moved to Ecuador.

Where did you get the idea of living in Ecuador?

During our first phone conversation after re-connecting, we both jokingly mentioned living abroad.

The idea starts taking serious shape after we moved in together. We were both interested in the adventure and the cultural experience of living in a foreign country.

We had the idea to go to different countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, etc., with Ecuador first on the list. We arrived, fell in love in with the country, and decided to look no further.

Expat living in Otavalo Ecuador
We purchased our first home here before we moved permanently. We spent two working vacations here furnishing our home and made the final leap in November of 2011.

We are now living in our third home here, high in the mountains above Otavalo in an almost all indigenous community. We never say never and who knows what adventure might present itself. As for the here and now, we couldn’t be happier.

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How’s your Spanish?

Cassie McClellan Otavalo Ecuador

My husband had some high school Spanish under his belt, while I only had bits of Spanish that I had picked up while visiting my brother who lived in Spain.

Before we moved, we both dedicated a few hours each evening to Spanish learning programs.

While it certainly helped with a good basic foundation for learning, our Spanish improved dramatically with full immersion.

The Ecuadorians are very forgiving of our inevitable mistakes, but it is very important to try. You miss out on so much without the language. It is an ever-constant learning experience and we welcome the challenge.

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How do you make your living?

We started a small bed and breakfast and microbrewery. Our guests were mostly budget-minded young travelers.
There is a lot of competition in the small hostel business in Otavalo so we thought we could offer something special by brewing up our own stouts and ales.

At that time, there was very little variety out there for beer drinkers in Ecuador. We started brewing small five gallon batches and found we couldn’t keep up with production. We decided to invest in proper brewing equipment which we had fabricated for us and upped our production to 250 liter batches.

A few of the local restaurants started carrying our beer as well. This provided us with a modest income and a wealth of experience. We eventually sold our home and brewery thinking that we would be moving back to the United States. Our situation changed somewhat and we decided to stay.

We bought our third home (which we are living in now) and some financial investments provides us a monthly interest payment. We are currently updating our home to include a small apartment that we intend on renting, either full time or airbnb to provide some extra income.

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We try to live on a budget and still enjoy our little extras like dining out and little exploratory trips within Ecuador.

Otavalo living

What do you love about Ecuador?

We have really come to love the Ecuadorian people and their constant smiles and laid back lifestyle. We love the freedom of not owning a car, we savor the street food, we are never (almost never) in a hurry.

We have the time to turn our attentions to our passions. For me, it’s cooking. For my husband, it’s his music.

We enjoy the best of country and town life, as we are out of town and away from most of the noise. We wake to roosters crowing and bird song and incredible mountain vistas every morning.

Yet, we can step on a bus that runs by our home every forty minutes and be in the heart of our vibrant town in 15 minutes, or if we choose, we can walk it in about thirty minutes.

Having lived in both a gated, mostly expat community, and now out in a rural, indigenous community, we can honestly say we feel safer here with a real sense of camaraderie with our neighbors.

We sought out any and all resources for research on Ecuador. International living, personal blogs, GringosAbroad, of course. Pretty much anything and everything I could find on the internet.

My honest advice to anyone considering moving to Ecuador would be to do diligent research, visit as much as feasible before taking the leap, learn at least some basic Spanish, travel around this diverse country to find the area that best fits your lifestyle, and above all, learn patience, smile, and embrace it all.

Ecuador is a wonderful and beautifully diverse country, but it’s not a Utopia. Stay long enough to take off any rose-colored glasses and see it with honest eyes.

We have found that after years of living here, we love it more than the day we first arrived.

Living in Otavalo Ecuador
And there you have it: a glimpse of what living in Otavalo is actually like.

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Your Turn

Have a question for Cassie about what it’s like to live in Otavalo, Ecuador? Join her in the comments below!


Tuesday 9th of November 2021

Hi, I just read your blog about you living in Otavalo. Are you still there? I see that the comments below were written 2017. We have decided to retire in Ecuador late next year. We had decided for either Cuenca or Loja, leaning more towards Loja because of the smaller size.

We have a friend that served as a missionary in Ecuador about 15-20 years ago. She mentioned Otavalo and said she loved it there, so we have just started reading up on it.

Long story short, I just wondered if you were still there. I love the idea of living in the mountains instead of the city (We are from Alaska) and just wondered if you could suggest some areas to look at when we arrive on a looksey, decision making trip? We are looking to rent not buy and we are not rich nor are we the type to have to have everything American like.

We have lived overseas before and learned to do without in lots of things in different places. However my want list is a regular shower, not the electric suicide kind. I would like to get a pet and a decent kitchen with full size refrigerator. Any ideas for us?


Friday 21st of July 2017

I'm interested in where you're located out of town but with easy center of town access. That's what I'm looking for! I assume that you're also in close proximity to local hikes? That's a desire of mine as well.

Skip Hunter

Saturday 10th of June 2017

What got my attention in your article was "the apartment". I would like to discuss a serious & long term proposal if that is of interest. Please contact me at the reply email provided,will gladly discuss details. Best Regards, Skip Hunter

Marco T Varea

Monday 13th of September 2021

@Skip Hunter,