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One of the most amazing flowers I’ve ever seen is the monkey-faced orchid. The first time I ever saw this orchid was at the orchidarium in Cuenca Ecuador. It’s hard to believe how much it actually looks like a little monkey face. Talk about a flower with personality!

Monkey faced orchid Cuenca Ecuador

Monkey-Faced Orchids in Cuenca Ecuador

These orchids grow in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru at 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level. When this little monkey is in full bloom it smells like a ripe orange.

The monkey-faced orchid (along with all tropical orchids) is an epiphyte so, like an air plant, it depends on other plants for support.

Monkey faced orchids flash
The monkey faced (Dracula simia) orchid gets it’s name from “dracula” referring to the long fang-like parts hanging down from the flower and “simia” referring to a monkey.

It’s also called the monkey-like Dracula.

Two monkey faced orchids Cuenca

When I saw this orchid it made me reflect on an aspect of beauty that can sometimes be overlooked. So I made a little poster…


“A lot is said about beauty… but personality makes a lasting impression.”

Have you seen the monkey-faced orchid? Where, and what were you thoughts? Please share by commenting on this post.

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