Product Review / Press Trip Guidelines

Thanks for considering Storyteller Travel for your next press / familiarization trip. 

We have covered everything from local restaurants to luxury 10-day adventure tours. And we’ve reviewed lots of adventure and outdoor travel gear (SteriPen, apparel, cameras, and more).

We would love to check out your travel location or service – and share it with our audience! Contact us to discuss.

Currently accepting review products: travel, outdoor, photography

Product Reviews and Press Trips

Here are a few stipulations on press trips and product reviews:

  1. We don’t accept payment for reviews.
  2. We don’t pay for press trips or review products, including transportation, meals or shipping.
  3. We maintain complete control of content. If something was good, bad, fantastic or unacceptable we’ll write that. Providing a press trip is no guarantee of a positive review.

Ready to get started? Great! Contact us to get things started.

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