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43 Retirement Gifts for Men (Gag, Unique Ideas, Edible, Golf…)

What makes a good retirement gift? In this post, you’ll learn how to choose the best retirement gift ideas for dads, coworkers, bosses and more. In addition to our curated list of the best retirement gifts for men, we answer 18 common questions about retirement gifts and parties. Let’s get started!

Retirement gifts for men

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43 Retirement Gifts for Men (That He’ll Actually Use)

When a loved one you care about decides to retire, you need to find the right gift to congratulate him. But retirement gifts can be hard to buy. So you may be wondering what he will like and actually want to use.

We tracked down the best retirement gifts for all types of men and found some of the best gift ideas in different categories too. They include our top ideas, unique, practical, gag, edible, and golf (of course).

Let’s get started!

Good retirement gifts for men

7 Best Retirement Gifts for Men (Top Ideas)

Retirement Reinvention (Book)

As much as some people look forward to their retirement years, they often feel bored with nothing to do.

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This book helps the man in your life reimagine his own life once he retires. It gives him tips on finding new ways to enjoy life after he stops working.

Tissot T-Race Dial Watch

Though he might get a gold watch from his employer, he’ll want to wear this Tissot watch even more, especially when you give it to him.

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It has an elegant and masculine look, which an adjustable black rubber band and a stainless steel case. This watch is also water-resistant (10 ATM/100 meters/330 feet) for guys who love being in the water.

“I’m Retired” Mug

One of the best things about being retired is that no one can tell you what to do. He can make that clear with this mug, which has a fun phrase across the front.

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It tells others that he’s now retired and only does what he wants to do. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Custom Bobblehead

custom bobbleheadsGive him the perfect gift for displaying on his desk at home: a custom bobblehead designed to look just like him.

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Once you upload a headshot and some other photos, the designer will create a custom figure based on those images.

They can change the hair and eye color and other features too.

The process is as simple as: 1. Select, 2. Hand sculpt, 3. Detailed Paint, 4. Ship And you’ll get a custom gift that will be treasured forever.

Samsonite Hard Luggage Set

With this luggage set, you can give your loved one an excuse to travel the world. Available in several colors, the set comes with three pieces of luggage including one he can carry onto the plane.

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Each piece of luggage has a durable handle and wheels that won’t catch on the ground.

Destinations of a Lifetime (Book)

National Geographic made Destinations of a Lifetime to show readers some of the places they should visit in their life.

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This amazing hardcover book includes descriptions and photos of 225 destinations from around the world that he can see once he retires. It’s also available as a download for e-readers.

Cross Townsend Quartz Pen

From writing checks when he pays his bills to jotting down notes, he’ll want to do it all with this elegant Cross pen.

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Cross has a long history of making some of the best pens in the world. This model comes in a gift package with two extra ink cartridges and has a clip that lets him carry it in his pocket.

7 Unique Retirement Gifts for Men

Between the clocks and other gifts that he gets from his employer and former coworkers, you might find that other people already bought him the items on your list.

Now is the perfect time to consider some unique retirement gifts for him. Our list includes products others probably haven’t thought of.

Official Retirement Hat

The Official Retirement Hat is one of the funniest gifts you can give him because it comes decorated with things he can use during his retirement.

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This one size fits all hat features a tee for golfing, a bobber he can use when fishing and even a bottle opener for cracking open a cold one.

“Out of Business” Cards

He can tell the world that he closed up shop with these funny out of business cards.

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Unlike traditional business cards that include a name and contact information, these cards let others know that they need to find help elsewhere and that their problems are no longer his concern.

They even have notes that tell others not to call or email.

“Almost Retired” Mug

Does your special someone have a wife who he loves spending time with in his retirement? With this engraved mug (black with silver engraving) you can give both of them a special gift.

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This mug has a funny phrase that explains he now works for his wife instead of working for his old employer.

Billion Dollar Art Gallery

One fun gift idea for a recently retired guy is this art gallery stick. It comes in a wood box with “Billion Dollar Art Gallery” across the front.

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Inside is a USB stick that comes loaded with 500 of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world. When he plugs it into his TV, it will instantly stream those paintings across the screen.

“I Work Periodically” Shirt

Guys who love science and funny shirts will get a kick out of this periodic table shirt.

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It uses different periodic elements to spell out “Retired” across the front and has “I work periodically” across the bottom. The shirt comes in several colors and sizes up to a 3XL for men.

“Under New Management” Shirt

Though he may think that retiring gives him time to relax, his wife might decide that it’s time for him to tackle everything on his old to do list.

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This funny shirt serves as a reminder that he still has work to do because it tells the world that his wife is his new manager.

“I’m Retired, You’re Not” Shirt

One of the best gifts for your father or any other guy with a good sense of humor is this funny tee.

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Available in sizes ranging from small all the way up to a 5X, it has a saying that tells others to enjoy their time at work while he enjoys his retirement years at home.

13 Practical Retirement Gifts for Men

No matter what he plans on doing when he retires, practical gifts are always a good idea. These gifts can help him do tasks around the home and will come in handy at different times too.

Victorinox Maverick Watch

Thanks to its elegant design, this Victorinox watch is one he will feel comfortable wearing at home and anywhere else he goes.

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It features a stainless steel bracelet that goes with jeans and suits and Swiss accents that keep perfect time. The watch is also water-resistant at a depth of up to 330 feet.

Binoculars by Wingspan Optics

Whether he enjoys seeing his favorite sports live and up close or watching birds, he can use a good pair of binoculars.

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This pair has wingspan optics that let him get a close-up view of the action/animals, it also has low dispersion glass that prevents glares and lets him see all the colors around him. This pair is also suitable for use at concerts and other events.

Outdoor lover? Check out these super useful camping gifts.

GoPro Hero8 Black Camera

A GoPro is a great gift for any sports or nature lover. And now that he’s retired he’ll have more time to use one.

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It has a waterproof case that protects the camera while he swims or plays in the rain. The camera lets him capture special moments with his loved ones too.

Deluxe Art Set by US Art Supply

With a deluxe art set, you can give him an excuse to take up a new hobby. This set comes with 133 different pieces, including books for sketching and an easel for his paintings.

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It also features a variety of brushes and paints that he can experiment with as his skills improve.

Gym Membership

Some guys think that retirement is the perfect time to slack off, but you can remind him to take care of his health with a gym membership.

You can look for local gyms that are close to his home and purchase a membership that lasts for a few months or a full year. It’s helpful to find one that offers the same type of classes he would want to take too.

Treadmill by NordicTrack

A treadmill such as this model is a good alternative to a gym membership because it helps him get or stay in good shape from the comfort of his home.

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This treadmill features different settings that he can use as he becomes more comfortable with the machine and includes a one-year online membership to iFit.

Hammock Chair

Now that he is going to be spending more time around home let him enjoy all the comforts of home with a hammock chair.

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This chair uses 100% cotton woven together in a macrame style that might remind him of the 70s. He can attach it to his porch or a tree and enjoy swinging as he reads or listens to music.

Stand Up Paddle Board

The perfect retirement gift for a fit and active guy who loves the water might just be a stand up paddle board. He can experiment on his own or take classes to learn how to use the board on the water.

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This set comes with a board that fits most guys, paddles and a carrying case that holds it all in between trips to the beach.

Canon DSLR with Zoom Lens

Fans of nature and those who just like capturing the important moments in life could benefit from a Canon digital camera such as this one.

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The included lens helps him get closer to his subjects and get shots that he would otherwise miss. This 18MP camera also has a three-inch LCD high-resolution screen that helps him set up his shots first.

Hobbies for Men (Book)

Hobbies for Men might just be the book that gets him off the couch and out and about. It comes loaded with hobby ideas and tips on getting started.

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No matter what type of interests he has or what he likes to do, he’ll find some ideas that he likes. You can buy this in print or a Kindle edition.

Woodworking Apron

Guys who like woodworking often need to carry a lot of tools, and this woodworking apron will help them stay organized.

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It uses the same durable material that tool belts do, which can hold up to use around manual and power tools. The apron fits over the top of his head and wraps around his back and has multiple pockets for all his needed tools and supplies.

Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder

Many men look forward to fishing during their retirement years, and you can make all his fishing trips more effective and efficient with this fishfinder.

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Garmin designed this model to help fishing enthusiasts track individual and groups of fish around their boats. He can use this device to see where the fish are and how deep they are in the water.

Fiskars Gardening Tools

Fiskars made this set of gardening tools for those who spend long hours caring for their plants. It comes with three tools with soft-grip handles.

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The tools also feature cast aluminum heads that are resistant to rust. This set is suitable for weeding, transplanting, digging and caring for his favorite plants.

Edible retirement gifts for men

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9 Edible Retirement Gift Ideas

During his retirement party, he’ll likely have a cake and some other treats. Keep that feeling going long after the party with edible retirement gifts he can snack on when watching TV or working in his garage.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Whether he’s a gourmet or new to the world of cooking, he’ll still appreciate this set, which comes with individual pieces of bacon dipped in melted chocolate.

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The combination of sweet and salty is one that many guys love. He’ll get a full pound of the treats, which use premium ingredients sourced by Marini’s Candies. The bacon even comes in a gift box.

Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship

Suitable for any man who loves a good drink, this whiskey decanter looks like an antique. It features a classy wood base with a decanter shaped like a globe. Inside the decanter is a delicate glass ship. The set includes four whiskey stones to keep drinks cool without watering them down.

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The set also comes with four globe glasses which have a rounded design to help users smell the whiskey before they drink it.

Portable Espresso Maker

There is never a bad time to sit down to a cup of coffee at least not when he has this portable espresso maker.

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As it requires manual operation, he can use it when hunting or camping and any other time that he doesn’t have access to electricity. This handy coffee maker features a removable cup too.

Looking for more? Check out these gifts for coffee lovers.

Memory Mints

The term “senior moments” refers to those moments in life where people forget things. If you have a special guy who jokingly uses that term, you can give him this set of mints.

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The metal case is reusable and says “Memory Mints for Those Senior Moments” across the top. He can use the tin for other purposes after enjoying the mints.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed Coffee Maker

Though Ninja developed a strong reputation for its line of blenders, it makes other home appliances such as the Ninja Coffee Maker.

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Your coffee lover can use this machine to make both hot and cold brew coffee as well as tea. It’s easy to use and has five brew strengths. He can also choose between six settings for making single cups or a full pot. Making coffee has never been so easy.

Chocolate Bars of the World

Any man who loves chocolate will find himself in heaven upon opening this box that features chocolate bars from around the world.

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He’ll get six bars that he can eat himself or share with others, the bars come from popular European countries, including Switzerland and France. The set includes different varieties such as sweet milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate.

Mad Dog 357 (Hot Sauce)

One of the hottest and most intense hot sauces in the world is Mad Dog 357.

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This set lets you tempt his taste buds as he tries the sauce on everything from hot wings to pizza. Each bottle contains five fluid ounces of hot sauce with a rating of 357,000 on the Scoville scale.

Cuisinart Grilling Set

When you give your favorite retired fellow this grilling set, you might just get an invitation to come over for his next BBQ. It includes a meat fork, tongs and a spatula, which has a bottle opener on the end.

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Each tool can withstand the high temperatures produced by a grill or smoker. This set comes with a bonus fire-resistant glove too.

Insulated Beer Cooler

Even guys who don’t drink will get plenty of use out of this insulated cooler, which holds one bottle.

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This cooler features two parts that cover the base and the top of the bottle to keep it as cold as possible for several hours at a time. You can buy him this cooler in silver or black.

Retirement golf gifts for men

Need to write in a card? Here’s what to write in a retirement card

7 Golf Retirement Gifts for Men

There is an old joke about how guys love retiring because it gives them more time for golfing.

When your loved one leaves his old job behind, he has more time to hit some of his favorite courses. You can easily find some golf retirement gifts for men that are perfect for your golfer.

Indoor Putting Green

Now that he has more time on his hands, he can get more use out of an indoor putting green.

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This putting green has several spots where he can tee off as he practices. It can fit anywhere in his home too.

Garmin Golf Watch

Golfers will love this Garmin watch, which has a high-resolution display. He can see the display in any type of natural light.

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It also features a built-in scorecard that he can use to keep track of his score on the course and an adjustable band to fit his wrist.

Portable Putter

Treat him to this portable putter, which lets him play whenever he wants.

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All the included parts fit inside a travel case that he can carry with him. He can set up the putter and practice his swing before hitting the links.

Uroclub (Portable Golf Urinal)

Guaranteed to make him laugh, the Uroclub is a good retirement gift for a guy with a sense of humor.

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This novelty gift looks like any other putter but actually functions as a urinal. He can pull it out on the course when he can’t wait for the end of the next round.

Golf Trunk Organizer

Men in their retirement years may not be as organized as they were in the past, which makes a golf trunk organizer so handy.

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This organizer looks like a small trunk and fits in his closet or car. It has all the space he needs for storing his balls, tees and other accessories.

Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder makes a great retirement gift because it gives him the chance to improve his game.

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This model has 6X magnification to help him see the green in the distance and three modes that can lock in on the flag or other features. It has a built-in battery that he can charge in between uses too.

Caddie Smart Sensors

Thanks to these Caddie Smart Sensors, he can have just as much fun on the course when he doesn’t have a caddie by his side.

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This handy app gives him information about some of the top courses in the world and the holes on each one. It is available as an iOS and Android app.

What is a good retirement gift for a man

18 Commonly Questions About Retirement Gifts and Parties

When someone important to you retires, you may have some questions about what you should do and say. Many people also have questions about how they should act during the party and if they even need to attend that party.

We included this section to help you understand everything you need to know about retirement party and gift etiquette.

What is a good retirement gift for a man?

A good retirement gift for a man is one that matches his hobbies and interests.

It’s also important that you take into account your budget and how much you can afford to spend. You might decide that buying something small and making him dinner is a better fit for your budget than a more expensive gift.

What should I get my dad for retirement?

Your dad will only retire once in his life. The gift that you give him serves as a thank you for the hard work he did to support you in life and the money he spent raising you.

A good gift is one that is meaningful and lets him know that you care and appreciate him. Even if you buy him something from the store, consider adding a small note or a message to thank him directly. You can even include one of your favorite photos of the two of you together.

What do you give at a retirement party?

A common question that some ask is what they should give at a retirement party. The simple answer is that it depends on the party itself.

  • If you attend a formal event with a watch-giving ceremony and speeches, it’s appropriate to simply show up and give a gift later.
  • Informal parties such as those that take place at home are a gift giving party. You can either wrap the gift or place it in a gift bag.

How much money should you give as a retirement gift?

Money is generally not an acceptable gift for a retirement party. It’s effectively you telling the individual that you think he needs money in his retirement years, which he may find offensive.

Giving a gift that fits your budget is a better idea. Whether you want to spend $50 to $100 or wanted to spend more or less, you can use our list of retirement gift ideas that he’ll love to find gifts that fit your budget.

How do you celebrate your retirement?

The best way to celebrate your retirement depends on who you want to share the moment with and what you want to do.

Some guys prefer celebrations at home that let them share the day with their family and friends. Even if you have a formal party with your coworkers and supervisors, you may want a second party at home.

Some workplaces do a more informal gathering at a restaurant and invite the retiree’s close family members.

What do you say on a retirement card?

A nice thing about giving a retirement card is that you can say anything that is on your mind or in your heart. Perhaps a nice thought about all the hard work he has done over the years, how he added to the atmosphere in the office, or how you have admired his work ethic.

Now is your chance to reflect on moments that you remember from your time with him. Those memories can vary based on whether you are a close family member, friend, or coworker.

How do you wish someone a happy retirement?

You can wish someone a happy retirement in several ways, including in person or in a card.

If you use a card, you can write a simple note and give the card in person or send it through the mail.

For someone you see often, it’s nice to wish them a happy retirement in person and wish him well in the future. You can also send a quick email and follow up with a card later.

What do you write in a retirement letter?

A retirement letter is similar to a resignation letter because it’s your chance to tell employers that you are leaving.

The letter should include your name and address at the top with your employers’ names and addresses below. You’ll want to make it clear in the first paragraph that you plan to retire and the last day that you will work.

It should include a line that lets your employers know that they can contact you for more information and a handwritten signature on the bottom.

Do you need to send retirement letters to clients?

Some employees question whether they should also send retirement letters to their clients.

This is generally a good idea, especially if you have long-term clients and others you developed strong relationships with in the past. You can use the same information as you did in the retirement letter to your employer and include a way for clients to contact you later.

Can you send a group retirement card?

When someone in your office or workplace decides to retire, you can send a group card rather than an individual card.

Before sending this card, talk with those in your office to make sure that they know about his retirement.

You can then pass around a card and have everyone sign it or let them know that they need to sign it by a certain date. Many guys will appreciate knowing that you made an effort to recognize their retirement.

How much should you spend on a group gift?

In major offices, it’s often impossible to buy individual gifts for every single person who retires. Instead of purchasing single gifts, you can take up a collection and ask everyone to donate towards that gift.

Your employer will likely give a gift such as a gold watch or a plaque. A good gift might include items relating to his hobby or something he can use with his wife and/or kids or grandchildren. You can also collect money and use the funds to purchase a gift card to his favorite store or restaurant.

When should you plan a retirement party?

You should plan a retirement party as soon as possible after he announces his retirement.

Many workplaces will host retirement celebrations on the worker’s last day of employment or immediately after he retires.

You can host a party up to a few weeks after he retires, but you should make sure that the date you pick will work with his schedule. If you plan a surprise party and don’t want him to know about it, you can check with his spouse.

What should you wear to a retirement party?

The clothing that you wear to a retirement party should depend heavily on the type of party. Those held in upscale restaurants and clubs will require more formal wear such as a suit and tie or a dress that falls to the knee.

If you attend a backyard BBQ or a party in his home, you can wear less formal apparel such as jeans. You may find it helpful to check with the party planners about the dress code.

Do you need to pay for yourself at a retirement dinner?

This is a tricky question because it depends on the party and who planned it.

Most workplaces that host retirement parties will invite a small number of guests and make arrangements to pay for those who attend. If you and other coworkers go out with him to celebrate, you should expect to pay for your meal.

It is also appropriate to either pay for his meal yourself or take up a collection to cover his meal. You’ll also want to use workplace funds to cover the cost of his family’s meals too if you invited them.

What should you write on retirement party invitations?

A good way to make sure that you don’t get dozens of phone calls and emails after sending out retirement party invitations is when you add a clear description of the party and what you expect from guests.

You want to make sure that you list the date and time as well as the location of the party and whether guests need to bring gifts or money with them.

It’s also helpful to specify a dress code if there is one.

What is the best day for a retirement party?

The best day for a retirement party is usually on the weekend.

If you hold the party in the middle of the week, the date may conflict with the schedules of your party guests.

Some people prefer throwing parties at night on either Friday or Saturday, but these parties are generally more formal and upscale. You should talk to the retiree and find out whether he prefers a casual daytime party or a formal night time celebration.

How long do you have to give a retirement gift?

Wedding experts claim that you have up to a full year after a wedding to give a couple a gift, but that same etiquette does not apply to retirement gifts.

You generally want to give a gift as close as possible to his actual date of retirement, but you can send a gift up to several weeks after the party.

What should you do during your retirement party?

The guests who attend your retirement party don’t expect you to do much beyond enjoy the moment.

You’ll want to mingle and circulate through the room, making sure you stop and talk to as many people as possible.

It’s also helpful to give a short speech towards the end of the party where you talk about your former employers and thank guests for coming.

Retirement gift ideas for men

Your Turn

Which gift do you have your eye on? Are you planning a gag gift along with an actual one? Have a tip to share? Join me in the comments!

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