safest countries in europe

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Thinking of traveling to Europe? You’ve chosen well, since it’s considered to be the most peaceful region in the world, having 7 of the most peaceful countries, according to the Global Peace Index.

The safest country in Europe is Iceland. This is based on data from the Global Peace Index. It compares conflict, safety and security, and militarization. Some of the other safest countries in Europe include Ireland, Denmark, and Austria.

safest countries in europe

In this article, you’ll see the 9 safest and most peaceful countries in the continent of Europe, some travel advisories, and some sights to check out while there. Interestingly, all of these 9 countries come in at the top 15 of safest and most peaceful countries in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: The following information on safety is not my personal opinion or from my personal experience. This comes from the 2022 Global Peace Index Report from Vision of Humanity (Download PDF report), which ranks 163 countries around the world. Any travel warnings listed below have been found on

Safest European Countries: Ranking System

The Global Peace Index uses three main factors (which are divided into 23 indicators) that are assessed, then a score is given. The countries can then be compared based on this standardized set of criteria.

As a quick summary, here are the 3 main sections that determine each country’s score:

  1. Ongoing Domestic and Internation Conflict: Duration and intensity of conflicts, number of deaths, and relationship to neighboring countries are some of the factors looked at.
  2. Societal Safety and Security: Political instability, refugees, terrorism, violent crimes, murders, number of incarcerated, and police are some examples of this section.
  3. Militarisation: Military expenses, armed services personnel, how much contributed to UN peacekeeping missions, and nuclear and heavy weapons capabilities are some points that contribute here.

The lower the score, the safer the country is considered, and the higher it is on the list. Here’s a handy map to visualize the safety of all the countries listed in the GPI.

The guide is part of an ongoing series covering the best destinations around the world.

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Safest European Countries: The List

Please note that tourist figures come from the site

1. Iceland

iceland safest country in europe
Iceland is the safest country in Europe
  • Safety Score: 1.107
  • Worldwide Rank: 1
  • Population: 372,295 (2021)
  • Capital City: Reykjavík
  • Tourists Per Year: 2.2 million (2019)

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is the top country for safety and peace, both on this list and in the world. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, Iceland may be the place for you.

You can visit the Jokulsarln glacier lagoon to try and see the Northern Lights, enjoy a relaxing spa day at the Blue Lagoon, or explore the rugged terrain with ATV or buggy tours.

Unsurprisingly, at number one, Iceland is at a Level 1 travel advisory, “Exercise Normal Precautions”.

2. Ireland

temple bar dublin ireland
The famous Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland
  • Safety Score: 1.288
  • Worldwide Rank: 3
  • Population: 5.028 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Dublin
  • Tourists Per Year: 10.95 million (2019)

The Republic of Ireland (not to be confused with Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK), comes in at number 2, and number 3 in worldwide rankings.

The Emerald Isle has lots to offer. I visited once in 2015, having gone to the Chester Beatty Museum, the Stag’s Head pub, and Jameson Distillery. There’s so much more to see, and I would definitely go back a second time.

Ireland is at a Level 1 travel advisory.

3. Denmark

market in Denmark
Waterfront market in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Safety Score: 1.296
  • Worldwide Rank: 4
  • Population: 5.857 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Copenhagen
  • Tourists Per Year: 33.09 million (2019)

At number 3 on our list, Denmark is 4th worldwide, and is also considered the 2nd happiest country in the world in 2022, behind Finland and ahead of Switzerland and Iceland. You can visit the amusement park Tivoli Gardens, the historic Rosenburg Castle, or visit the birthplace of Lego and enjoy LEGOLAND in Billund.

Despite being so high on this list and in the world, Denmark is currently (as of Dec 30, 2022) at a Level 2 travel advisory due to terrorism.

Learn more about living in Denmark.

4. Austria

vienna austria
Vienna, Austria
  • Safety Score: 1.3
  • Worldwide Rank: 5
  • Population: 8.956 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Vienna
  • Tourists Per Year: 31.88 million (2019)

Closing out the top 5 in the world, Austria is number 4 on the safest country list. Austria is famous for having many architectural wonders, like the Vienna Hofburg and the Fortress Hohensalzburg.

If you’re a classical music enthusiast, Vienna is for you, having been host to many famous composers like Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. You can enjoy tours that delve into Vienna’s music history.

Austria is at a Level 1 travel advisory.

5. Portugal

lisbon portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
  • Safety Score: 1.301
  • Worldwide Rank: 6
  • Population: 10.3 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Lisbon
  • Tourists Per Year: 17.28 million (2019)

The fifth safest country in Europe is Portugal, the oldest country on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal gets over 300 days of sun per year, so chances are you’ll get good weather traveling there. You can enjoy such attractions and sights as the Oceanário de Lisboa, the Palacio Nacional de Sintra, or take a trip out to the Azores.

Portugal is currently at a Level 1 travel advisory.

6. Slovenia

Bled Lake in Slovenia
Bled Lake in Slovenia
  • Safety Score: 1.316
  • Worldwide Rank: 7
  • Population: 2.107 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Ljubljana
  • Tourists Per Year: 4.7 million (2019)

Slovenia comes in as the 6th safest country in Europe. Hosting a wide variety of landscapes, anywhere from the Julian Alps to the Mediterranean, Slovenia has a little something for everyone.

You can go hiking at Steska Vintgar, enjoy the picturesque Lake Bled, or tour around the capital, Ljubljana.

Slovenia is at a Level 1 travel advisory.

7. Czechia (The Czech Republic)

Czechia safe europe country
  • Safety Score: 1.318
  • Worldwide Rank: 8
  • Population: 10.7 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Prague
  • Tourists Per Year: 37.20 million (2019)

Number 7 on the list is Czechia or the Czech Republic. Home to over 2,000 castles, including Prague Castle (one of the largest in the world), there’s lots to see in Czechia.

Besides castles, you can also check out the 600-year-old Prague Astronomical Clock or visit the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks.

Czechia is at a Level 1 travel advisory.

8. Switzerland

  • Safety Score: 1.357
  • Worldwide Rank: 11
  • Population: 8.698 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Bern
  • Tourists Per Year: 11.82 million (2019)

Coming in at number 8 on our list, and just outside the top 10 in the world, is Switzerland. There are a lot of wonderful things to do in this country.

You can go skiing in the many ski resorts in the country (like St. Moritz); visit such attractions as Rhine Falls or the Matterhorn; or walk around scenic cities like Zürich or Lucerne. Be warned, though, as Switzerland often tops the list of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe.

Switzerland is at a Level 1 travel advisory.

Learn more about living in Switzerland.

9. Hungary

hungary safe european country
  • Safety Score: 1.411
  • Worldwide Rank: 13
  • Population: 9.71 million (2021)
  • Capital City: Budapest
  • Tourists Per Year: 61.4 million (2019)

Our final country on the list of safest countries in Europe is Hungary. Also known as the “Land of the Magyars”, this landlocked country in Central Europe is home to many hot springs and spa towns, like the Gellért Baths.

You can go shopping at the oldest and biggest indoor market in Budapest, aptly called the Great Market Hall. Or you can enjoy a nice river cruise on the Danube.

Hungary is at Level 1 travel advisory.

Safest European Countries: FAQ

What is the safest country in Europe?

The safest country in Europe is Iceland. With a score of 1.107, Iceland also ranks as the safest country in the world.

Other safe countries include Ireland, Denmark, Austria, and Portugal.

safest european countries
Iceland is one of the safest European countries

What is the most stable country in Europe?

Iceland is the most stable country in Europe. It has been number one in the region and in the world for the last 5 GPIs, starting in 2018. Portugal, Austria, and Denmark have also been consistently in the top 5 in Europe over this timespan.

Which European country gets the most tourists?

France gets the most tourists of any country in Europe, getting 217.88 million tourists in 2019. Spain follows with 126.17 million tourists in 2019.

France has a score of 1.895, and lands as the 33rd safest country in Europe, number 65 worldwide. Spain ranks higher than France, coming in at number 20 for Europe and 29 in the world, with a score of 1.603.

Both France and Spain are at a Level 2 advisory due to terrorism and civil unrest.

What is the most dangerous country in Europe?

The most dangerous country (in terms of score) in Europe is Russia, followed closely by Ukraine and Turkey.

Russia has a score of 3.275 and a worldwide rank of 160 out of 163.

Ukraine is at 2.971, ranked 153rd in the world; and Turkey scores 2.785, ranking 145th in the world.

Unsurprisingly, Russia and Ukraine are at a Level 4 Travel advisory, Do Not Travel. Despite its higher score, Turkey is only at a Level 2 travel advisory due to terrorism and detentions.

Your Turn!

Which European country have you been to, and what was it like? Where else would you like to visit in Europe, whether on this list or otherwise? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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