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Guide to Visiting Salinas Ecuador: How’s the Beach? shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Ecuador is for hiking and jungle exploring – right? Who goes to Ecuador for the beach? That’s what Mexico and Aruba and the D.R. is for, isn’t it? Check out this new video – and let us know what you think.

This guide is a work in progress. We’ll be updating this in the coming weeks.

Beach in Salinas Ecuador
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Guide to Visiting Salinas Ecuador: How’s the Beach?

Recently we visited Salinas which is about 2 1/2 hrs west of Guayaquil on the Pacific Coast. It is a beautiful little town with an awesome beach. 

As a family, our favorite place on the coast (so far) is Salinas. Although it is technically a city, it really is just a town with a ton of vacation condos. It feels very safe and the beach is beautiful.

There are polite food/souvenir vendors, the beach is clean and the water is warm. What else could you wish for?

Visiting a Fish Market Near Salinas Ecuador

While we were vacationing in Salinas, a friend offered to take us to a local fish market.  We love fresh fish, so we jumped at the opportunity.

fish market on Ecuadors pacific coast
The market was very busy, full of people bustling all over carrying all different variety of fish.  

There were big ones, little ones, red and blue ones, some swordfish, and some huge tuna.  Our daughter enjoyed seeing the fish but seeing the fish getting gutted and cleaned didn’t sit so well with her.

fish market on Ecuadors pacific coast

There were wooden tables set up all over the beachfront, and they were cleaning the fish right there while people waited for what they had picked out. As we stepped on to the beach area where the market was taking place I realized I had made the wrong choice in footwear.

My flip-flops quickly became full of wet sand, fish scales, and who knows what else. The scene proved to be a little overwhelming for our daughter, so we decided to wait on some steps while Bryan took care of the dirty stuff.

fish market on Ecuadors pacific coast

As we stood there waiting, I had to do a little damage control. Our daughter was quite disturbed at seeing the cleaning process happening right there in front of her.  So I explained that this was just part of normal life for the people working/buying at the market and that they didn’t appear to be all that disturbed by it.

As we talked she was able to rationalize the situation and accepted the fact that this had to take place in order to process the fish. Although she didn’t enjoy seeing the messy stuff, it was a good experience for her. She absolutely loves eating fish, so that went a long way in smoothing the situation over in her mind.

fish market on Ecuadors pacific coast

We did enjoy watching the pelicans and albatross swooping and circling around the market. 

There was one pelican in particular that sat on the roof of one of the buildings keeping a close eye on all the activity taking place below.  We called him “King of the Market” and watched as he swooped down time and again trying to get a bite to eat.

We tried two different kinds of fish, Albacore and Mahi Mahi, we got 5 pounds for $16.  The fish was delicious, and our friend offered to shrink wrap some for us to take home.  We just finished it off last week, next visit we’ll be going back for more.  But this time I’ll wear my sneakers, and stick to the steps.

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