Visit Santa Isabel, Ecuador (Yunguilla Valley)

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Beautiful small towns are literally everywhere in the Andes here in Ecuador. Here is an amazing little town called Santa Isabel. We lived here for 3 years. 

View of Santa Isabel, Ecuador

It’s in the southern part of Azuay province, on the road towards Machala.

The town is popular with Cuencanos – there are dozens of hosterias – all with swimming pools, volleyball courts, and soccer fields. And it’s really warm there. Its located in a valley called the Yunguilla Valley.

Yunguilla Valley Clouds, Andes Mountains Ecuador

The way the clouds settle in the Andes mountains often makes me feel like we are living in a dream.

We got this shot early one morning while driving through the beautiful Yunguilla Valley. In this picture, you can’t really see into the valley because it’s full of white fluffy clouds.


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  1. ¿Cuáles son los precios medios de la tierra / vivienda? Me gustaría venir a comprobarlo. Mi socio ecuatoriano y yo llegaremos pronto. ¿Hay buenas hosterias?
    What are the average land/house prices? I would like to come and check it out. My Ecuadorian partner and I will come there soon. Are there nice hosterias?
    Thank you

  2. My son’s dad just moved there. He says they live in this city but at a farmhouse and they do not have physical address. Is it true they don’t use physical addresses for say living in a haucienda in the country side of this city? He told me they have to get po box… I am trying to figure out what he is telling me is fact or fiction..Thank you

  3. Any chance the internet access in the Yanguilla Valley will improve. We need to move closer to Cuenca, but its too cold for my wife, but high speed internet is a must, since we are helping our son start a business in Cuenca, and we rely on internet access to share the workload? Or any other warm (but not too humid town you can recommend?) Thanks.

    1. I’m sure that it will improve. We heard an announcement early last year that there was going to be new cable run down the valley – specifically for internet. I haven’t heard anything about it since.
      Aside from the Yunguilla Valley, I don’t really know other warm towns.

  4. Hi Dena and Bryan, Wow, Exquisite photo !! How can I find out more about Santa Isabel and the Yunguilla Valley. Tourist/Commercial or moderately quiet for tranquility and relaxation? Any English speakers? We have a ways to go to learn Spanish, but it’s a reason that I want to come South. Also,can you lead me to any possibilities for hunting and/or use of weapons throughout the country? Shooting Clubs? Thanks, and I enjoy reviewing your information daily. Glen and Charlene Phibbs

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