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Getting to Harrington Falls, Lower Five Islands

Harrington Falls is in Lower Five Islands in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. It’s one of the waterfalls that does not have a groomed trail.

You’ll need to keep a close eye out for flagging tape left behind by other hikers.

The hike is not an easy one. After hiking along a short logging road, you’ll hike through thick trees and then come to the edge of a gorge. You’ll then scale the side of the gorge on moss covered (sometimes loose) rocks to reach the river. There are some ropes left by previous hikers but make sure to use caution because they may not be reliable.

When you reach the river, you’ll need to hike upstream (jumping across river rocks along the way) until you reach the falls.

Getting to Harrington Falls, Nova Scotia

From Parrsboro you’ll drive east on the number two Hwy. As you near Lower Five Islands you’ll take Lynn Road (on your left).  Drive up Lynn Road about 4.5 km until you come to a dirt road on your left. This is the road to the trail you’ll hike to get to Harrington Falls.

Pull off and park where you see the flag-tape marking the trail.

To see how to get to Harrington Falls click the directions link on the following map. When the larger map comes up just click on your current location and the fastest route will be mapped out for you.

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Vanessa Russell

Friday 29th of April 2022

How long of a hike is it?