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Location of Hellgate Falls (Three Pools) Nova Scotia

Hellgate Falls (Three Pools) is found in the Annapolis Valley in White Rock.

Please note: The access to this waterfall is private property. Please respect the owner’s wishes.

Update (December 11, 2017): A reader recently shared this update with us:

“This past August someone told me and my partner about the 3 pools so I went online to find where it is. I found your site and we tried to get there.

On our second attempt we tried going through the cemetery, and a man called to us from across the street. He was the owner of the land and insisted we couldn’t go there because it was private property (which it is). He told us the property had been in his family for generations and how, only in the last few years (he specifically mentioned that the internet had caused the popularity of the spot), he’s been going back there to find garbage everywhere and the forest completely trashed. He was so hurt by this.

Even though he has put up “private property” signs all around, people still go there, light fires and leave beer bottles strewn all over. I cannot express the deep hurt that he felt, nor the feeling we got from knowing that a beautiful place has been blocked off and ruined for those of us who are respectful of nature.”

The falls are near the White River Hike. There is some controversy about what access points are public or private. This post discusses in detail – and has some visitors experience with an irate landowner on Hellsgate Rd.

Hellgate Falls (Three Pools) Location

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