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Getting to Jeffers Brook Falls (Ripley Falls)

Jeffers Brook Falls is also known as Ripley Falls. This falls is found on Jeffers Brook North of Parrsboro. The trail is found on the South side of the property belonging to the Roply family. It would be best to ask permission before you cross their property.

Getting to Jeffers Brook Falls (Ripley Falls)

To get there head NorthEast from Parssboro on Eastern Avenue (the number 2) and take the Beverdam Road. This will take you North until it turns into Newville Road after the Prospect Road intersection. Continue on Newville road toward Lakelands, you’ll see a bridge and a steep gully on the right.

The Riply home is a white century home. The trail to the falls is found on the South side of the property through a marsh. As you cross the marsh area you’ll come to the stream. The trail is not maintained, so it may be hard to pick up. But just follow the stream until you come to the falls.

If you come to Lakeview Corner, you know you’ve gone too far.

To find Jeffers Brook Falls (Riply Falls) click the directions link on the following map. Once the larger map comes up, click your current location and the fastest route will be mapped out for you.

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