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Getting to Moose River Falls

Moose River Falls is found just before the community of Moose River, east of Parrsboro.

It’s a difficult hike on a trail that is not groomed or marked. Those who make the hike say the beauty of the falls makes is all worth it.

Getting to Moose River Falls

There are two ways to hike to Moose River Falls. The safer way is to hike up stream. That means you’ll get wet, especially if the water level is high. The other way is to hike an old logging road and scale down loose rock to get to the base of the falls.

To find Moose River Falls you’ll travel east from Parrsboro on the number 2 Hwy. Before you come to the community of Moos River you’ll see an old dirt road (on the left) between two bridges.

That is the logging road used to hike to the falls. To hike upstream make sure to hike up the river (East Branch Moos River) that is before the dirt logging road.

To find Moose River Falls click the direction link on the following map. When the larger map appears click on your current location and the quickest route will be mapped out for you.

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