meet the team storyteller travel

About the Team: Meet the Storyteller Travel Crew

Meet the Storyteller Travel Team

Storyteller Travel has five writers: Dena Haines, Bryan Haines, Drew Haines, Diane Diegor, and Josh Diegor.

Bryan and Dena are site co-founders. Drew has been part of the family business since it began. And Josh and Diane joined in 2021 and 2020, respectively.

Bryan and Dena founded the site in 2009. Learn more about Storyteller Travel

meet the team storyteller travel
Meet the team: Storyteller Travel Founders, Dena and Bryan Haines

Learn more about the team at Storyteller Travel.

Storyteller Travel Writers

All site content is created in-house by one of these writers. Everyone on the team is a traveler and has lived abroad.

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