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Uganda Travel Guide: Complete Explorers Guide to Animals, Food, Parks, Safety

Uganda is located in eastern Africa, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria – the largest lake in Africa. You can go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, boating on Lake Victoria, or on a driving safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Welcome to Uganda!

Uganda travel: There is so much to do in Uganda – including natural and cultural attractions.

Some of the top attractions include Kampala (the capital city), Lake Victoria, and the Ssese Islands.

The climate in Uganda is stable and welcoming and the food alone is worth the trip. The currency in Uganda is the shilling.

Here’s our guide to airports in Uganda.

Sun safety in Uganda

Uganda animals: Uganda is home to some of Africa’s most unique animals and birds. Learn about trekking for Uganda’s mountain gorillas.

Travel gear: As you plan your trip, you’ll need to decide what gear you’ll bring. Check out our complete safari packing list (checklist and guide) so you don’t forget a thing, including your travel insurance. And our guides on safari cameras, binoculars, sun hatswater purification, and anti-theft backpacks will help you bring the best gear for your Ugandan adventure.

Here are some of the highlights of visiting Uganda, including animals, travel tips, foods, and more:

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This includes animals, attractions, and facts about the country.

We have both been featured in Ng’aali, Uganda Airlines InFlight Magazine. Here’s the inaugural issue (October – December 2019)

While there is a special focus on wildlife and Lake Victoria, this site also covers the country of Uganda, including gorilla treks and wildlife safaris.

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