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Guide to Local Favorite Food, Culture, and Cuisine (Try the World’s Best Food)

Learn about some of the best foods on the planet. From amazing South American fruit and deep-fried sweets in Uganda; to roasted rodent and saliva-fermented yuca drink (yes, really!).

Are you ready to do this? Let’s go!

Ecuador beverages

9 Ecuador Beverages You’ll Want to Drink: Horchata, Canelazo, Colada Morada…

Are you taking a trip to Ecuador? Or maybe just looking for some classic latino flavors? Here are nine Ecuador ...
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Discovering Sweet Granadilla in Ecuador (Passiflora ligularis)

We've tried many new fruits over the past 5 years, and the sweet granadilla is one of our favorites. ou ...
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Food in Bolivia Sopa de Mani

25 Bolivian Foods: Guide to Food in Bolivia (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts)

Traditional Bolivian cuisine centers around corn, potatoes, quinoa, and beans. Meats used include chicken, beef, and pork. Spices vary by ...
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plantain nutrition

16 Plantain Nutrition Facts (Calories Guide) 6 Health Benefits

Plantains are an inexpensive, healthy, and delicious food. In this post, you'll learn about plantain nutrition, including calories and other ...
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cuban food

Cuban Foods: 28 Tasty Dishes, Desserts, Drinks to Try on Your Next Trip

Looking to try some awesome cuisine? In this article, you'll learn about 28 Cuban foods, including Cuban-American dishes, desserts, and ...
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How to Order Food in Spanish

How to Order Food in Spanish (Simple Restaurant Phrases, Questions)

Planning a trip and not sure how to order food in Spanish? In this post and video, you'll learn the ...
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Portable water filter

How to Choose the Best Portable Water Filter / Purifier [Buyers Guide]

If you're traveling to rural Africa, you need to decide how you'll filter your water supply. In this huge guide, ...
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filipino food

Filipino Food Guide: 28 Must-Try Dishes, Drinks, Desserts

Having been born in the Philippines, I grew up eating traditional Filipino food. Here's my guide to the best Filipino ...
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egyptian food

24 Egyptian Foods and Drinks to Try at Home or Your Next Trip

Learn about the best Egyptian foods, desserts, and drinks that you should try either at home or the next time ...
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rwanda food

12 Rwandan Foods to Try: Traditional Rwanda Dishes, Desserts, Drinks

Interested to learn about the best Rwanda foods? In this Rwandan Food Guide, you'll learn about dishes, drinks and desserts ...
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Roasted pork in Cuenca Ecuador

Pork and Cuy: Street Food in Cuenca Ecuador

Shortly after your arrival in Cuenca, you'll realize that there are some pretty unique things here. One of the things ...
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salvadoran food

21 Salvadoran Foods to Try: Traditional Dishes, Drinks, Desserts from El Salvador

Can't wait to try some delicious Salvadoran food? Continue reading to find out about 21 traditional foods to try during ...
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does salt water boil faster

Does Salt Make Water Boil Faster? 5 Tips to Boil it Faster

You've likely heard that "a watched pot never boils." If you're really hungry for some delicious pasta, rice, lentils, or ...
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How long to boil water

How Long to Boil Water to Purify for Drinking (According to Science)

Whether you're hiking or camping this summer, safe water is pretty important. In this post, you'll learn how long to ...
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guaba fruit Ecuador

Guaba Fruit: Ecuador’s Delicious Ice Cream Bean

A little while ago, I discovered a very interesting fruit called guaba. It is very common at markets and can ...
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Uganda food

Uganda Food Guide: 17 Must-Try Dishes for Your Visit

Curious about what Ugandan food is like? In this Uganda Food Guide, you'll learn about breakfast, lunch, and dinner - ...
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golden berry

13 Tasty Facts About Golden Berries: Andean Uvilla Fruit

In this post, you'll learn about the delicious golden berry (uvilla fruit) originally from Peru and Ecuador. Now, the tasty ...
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plantain recipes

10 Plantain Recipes: How to Cook Plantains (Videos, Photos, Recipes…)

Plantains can be eaten as a snack or a side dish and they taste amazing regardless of whether they're green ...
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banana facts

28 Banana Facts: Weird & Tasty Guide to Fruit, Plant, Nutrition, and History

Bananas are a fruit loved by people around the world. In this post, you'll learn a ton of banana facts ...
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plantain ripeness green black

Plantain vs Banana: 9 Tasty Differences (Travelers Guide)

What’s the difference between plantains and bananas? In this article, you'll learn 9 key differences between these two fruits. In ...
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Corviche traditional food in Ecuador

Corviche: Deep Fried Fish and Green Plantain

Corviche is definitely one of my favorite traditional foods here in Ecuador. It's right up there with encebollado. Corviche is ...
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chilean food

32 Chilean Foods: Guide to Food in Chile (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts)

Chile is famous for its seafood and its wine. What other Chilean food can you expect on your travels there? ...
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juanes traditional food in peru

33 Peruvian Foods: Traditional Food in Peru (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts)

What's the best food to try in Peru? Well, I asked over 1,000 locals and expats what their favorite traditional ...
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Pitahaya Dragon Fruit

Have You Tried Dragon Fruit? Pitahaya: Bat Pollinated Cactus Fruit

This is a delicious, sweet and refreshing fruit. I'm a fan of fruit that's easy and doesn't need juicing or ...
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10 Tips for Shopping at an Open Market in Ecuador (11 Spanish Phrases)

The attraction for many gringos, of traveling and living in a foreign country, is the thrill of traditional open markets ...
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Does Grapefruit Seed Extract Really Work?

Living in Ecuador has given us a variety and quality of food that we literally couldn't imagine enjoying back in ...
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maracuya facts

Maracuya: Passion Fruit Guide (Taste, 7 Benefits, How to Eat it)

Maracuya is also called yellow passion fruit. But you may be wondering what it tastes like, if it's good for ...
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Ecuador desserts

16 Ecuador Desserts You Need to Try! [Pictures, Videos, Recipes…]

Are you looking for some amazing Ecuador desserts? Then you're in the right place! Here are 16 of our favorite ...
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Ecuador fruits

9 Must-Try Ecuador Fruits: Naranjilla, Ice Cream Bean, Tuna…

Are you planning a trip to Ecuador? Then you need to know these 9 awesome Ecuador fruits. While there are ...
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Cuy meal in Ecuador

Cuy in Ecuador: How to Eat Guinea Pig

Cuy is a traditional dish - a delicacy - in Ecuador. And yes, cuy are guinea pigs. In this post, ...
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Ecuadorian chicha

11 Facts About Ecuadorian Chicha (Saliva-Fermented Yuca Drink)

You've likely heard of chicha - the chew-and-spit alcoholic drink made in Ecuador's amazon region. Here's what you need to ...
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Encebollado camarones shrimp in Ecuador

What do People in Ecuador Eat? My Favorite 16 Foods

So, what do people in Ecuador eat? In this post. you'll learn about 16 typical dishes in Ecuador. What Do ...
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How to Eat Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit (Video)

Have you ever eaten prickly pear (genus opuntia) cactus fruit? I never knew cactus plants produced edible fruit until we ...
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republica del cacao taste test

Ecuador Chocolate Guide: República del Cacao, Pacari, Hot Chocolate

Ecuador is famous for chocolate. In this post, we'll cover some of the premium chocolate brands in Ecuador (República del ...
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seco de chivo cuenca ecuador

What’s a Seco? Seco de Pollo, Carne, Chivo in Ecuador

One of the cultural dishes you'll find on most menus in Ecuador is the seco. Have you tried it? I've ...
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eat a mango

How Do You Eat Mango? Here’s How to Peel a Mango (and Eat it Like a Human)

Mangos are delicious and messy. They are one of the hardest-to-eat fruits for new expats and travelers - especially those ...
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My Favorite Ecuador Coffee: Café Cubanito

Looking for the best coffee in Ecuador? In this post, you'll learn about our favorite brand and roast of coffee ...
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Encebollado in Ecuador

Have You Tried Encebollado? Fish (Tuna) Soup in Ecuador

Have you heard about encebollado? This is a very popular soup in Ecuador - especially on the coast. In this ...
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Higos con queso Ecuador

Higos con Queso (Figs with Cheese) Recipe: Ecuadorian Dessert

A few months ago I discovered a new dessert in Cuenca: Higos con queso. Despite having lived here for four ...
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Salchipapas Ecuador

Great Ecuador Treat: Salchipapas (Fries with Hotdogs, Mayo and Ketchup)

If you’re in the center of town, it’s a quick snack. If you’re at a restaurant, it’s an appetizer. May ...
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Yuca Bread: A Delicious Treat in Cuenca Ecuador

One of the yummy treats we like to pick up when we are on the go is called yuca bread ...
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asado nicaragua

22 Nicaraguan Foods to Try: Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has so much to offer, including amazing food. While some dishes share similarities with other Central American food, others ...
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haitian food

24 Haitian Food and Drinks to Try: Guide to Cuisine in Haiti

What's the most popular food in Haiti? Here are the best Haitian food and drinks to try. In this guide, ...
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kenyan food

21 Kenyan Food and Drinks to Try (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Kenya)

If you're curious about Kenyan food, this post will help. You'll learn about traditional cuisine in Kenya - including dishes, ...
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Gifts for tea lovers

47 Best Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers: Practical and Quirky

It can be hard to buy a gift for tea lovers. Especially if you don't know much about tea. In ...
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Types of coffee

79 Types of Coffee (Definitive Guide) Drinks, Beans, Names, Roasts 

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