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Find Your Next Adventure in Nova Scotia!

Welcome to Nova Scotia!

Here are some of the highlights you can expect when you visit Nova Scotia:

Clam Harbour Sandcastle Competition Beach

Nova Scotia Beaches: Guide to 41 Best Beaches in Nova Scotia

Looking for the best beaches in Nova Scotia? Here's the complete guide to Nova Scotia beaches - including the longest, warmest and best surfing beaches. Despite its northern location, Nova Scotia is known for having some of the warmest waters ...
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Getting-GoPro-video-at-Baxters Harbour Waterfall N.S.

Visiting Baxters Harbour Falls in Nova Scotia? 7 Things You Need to Know

Baxters Harbour Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nova Scotia. And it's little wonder - it has a beautiful setting and it's easy to get to. In this post, you'll see photos and a short video of ...
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Nova Scotia's Endangered Blanding’s Turtle (Underwater Video)

Nova Scotia’s Endangered Blanding’s Turtle (Underwater Video)

On our most recent trip to Kejimkujik National Park, we rented a canoe and paddled up the Mersey River. And while we expected to see some painted turtles, we were surprised to spot both a snapping and a Blanding's turtle ...
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Bay of Fundy beach fire

Long Exposure Fire Photography: Bay of Fundy Campfires

One thing we love about summer in Canada is having campfires with friends. Whether it's at the beach, at the campsite, or in the backyard, campfires are a cozy way to visit and catch up with family and friends. They ...
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Bay of Fundy Tides Timelapse Nova Scotia

10 Amazing Bay of Fundy Tides Timelapse Videos: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! In this post, you'll see 10 Bay of Fundy tides timelapse videos. The tides in the Bay of Fundy are five to ten times higher than in the ...
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Photography Tip: Practice At Oaklawn Farm Zoo (Annapolis Valley)

Photography Tip: Practice At Oaklawn Farm Zoo (Annapolis Valley)

Visiting Oaklawn Farm Zoo is a family tradition. It's pretty cool to have a zoo with lions, cheetahs and zebras in the Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia). The best time to go to Oaklawn may be around feeding time. You can ...
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Boars Head Lighthouse NovaScotia

41 Nova Scotia Lighthouses to Visit This Summer

Nova Scotia lighthouses are famous around the world. In this article, you'll learn about 41 lighthouses to visit this summer. Peggy's Cove lighthouse, Nova Scotia Many families make it a tradition to visit their favourite lighthouse at least once a ...
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Liscombe Falls Nova Scotia

28 Nova Scotia Waterfalls For Your Bucket List

Looking for waterfalls to explore? You are in the right place! Here are 28 Nova Scotia waterfalls for your next adventure. Waterfalls are abundant here in Nova Scotia. Exploring them will take you from one end of the province to ...
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nova scotia fall colours

32 Inspiring Autumn Photos from Nova Scotia: Aerial, Reflected, Close-up

The colour-changing leaves in fall are famous here in Nova Scotia! Here are my favorite photos: reflected in water, close up, aerial view, against blue sky, and more. Fall is such a beautiful time of year here in Atlantic Canada! ...
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Cape Breton attractions

8 Things to Do on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (Food, Culture, Nature)

Planning a trip to Cape Breton Island? In this post by Lauren Nowack (bio), you'll learn about 8 things to do on Cape Breton Island. 8 Things to Do on Cape Breton Island At the tip of Nova Scotia is ...
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Blue hour in Nova Scotia

The Blue Hour After Sunset: Oh, How I Love It!

The blue hour after sunset is an awesome time to practice night photography! It actually only lasts from about 20 to 40 minutes (depending on weather conditions) but I guess "the blue hour" just sounds better. It's a term used ...
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10 Fun winter activities in the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia

10 Winter Things to Do in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Looking for winter things to do in the Annapolis Valley? In this post, you'll find our top 10 winter activities here in the Annapolis Valley. There is so much to do in the Annapolis Valley in winter - this is ...
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Miner's Marsh Trail in Kentville

My Visit to Miner’s Marsh Nature Trail in Kentville, Nova Scotia

Looking for a great walking trail in Kentville? Miner's Marsh has you covered. You'll find well-groomed trails and beautiful scenery. Miner's Marsh is located just minutes from the heart of downtown Kentville (a small town in the Annapolis Valley, Nova ...
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19 interesting facts about Sambro Lighthouse

19 Interesting Facts About Sambro Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

The Sambro Lighthouse is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the Americas! You'll learn more about this and 18 other interesting facts in this post. Photo credit - The Sambro Lighthouse Heritage Society. The Sambro Lighthouse is a very significant historic ...
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Port George Lighthouse Nova Scotia

4 Things To Do in Port George, Nova Scotia (Lighthouse, Jamboree…)

Port George, Nova Scotia is a pretty little seaside community situated along the Bay of Fundy in Annapolis County. This is a popular spot for beachcombing and sightseeing, especially in the summer during the Country Jamboree. Here's a short video ...
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Apple blossom facts

10 Apple Blossom Facts for the Annapolis Valley: Photos, Festivals, Edibility…

Are you excited about seeing the apple blossoms this year? In this post, we'll explore 10 apple blossom facts. You'll find photos, facts, festivals, edibility and more - all about apple blossoms. Apple blossoms are a highlight of the year for many ...
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Kejimkujik National Park

Photography Practice at Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia

One of our favorite places in Nova Scotia is Kejimkujik National Park. Bryan and I both camped there as children (before we met) and now we love bringing our daughter there. It's also a great place to practice photography. There ...
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Cape Split drone view

Cape Split Aerial Drone Footage (Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia)

Hiking Cape Split is a family tradition. And as we planned our move back to Nova Scotia (from South America) hiking Cape Split again was at the top of our summer adventure list. It's been eight years since we were ...
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Nova Scotia Cookery cookbook at Halifax Farmers Market

Our Snowy Visit to the Halifax Farmers Market (Nova Scotia)

Are you wondering where to go in Halifax this winter? So were we, and we found something great. On a recent visit to the city we went to the Halifax Farmers' Market. We really enjoyed it - in this post ...
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Your Next Adventure in Nova Scotia

Welcome to Nova Scotia! You’re looking for the best of Nova Scotia with a distinctly Canadian flavour, eh? Enough said.

To get started, here are some of our epic guides to visiting Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia beacheslighthouses, and waterfalls. In the coming months, we’ll be covering other top outdoor attractions like hiking trails and campgrounds.

Port George Lighthouse Nova Scotia