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Featured Country: Ecuador

A glimpse of what you can experience in Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country south of Colombia on the Pacific Coast. Despite its small size, it is megadiverse. Here’s what you can experience in Ecuador.

South America
Parque Calderon
Cuenca, Ecuador
Parque Calderon Cuenca Ecuador
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Animal Guides

Attention Animal Lovers

If you love animals, you’re in the right place. Over the years, we’ve covered the fastest and ugliest animals. Plus, diets, sounds, and other weird animal facts.

But that’s not all. You’ll also learn about the ugliest fish, birds, and insects.

Plus, do camels have 3 eyelids? Do hippos have pink milk? And why do lizards do pushups?

mata mata turtle

Mata matas are hide-and-seek champions. Their flaps of loose skin and weird body-covering warts help them resemble a fallen piece of tree bark

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