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jaguar vs tiger

Jaguar vs Tiger: 7 Key Differences Compared (Size, Strength, Appearance)

What's the difference between a jaguar and a tiger? In this post, we'll take a look at 7 key differences between these two big cats, and answer some interesting questions about them too. You'll then be better informed ...
do porcupines shoot their quills

Do Porcupines Shoot Their Quills? (Fact Check) 4 Defense Behaviors

Did you know that there are 58 species of porcupines! These rodents are adorable. But beware. The name "porcupine" comes from Latin and means "quill pig." So as cute as they are, it is better to give them ...
do rattlesnakes nurse their babies

Do Rattlesnakes Nurse Their Babies? (Fact Check) Snake-Milking?

Photos occasionally surface on social media that appear to show a rattlesnake nursing her young. Do rattlesnakes nurse their babies? The quick answer is no. Rattlesnakes are reptiles and as such, they do not have mammary glands. An ...
lightning capital of the world

Lake Maracaibo: Lightning Capital of the World (297 Days a Year)

How do you feel about thunder and lightning? If you are like me, you will open the curtains wide and pull up a chair to watch the show. You may even wonder where to travel to catch the ...
galapagos islands names

Galapagos Islands Names: Guide to All 33 Islands, Islets (Map)

Galapagos Islands' names can be confusing. Almost every one of the Islands has at least two names: Spanish and English. Most of the names aren't translations, but totally different names. Because the Islands belong to Ecuador, a Spanish ...
cuban food

Cuban Foods: 28 Tasty Dishes, Desserts, Drinks to Try on Your Next Trip

Looking to try some awesome cuisine? In this article, you'll learn about 28 Cuban foods, including Cuban-American dishes, desserts, and drinks to either try next time you're traveling or at home when looking to change things up. I'm ...
giant armadillo

28 Giant Armadillo Facts (2 Types) Largest Living and Extinct

What comes to your mind when you picture an armadillo? Perhaps you picture a cute little rolly-polly creature. Today we are going to talk about giant armadillos. While they are cute, they are not little. Here you'll learn ...
galapagos cotton

10 Facts About Darwin’s Cotton in the Galapagos (Gossypium darwinii)

While exploring the Galapagos Islands we came across some Darwin’s cotton. I had never seen a cotton plant before (not much cotton is grown in Canada) the only cotton I was familiar with was what comes in plastic ...
volcanoes in ecuador

All 105 Ecuador Volcanoes: Active, Mainland, Galapagos (Charts/Map)

How many volcanoes are in Ecuador? You would think that would be a pretty straightforward question. But as I was doing my research I found that the answers were very different depending on which website I was looking ...
what sound does a hippo make

What Sound Does a Hippo Make? Guide to Hippo Noises, Roars, Mating Displays

Hippopotami are huge, strong, and very loud animals! What sound does a hippo make? They make a variety of noises and sounds - both above and underwater. Beyond the stomping and splashing noises they make as they move ...
egyptian food

24 Egyptian Foods and Drinks to Try at Home or Your Next Trip

Learn about the best Egyptian foods, desserts, and drinks that you should try either at home or the next time you're in the country. As you'll see, much of Egyptian cusine is vegetarian. Some of the most popular ...
spanish speaking countries

How Many Spanish Speaking Countries Are There? Complete Travelers Guide

Are you wondering how many Spanish speaking countries there are? Perhaps you have learned a little bit of Spanish in school, and are wondering where this could prove useful. Or maybe you love the culture and want to ...

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