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galapagos sea lion

22 Galapagos Sea Lion Facts: Diet, Habits, Photos & Videos

The Galapagos sea lion has often been called the "welcoming committee" of the Galapagos Islands. Please read on for the top 22 most interesting facts about the Galapagos sea lion! You'll learn about their endangered status, diet, range, ...
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buffalo vs bison

Buffalo vs Bison: 9 Differences Between 4 Species

What are the differences between a bison and a buffalo? In this post, you'll learn the 9 buffalo vs bison differences across 4 species from Africa, Asia, and North America. Plus lots of photos and facts. We'll be ...
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big african antelope

16 Biggest African Antelopes: Largest Species by Weight

What is the largest antelope in Africa? In this post, you'll learn about the biggest antelopes in Africa, sorted by their average weight. Antelopes range in size from just 6 pounds to over 2200 pounds. There are 91 ...
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smallest african antelope

15 Smallest African Antelopes: Species, Range, Size, Photos (Full Guide)

Curious about small antelopes? In this article, you will learn about the different features of the 15 smallest African antelopes. We'll also discuss their size, weight, habitat, and range. Plus lots of photos. Two species weigh less than ...
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plantain ripeness green black

Plantain vs Banana: 9 Tasty Differences (Travelers Guide)

What’s the difference between plantains and bananas? In this article, you'll learn 9 key differences between these two fruits. In the plantain vs banana debate, you'll be able to tell them apart and know when to use each ...
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gorilla sounds

Gorilla Sounds: Guide to 6 Gorilla Noises, Roars, Grunts

What sounds do gorillas make? What do gorilla sounds mean? In this post, you'll learn about 6 gorilla noises, roars, grunts, and more. Plus videos of gorilla sound and noises. Hearing a gorilla roar and scream would surely ...
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african antelope

74 Types of African Antelope (And 56 Subspecies) Full Guide

Learn about all the types of African antelope in Africa. Complete guide covers every antelope species with tons of facts, photos, and videos. Full list by subfamily and tribe. And we'll answer all your antelope questions. African Antelope ...
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chilean food

32 Chilean Foods: Guide to Food in Chile (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts)

Chile is famous for its seafood and its wine. What other Chilean food can you expect on your travels there? Please keep reading, and prepare to get hungry. 25 Chilean Food Dishes Chile is a long and narrow ...
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baby giraffe

17 Baby Giraffe Facts: Size, Diet, Skills, Photos, Videos

Have you ever wondered about baby giraffes? In this post, you'll learn 17 facts about baby giraffes, including birth, size, abilities, diet, gestation period, and more. Also, there'll be tons of photos and videos of these adorable creatures ...
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plantain nutrition

16 Plantain Nutrition Facts (Calories Guide) 6 Health Benefits

Plantains are an inexpensive, healthy, and delicious food. In this post, you'll learn about plantain nutrition, including calories and other nutrients. We cover 22 nutritional elements and 16 facts regarding nutrition and general plantain facts. Plantains have been ...
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salvadoran food

21 Salvadoran Foods to Try: Traditional Dishes, Drinks, Desserts from El Salvador

Can't wait to try some delicious Salvadoran food? Continue reading to find out about 21 traditional foods to try during your travels in El Salvador. El Salvador has a long history, starting with the Pipil and Lenca people ...
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Food in Bolivia Sopa de Mani

25 Bolivian Foods: Guide to Food in Bolivia (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts)

25 Bolivian Dishes, Drinks, and Desserts! Traditional Bolivian cuisine centers around corn, potatoes, quinoa, and beans. Meats used include chicken, beef, and pork. Spices vary by region. If you are hungry for a filling and delicious meal, please ...
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kenyan food

21 Kenyan Food and Drinks to Try (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Kenya)

If you're curious about Kenyan food, this post will help. You'll learn about traditional cuisine in Kenya - including dishes, desserts, and drinks. Which one do you want to try? 21 Kenya Food Guide: Dishes, Drinks, Desserts Kenyan ...
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haitian food

24 Haitian Food and Drinks to Try: Guide to Cuisine in Haiti

What's the most popular food in Haiti? Here are the best Haitian food and drinks to try. In this guide, you'll get a taste of Haitian desserts, dishes, and drinks. 24 Haitian Food and Drinks to Try With ...
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Guide to Local Favorite Foods

Learn about some of the best foods on the planet. From amazing South American fruit and deep fried sweets in Uganda, to roasted rodent and saliva fermented yuca drink (yes, really!).

Are you ready to do this? Let’s go!

Uganda food

Where Should I Travel? 12 Best Destination Guides (Americas, Africa, Europe) 

It can be hard to sort out the best places to travel. In this guide, you’ll find detailed guides to help you determine where you should travel next.

Where should you travel? Here are some amazing options.

Things to do in Uganda