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About Us: Storyteller Travel

At Storyteller Travel, we cover food, animals, and destinations from around the world.

We love to travel and have covered many of our adventures. Of course, we have lots more planned.

bryan and dena haines
Dena and Bryan Haines, co-founders of

What is Storyteller Travel?

Storyteller Travel is a huge travel resource since 2009. It was founded by Bryan and Dena Haines. All the travel, food, and animal guides are created by a team of travelers.

Why Trust Storyteller Travel?

Bryan and Dena are long-time travelers. They lived in South America for six years and now live in Nova Scotia, Canada. And the whole team are travelers and past expats.

Storyteller Travel Team

Storyteller Travel guides are written by five site authors: Dena Haines, Bryan Haines, Drew Haines, Diane Diegor, and Josh Diegor.

Meet the Storyteller Travel team

Where We’ve Been Featured

Storyteller Travel has been featured (or mentioned) in many notable publications. These include MSN, National Geographic, CNBC,, Mashable, IndieGoGo, IFL Science, Spoon University, Mashed, Transitions Abroad, Cigna Global, and Culture Trip.

Our content has also been featured in Ngaali, Uganda Airlines Inflight Magazine.

What We Cover

This site is divided into the following sections:

  1. Animals: We are fascinated by the absurd world of animals. We cover the animals we’ve seen in the wild – and the ones we want to see.
  2. Destination Guide: Learn about the best attractions around the globe. 
  3. Tasty Travel Food: Learn about local dishes, fruits, and sweet treats from around the world.
  4. Africa Travel: This includes wildlife, gorilla treks, and food. Learn about safari photography, wildlife binoculars, and other safari gear.
  5. Ecuador Travel: We cover everything about visiting and living in Ecuador. Learn about foodnational parkscitiesweatherbeaches, and the city of Cuenca.
  6. Nova Scotia Travel: We are building this set of Nova Scotia attractions. These include lighthouses, beaches, and waterfalls. We were both born here – and love exploring our province. Bryan and Dena Haines

About Bryan and Dena

Storyteller Travel is run by Bryan and Dena Haines.

We’ve been travel bloggers for many years. And we and love it!

When we moved to South America in 2009, we created GringosAbroad – which has since been merged into this site. It was the largest (most read) site about Ecuador travel.

We also run Storyteller Tech, a photography tutorial site. Learn more about our company: Storyteller Media

Here’s how to contact us

Connect with Bryan: LinkedIn
Connect with Dena: LinkedIn

Bryan and Dena Haines WiseGuides
WiseGuides Nova Scotia Travel Blog

Cuenca Ecuador

About Bryan, Dena, and Drew

When we first moved our young family to Cuenca we spoke no Spanish and had no income. Life was interesting.

We write about Ecuador food, things to do, cities, expat life, real estate, animals, plants and Ecuador news. Our favorite areas include Cuenca, Quito, Salinas, and the Galapagos Islands.

Here are some of the things that we’ve been up to…

Dena Haines Galapagos
Haines Family, Galapagos
Bryan with Galapagos sea turtle
bryan dena haines galapagos


Thursday 15th of April 2021

Great blog! Loved the way you expose Ecuador as a beautiful and an attractive destiny not only for retirement but for who is looking for adventures.

Bryan Haines

Friday 16th of April 2021

Thanks Carlos - we love the country!


Wednesday 1st of November 2017

Buenos días por favor necesito contactarme con ustedes, por favor me pueden enviar un número telefónico o su correo electrónico? Gracias, Gissela

Bryan Haines

Wednesday 1st of November 2017

Buenos días Gissela, puede contactarnos aquí


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

Hi Bryan and Dena, I am an American anthropologist that has been living in Brasil for ten years. So, I am very familiar and adjusted to Latin American culture in general. As you probably know, over the past five years, Brasil has really fallen apart as a country and I am thinking of moving to Ecuador. I speak a little Spanish but am fluent in Portuguese and since the two languages are very similar, I think I would be able to tweak my Portuguese and speak Spanish fluently in a relatively short period of time. Already, I have been following your blog for about a year now and conducting much research about Ecuador. For me, I'm interested in the beach towns as I have been living in a beach city in Brasil during my entire stay here. In terms of finances, I more than meet the official requirements for retirement in Ecuador. However, one thing still confuses me considerably - that is - the requirement for insurance and exactly how that works. Could you please explain further how this new law impacts expats - the particulars, pros and cons of it? Thank you.


Saturday 11th of November 2017

Niel: My wife and I just signed up for insurance. For the two of us it was $85.00/month. It will draw from our credit card. We used a private company Belgenica. The agent we used in Cuenca also arranged to have our certificate filed with immigration for a small fee. It would be slighly less for a one person plan. Belgenica only covers 80%, other companies such as Salud offers better coverage plans but they cost close to $140/month .... we are in our 50’s and 40’s. In the end we decided the extra cost for more coverage just wasn’t worth it. Health costs are reasonable here. I don’t think we have spent more that a few hundred on medical costs in the two years we have been here, Hope this helps.

Chris Bushman

Thursday 1st of June 2017

What things about US tourists annoy Ecuadorians most? How can we make the best impression?

Rebecca Garn

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

Hi, I am moving to ecuador for 5 months with 2 friends and 11 children. We are looking at a house in Pallatanga,Chimborazo. Do you know anything about this area? Will we be able to find schools and sports for the kids there? How is transportation there? Any info you have will be very helpful. Thanks!


Tuesday 6th of December 2016

Hi Rebecca, Question. Are you planning on doing missionary work in Pallatanga? Will you be home schooling? These are the questions that come to mind. It´s a small town in a rural area very much off the beaten path. Ok. yes there must be very nice properties with very nice houses, but the majority of the population are poor. Don´t expect to send your kids to a public school. That is not a good option in Quito (the capital of Ecuador) much less a small town that´s about 1-1/2 hours from Riobamba (the closest city). We traveled by car last month from Quito to Cuenca via highway 35 and stopped in Riobamba and spent the night at a nice hotel called Hosteria La Andaluza that took in our labrador. Beautiful view of Chimborazo in the morning. That´s the closest I´ve been to Pallatanga. My advise is find some place closer to a city . . . unless you´re doing missionary work. Good luck and God Bless.