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Learn a Language: Tutorials, Guides, Destinations, Resources and Books

Planning a trip abroad? It’s worth taking the time to learn the local language.

Here are guides and tutorials for learning the language. Plus resources and books that will help. 

Language Learning Resources

bon bini meaning

123 Papiamento Phrases: How to Speak Papiamento (Word List and Resources)

Planning a trip to the Dutch Caribbean islands? You might want to learn a few Papiamento phrases. In this post, ...
How to learn Spanish in Ecuador

3 Ways to Learn Spanish in Ecuador (What Worked for Us)

For many travelers, the main reason for being in Cuenca is to learn Spanish. Noted by many as one of ...
Google translate Spanish and English

Are You Google Translating Spanish to English? (Video)

Chances are if you are living or traveling in a Spanish speaking country you will use Google Translate at some ...

Pimsleur Spanish Review (My Favorite Way to Learn Spanish)

How's your Spanish? No doubt you have heard about the Pimsleur Spanish course. In this post, I'll review the Pimsleur ...
spanish speaking countries

How Many Spanish Speaking Countries Are There? Complete Travelers Guide

Are you wondering how many Spanish speaking countries there are? Perhaps you have learned a little bit of Spanish in ...
How to Order Food in Spanish

How to Order Food in Spanish (Simple Restaurant Phrases, Questions)

Planning a trip and not sure how to order food in Spanish? In this post and video, you'll learn the ...
i love you in spanish

12 Ways to Say “I Love You” in Spanish (Plus 7 Other Heartfelt Expressions)

Curious how to say "I love you" in Spanish? Here are 12 expressions to share how you feel, without embarrassing ...
hello in dutch

16 Ways to Say Hello in Dutch (Greetings, Kisses, Customs)

If the Netherlands is in your travel plans, here's how to say hello in Dutch. Plus a whole set of ...
best book to learn spanish

The Best Book to Learn Spanish (Reader’s Choice 2021)

What is the best book to learn Spanish? Choosing the best book can help accelerate your learning process. In this ...
Spanish tu or usted

When Do I Use the Spanish Tú or Usted?

When do I use the Spanish tú or usted? This a very common question that comes up among expats learning ...
Best books to learn Spanish

11 Spanish Learning Books and Courses We Used (Print and Audio)

Despite Ecuador being a Spanish country, we are asked if it's necessary to learn Spanish before moving. The short answer ...
How to pronounce the B and V in Spanish

How to Pronounce the Letters B and V in Spanish

Confused about how to pronounce the letters B and V in Spanish? In this post, you'll learn the difference and ...
spanish phrases for the airport

9 Spanish Phrases to Know When You Arrive at the Airport

You have just landed at the Cuenca airport and you are anxious to begin your Ecuador adventure. But first, you ...
madrigals spanish book review

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish: Gringo Book Review

If you're learning Spanish, you've probably heard of Madrigal's Magic Key To Spanish. It's our reader's favorite Spanish learning book ...

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