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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Animals: Learn about the weird and beautiful animals you can see on your next trip.
  • Travel Food: Learn about the best dishes, fruits, and drinks from around the world.
  • Destinations: Looking for a specific region? Learn more about travel in Africa, Asia, EuropeNorth AmericaCentral AmericaSouth America, and Oceania.

Why Trust Storyteller Travel?

Bryan and Dena are long-time travelers. They lived in South America for six years and now live in Nova Scotia, Canada. And the whole team are travelers and past expats.

Storyteller Travel has been featured (or mentioned) in many notable publications. These include MSN, National Geographic, CNBC,, Mashable, Spoon University, Transitions Abroad, and Cigna Global.

Now, on to our great content.

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Animals Around the World

We love animals! Here are our best guides and profiles of the animals of the world.

Learn about diet, speed, physical characteristics, and more in these 120+ animal guides.

Destination Guides

Where should I travel? It can be hard to sort out the best places to travel. In this guide, you’ll find detailed guides to help you determine where you should travel next.

In this section, you’ll learn about attractions, geographic features, languages, and dishes from around the world.

Tasty Travel Food

Learn about some of the best foods on the planet. From amazing South American fruit and deep-fried sweets in Uganda; to roasted rodent and saliva-fermented yuca drink (yes, really!).

Here are our guides to local favorite foods.

Travel in Africa

Planning your next trip to Africa? Congrats! Here are the best local dishes, destinations, and animals to watch for. Plus, learn some of the local language and culture. 

Travel in South America

There are countless amazing destinations in South America. Here are the best destinations, dishes, and animals to watch for. Plus, learn some of the local culture and languages.

You’ll learn all about South American countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. And we have a huge section about Ecuador travel.

See our most recent guides or a map of every piece of content on the site.