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Galapagos Timelapses: Sunrise & Sunset on Isabela Island (Beach, Dock) shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

See two beautiful Galapagos sunrise and sunset videos from Isabela Island. These timelapse videos give a taste of what it’s like to visit Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. They were filmed on the beach and the arrival/departure dock on Isabela Island.

And where we rested each evening after exploring the island (hiking volcanoes and snorkeling through underwater stone tunnels). And depending on the day, it even has some decent bodyboarding.

The Galapagos are a highlight of traveling in Ecuador.

Galapagos Sunset Timelapse Video

Watch a Galapagos sunrise timelapse at the end of the post. 

Beach Sunset on Isabela Island, Galapagos

Have you been here? What is your favorite sunset spot?

Galapagos Sunrise Timelapse: Dock on Isabela Island

I love getting up early. There is nothing like the cool, fresh air of the early morning. 

While visiting Isabela Island, I got up around 4:30am to get ready to shoot this timelapse. I got to the dock just before 5:30am and set up. This timelapse takes in a full hour of the Galapagos sunrise.

The dock on Isabela is where all the goods and tourists arrive. There are a dozen sea lions and countless birds and other marine critters all around the dock.

Do you want to make your own time-lapse video?

Galapagos Sunrise on Isabela Island

What is on your Ecuador travel bucket list?

Photobombing Backflipping Galapagos Sea Lion

As I was preparing the timelapse of the sunrise on Isabela Island, I noticed that one of the frames had something special. There was a Galapagos sea lion in the photo.

But not just a plain old sea lion.

He was doing a backflip out of the water and the camera caught him in mid-air.

What are the odds? The camera was set to take an image every 5 seconds. So the odds of actually getting anything significant (aside from the sunrise) is pretty low. The image above has been lightened to show the detail of the sea lion.

Interested to photograph some of these areas on your trip? Here’s how to choose Best Camera for Travel

A close-up of the sea lion:

The original frame from the timelapse:

More reading: Travelers Guide to Galapagos Islands Animals

What is your favorite animal photobomb? Please share it (with links) in the comments below.

And while the following photo was shot on Santa Cruz (and not Isabela Island), this seemed like a great place to share it. 

Galapagos Sunset on Santa Cruz Island

We got this photo on our way back from a visit to Playa Escondida while visiting Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Islands.

As we came into Academy Bay the sun was setting, it was gorgeous!


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