galapagos marine iguana
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Marine Iguanas are really quite weird. They enjoy eating the algae. . . at the bottom of the sea. They are not very happy about such a salty breakfast so, they just snort the salt out back on land.

When they fight (over territory,or the gals) they can kill one another, or one of them just backs off. It’s funny,  after they fight,  the winner, moves his head up and down as if to say ” Okay I showed him! Oh yes!” 🙂



Marine Iguana Galapagos Islands Ecuador

galapagos marine iguana

They also enjoy sun-bathing on hot rocks. They are endemic to the Galapagos which means they can be found no were else on earth!

Our Nature guide told us that a man was doing experiments one day, and he made the poor iguana stay under the water all day. He did this by tying the iguana to a rope that was tied to a rock and threw it over-board.


When he got it up out of the water it was still alive!

They can dive up to 10 meters deep!

I think you will all like my iguanas there really fancy dancers!(check below)
Keep coming, next post,: Giant Tortoises 🙂

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  1. Hi Drew
    I am really enjoying your blog. Your pic;s are great,keep them coming. You sure are getting around for a girl your age. Keep up the good work. Nanny

  2. Wow, Drew! This is really great! We’re all getting to go on vacation with you! 🙂 Your pictures are really enjoyable, thanks so much!
    The other day we learned about a lizard called a Plumed basilisk. It lives in Central America, and likes to hide in trees, but it has one really strange ability: It can run across the surface of the water on its hind feet- so they call it the Jesus Christ lizard! How crazy is that?

  3. Hey Drew;
    Keep adding more pictures, I’m enjoying your blog. I am glad you’ve had the chance to visit Galapagos and take shots of these animals for us all to see. Do you have any cool pictures of the birds there?

  4. Great shots Drew. Can hardly believe you got a shot of them dancing… Maybe you should send it off to the National Park?
    Keep up the great work on the Blog!

  5. Very nice blog, Drew. I like that you educate us on these animals we are not familiar with. Is that the normal size of the marine iguanas (in your pictures) or do they vary in size? Love you!

    1. Hi Nana,
      Thank you. They very in sizes, the ones in the pics are not full grown. The front-on one is only a baby. The males are larger than the females, males can be up to 5 feet long, that’s why I drew it that way in my illustration. Love you! 🙂

    1. Thanks, it took awhile, I had to go out at night and take 1000 pics until they both looked at me. It’s what they do when we’re sleeping! 🙂

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