Port George Lighthouse Nova Scotia

4 Things To Do in Port George, Nova Scotia (Lighthouse, Jamboree…)

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Port George, Nova Scotia is a pretty little seaside community situated along the Bay of Fundy in Annapolis County.

Port George Lighthouse Nova Scotia

This is a popular spot for beachcombing and sightseeing, especially in the summer during the Country Jamboree.

Here’s a short video that shows Port George Lighthouse, Cottage Cove Provincial Park, and the local wharf.

Lighthouse in Port George, Nova Scotia

Let’s take a look at four things you won’t want to miss in Port Gorge.

4 Things To Do in Port George, Nova Scotia

Port George used to be a functioning port and had a shipyard. Trade took place with Boston and Saint John, New Brunswick. Today there is a community wharf with a concrete boat launch.

This area was originally called (in Mi’Kmaq) Goolwagopskooch, which means “haunt of the hooded seal,” and seals still live in the area.

Port George Wharf

Speaking of seals, let’s look at the first point on our list of four things not to miss in Port Gorge.

1. Cottage Cove Provincial Park

Cottage Cove Provincial Park is a picnic park with a fabulous view of the Bay of Fundy. There is a seal colony in the area, and seals can often be seen from the park.

Sometimes the seals can come close to the shoreline, they look really cute but can be dangerous, so make sure your kids don’t get too close.

If you plan your visit at low tide, you can explore the rocks and tidal pools on the beach in front of the park. Check tide times in the area before heading out.

Cottage Cove Provincal Park Nova Scotia

The picnic tables are situated in a small wooded area that provides shade on a sunny day.

Port George Picnic Park Nova Scotia

This park is wheelchair accessible and has toilet facilities.

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2. Port George Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Port George is owned by the community. It was built in 1888 and is still an important navigational aid used by sailors in the area. It has a cute pepper-shaker shape and uses a fixed red light.

This lighthouse was renovated in 2016 which helps make it a perfect photo op for visitors.

exploring Port Gorge lighthouse

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3. Beach-combing Near the Wharf

Beachcombing is a popular pastime in Nova Scotia. It’s very relaxing to listen to the surf as you walk along and see what treasures you can find.

exploring at Cottage Cove and Port George Nova Scotia

The beach at Port George wharf is a great spot for beach-combing. Visit when the tide is out so you have lots of beach to explore.

Port George and Cottage Cove Nova Scotia

We usually come home with what we call “keepers,” rocks in interesting shapes and colors. Beach glass is another treasure collected on Nova Scotia beaches.

It’s also a nice spot for a beach bonfire. A lot of Bluenosers enjoy sitting near a cozy fire on the beach and watching the sunset. Some bring their own chairs and firewood, others gather up driftwood or sit on the rocks.

Either way, sitting around the fire, sharing snacks and stories makes for a great summer evening.

Cottage Cove Wharf Nova Scotia

4. Port George Country Jamboree

The Port George Country Jamboree is a very popular summer concert that draws around 4000 visitors. This is a family event that’s held (rain or shine) annually on the last Saturday in July.

At this outdoor concert, you can enjoy 11 hours of country music along with a flea market which boasts 200 tables. Camping and great food (fish and chips, lobster rolls, strawberry shortcake…) are also part of the event. See their website for more details.

Getting to Port George Lighthouse Nova Scotia

Getting to Port George Lighthouse

Port George Lighthouse was built in 1888. It is a square wooden tower. It was originally built at the end of a wharf.

  • Body of water: Bay of Fundy
  • Scenic Route: Evangeline Trail
  • Address: Shore Road E, Middleton,  Nova Scotia

Getting to Port George Lighthouse: To get to the Port George Lighthouse click the Directions link on the following map. Click on your current location and the quickest route will be mapped out for you.

See all the lighthouses in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. 

Will You Visit Port George?

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For directions to Port George please see the map.

Lighthouse Port George Nova Scotia

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  1. Thanks for the unformation – We enjoy exploring lighthouses, parks and plan to visit Port George this summer!

  2. If you want to add some scenery to your trip to port george..to the west is little Keating sand beach with a waterfall on Sheepherders Brook and sea cave right beside it (I forgot to add the Little in the title of this trip);

    For the more adventurous and for people who know how to read tide tables, the trip to the main Keating sand beach with huge sea caves is a bit farther west.

  3. Went to Port George a couple of years ago and loved it. They had the Port George Country Jambore on and the giant flea market. The music was excellent. Will have to check the newspapers to see when it is on this summer. I would love to go back.

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