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etruscan shrew

14 Etruscan Shrew Facts: World’s Smallest Mammal (Non-Flying)

The Etruscan shrew is an incredible little mammal. It is the smallest mammal in the world, aside from a tiny bat. What do we know about this jittery creature? How small are Etruscan shrews? Are they venomous? If ...
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largest eagle in the world

9 Largest Eagles in the World: Biggest by Weight, Length, Wingspan

Eagles are large, powerful birds of prey. There are 68 species of eagles. In this post, you'll learn about the largest eagles in the world. The biggest eagles are sorted by weight, length, and wingspan. The largest eagle ...
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types of eagles

68 Types of Eagles (4 Groups) Complete Guide to All Species

How many eagle species can you name? If you have lived in North America (like myself), perhaps the bald eagle comes to mind. In this post, you'll learn about all 68 species of eagles found around the world ...
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rhinoceros beetle

22 Rhinoceros Beetle Facts: 1500 Species, Strength Rating

Rhinoceros beetles are certainly cool insects to look at. Both the longest and the heaviest beetles in the world are species of rhinoceros beetles. Where do rhino beetles live? Are they dangerous? How strong are rhino beetles? In ...
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fastest animals in africa

13 Fastest Animals in Africa: Speeds, Facts, Photos

What are the fastest animals in Africa? In post, you'll learn about the fastest predators and prey, land and flying animals. They include wildebeests, ostriches, lions, cheetahs, and two birds. You'll find top speeds (imperial and metric) plus ...
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what do rhinos eat

What Do Rhinos Eat? 5 Species Guide to Feeding Habits / Diets

What do rhinos eat? In this article, you'll learn about the eating habits of all 5 rhino species (white, black, Indian, Javan, and Sumatran). We'll also discuss additional questions about rhinoceros diets and eating habits. What do Rhinoceros ...
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cities in uganda

Guide to 18 Largest Cities in Uganda (Attractions, Population)

Planning a trip to the country of Uganda? In this post, you'll learn about 18 of the largest cities in Uganda. You'll learn information like their population, locations, attractions, and more. Armed with this information, you should be ...
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conservation vs preservation

Conservation vs Preservation: Meaning, Differences, Implications

Maybe you've heard the terms conservation and preservation. You may associate these terms with environmentalism or history. What do they mean? What's the difference between conservation and preservation? What exactly do conservationists and preservationists do? In this article, ...
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europes largest lakes

14 Largest Lakes in Europe: Listed by Size

Europe is filled with beautiful lakes and rivers. What is largest lake in Europe? And how does it compare to the other large lakes in this region? In this post, we'll compare Europe's largest lakes - by area, ...
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largest peninsula in the world

14 Largest Peninsulas in the World (By Area)

There are thousands of peninsulas out there. Have you ever wondered which ones are the largest? In this post, I'll cover the largest peninsulas in the world. They are listed by area - in square miles and kilometers ...
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largest deserts in the world

14 Largest Deserts in the World: Listed by Area

What is the largest desert in the world? Here are the largest major deserts of the world, sorted by size. They are from every continent, and both hot and cold deserts. The largest desert in the world is ...
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cheetah vs leopard feature

Cheetah vs Leopard: 14 Key Differences (Speed, Size, Spots)

African leopards and cheetahs are both found in the African wild. What's the difference between leopard and cheetah species? In this post, you'll learn 14 key differences between cheetah vs leopard. They include size, spot patterns, diet, speeds, ...
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mountain ranges in africa

12 Highest Mountains in Africa: Travelers Guide

Here's your full guide to the tallest mountains in Africa. This ordered list includes tons of detail, including wildlife, climate, and climbing difficulty of each mountain. Though there are many mountains in Africa, like Mt. Kenya and Mt ...
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what sound does a giraffe make

What Sound Does a Giraffe Make? Guide: 6 Giraffe Noises

Giraffes are notoriously quiet. What sound does a giraffe make? In this post, you'll learn what sounds they make and what they mean. (Spoiler- giraffes make snorts, grunts, hisses, bellows, coughs, moos, and more). You'll also learn about ...
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Guide to Local Favorite Foods

Learn about some of the best foods on the planet. From amazing South American fruit and deep fried sweets in Uganda, to roasted rodent and saliva fermented yuca drink (yes, really!).

Are you ready to do this? Let’s go!

Uganda food

Where Should I Travel? 12 Best Destination Guides (Americas, Africa, Europe) 

It can be hard to sort out the best places to travel. In this guide, you’ll find detailed guides to help you determine where you should travel next.

Where should you travel? Here are some amazing options.

Things to do in Uganda