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The Butterfly Farm in Aruba is a great place to spend a couple of hours! Mom and Dad liked it too, but not as much as me. I felt like I could spend all day there! The place was absolutely covered in butterflies.

Butterfly Farm Sign in Aruba
Butterfly Farm Sign in Aruba

Pictures can’t describe what it was actually like! But they can give you a pretty good idea. There were butterflies of all kinds.

But before we get into that, there are a few things you should know.


Butterfly Facts

  • Butterflies were originally called Flutterbys? After the Italians (if I remember correctly) saw that almost all the Flutterbys there were a buttery color they changed their name to Butterfly.
  • If you rub the dust off a butterflies wings that after they can’t fly? Don’t ask me how I know… 🙂
  • When a butterfly comes out of the cocoon its wings are virtually half the size (or less) then when it’s been out for roughly 10 minutes?
  • Or that the Blue Morpho Butterflies wings are actually reflective? In the 2 pictures above, one of when its wings are closed, and one when they are open. Note: It is not the same butterfly. But it is the same coloring.

Okay, I’m not a butterfly expert. I got all that from the talk they had there. But anyway, I loved it there.

They had a hatchery!! It was so neat to watch the butterflies emerge from their cocoon!

I didn’t really get a good video of it; I didn’t have the patience, I just wanted to watch. But I did get him falling out of the cocoon.

They have to sit upside-down for a good little while after they come out of their cocoon. That is because, as I said above, their wings are almost half their normal size or less when they first pop out.

As shown in the picture below.


Once, I had to save one :). It was on the mesh drying its wings, and it fell. I picked it up off the ground and put it back on the mesh.

I’m a hero!!! Okay, well not really, anyone could have done that.

Before we went to Aruba, I didn’t know that butterflies eat fruit. But as you can see, they do! Here’s a photo of some butterflies eating fruit.

Butterfly on fresh fruit

At the Butterfly Farm in Aruba, a lot of the butterflies were eating fruit. It was really neat to see them sitting on banana, orange, and other fruit.

One time, I picked up a piece of banana with a butterfly on it and he just stayed there! It was really cool.

Of course, I put it down. And washed my hands. The banana was really slimy.

I love how you can see the vibrant blue on the wings. And the fact that the fruit was on a piece of wood really makes it cool. The bright green grass gives the photo a nice touch. I also like that the wood was on the bench.

Something key to getting good photos is including some background. Happy travels!

They have to keep dishes of water at the feet of the hatchery. Why? Ants. Ants will come up the legs and eat the newly hatched and the ones that are waiting to hatch.

The man said that even when the water is there, the ants still come up. How? Just like we get across streams, they build a boat. They cut off pieces of leaves and put them in the water!


They also have a gift shop at the Butterfly Farm. It is full of trinkets and shirts and jewelry and more.

I bought a shirt when I was there and I love it. Well okay, my parents bought it for me, but I guess it’s all the same!

Aruba Butterfly Farm Map

I hope you liked the post! Thanks for reading and happy travels!

A short drive from the Butterfly Farm is the California Lighthouse.

Beautiful Beach View in Aruba (California Lighthouse)

I think this is a really cool picture. I took it of the reflection in my mom’s sunglasses. I will be doing more like this!

I love this picture for two main reasons:

  1. It is a reflection of something beautiful. 
  2. Because seeing that water makes me want to get in. The photo really captures you!

You can see my breakfast, mom’s coffee, a palm tree, the beautiful water, and even me taking the picture! 😀

A special thanks to my Mom for posing :)
A special thanks to my Mom for posing 🙂

I took this at the California Lighthouse in Aruba.

Here is the picture of the view:

I wish I could jump in that water!
I wish I could jump in that water!

So, as you can see, trying new things is fun, and sometimes it works!

What do you think? Do you like my sunglasses picture? I will be doing more, but with mirrored sunglasses… EVEN BETTER!!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

In Aruba, they speak Dutch. Here’s how to say hello in Dutch.

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  1. They really ase beutiful Drew,I remember when I went to the first one the had in Britishcolumbia years agoand it was so neat when they would fly around you and some would even land on your head or arm
    Keep up the good work and interestingpictures Drew
    Love BJ

  2. EXCELLENT! What a great blog. Your photos are beautiful. Ecuador has many beautiful butterflies as well. When we were in Vilcabamba and area, we saw amazing butterflies, so colourful. Keep up the good blogging. 🙂

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