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Corviche is definitely one of my favorite traditional foods here in Ecuador. It’s right up there with encebollado. Corviche is made with mashed-up green plantain and fish. That combination may not sound all that appetizing but when it’s made right, it’s amazazing! 😉

Corviche traditional food in Ecuador

Corviche: Deep Fried Fish and Green Plantain

I’ve eaten corviche at a few different restaurants but the best I’ve had is made by a good friend of ours. He makes it with fresh tuna but it can also be made with corvina – a white fleshed fish.

It’s served with a homemade onion salad and mayonnaise.

The Closest Thing to Battered Fish in Ecuador

I love fish and chips. It is one of the foods I miss the most. And while I haven’t seen Nova Scotia style fish and chips in Ecuador, corviche comes pretty close.

Corviche deep fried
The green plantain is grated and then mashed up. Once mashed it’s formed into balls and the fish is put inside.

Once the fish is enclosed in the mashed plantain it’s all deep-fried and comes out crunchy on the outside. On the inside, it’s soft like mashed potatoes.

Add the texture of the crunchy onion salad and smooth homemade mayo and it’s hard to resist.

Corviche soft on the inside
Corviche with onion and mayo
Corviche has a unique flavor that may come from the peanut butter used in the recipe. It’s very rich and I can only eat 2 medium-sized corviche.

Learn more about the differences: Plantain vs Banana (9 Differences)

Corviche traditional food in Ecuador
Hungry for more? Here are more ways to prepare plantains – both sweet and savory.

Have you tried corviche? What did you think of it? Please let us know by commenting on this post.

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