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Have You Tried Dragon Fruit? Pitahaya: Bat Pollinated Cactus Fruit shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

This is a delicious, sweet and refreshing fruit. I’m a fan of fruit that’s easy and doesn’t need juicing or sweetening, like apples, mangoes and bananas.

The Pitahaya fruit is new to me, and my list of “easy fruit.”  It’s a little funny looking, the skin is yellow (or red, depending on variety) and bumpy.  I expected to find a big pit in the middle, but was pleasantly surprised to find no pit, just little soft crunchy seeds, kind of like the seeds in a kiwi, but a little bigger.  The flavor is very pleasant, sweet like a really good Honeydew Mellon, but better. 

It also has a very high water content making it really refreshing.  The skin is not eaten, and don’t eat too many at once because they have mild laxative properties. . .

Pitahaya Dragon Fruit

I did a little research and found out that the fruit comes from the 

Dragon-fruit cactus blooms at night and is pollinated by bats and other nocturnal critters.  It’s high in vitamin C, aids in weight loss, and is good for diabetics.

We just cut it in half and scoop out the fruit.  Yum!

Pitahaya Dragon Fruit
(Who knew Dragons grew fruit? Or maybe these are their eggs, whatever the case there must be Dragons somewhere here in Ecuador.  I’ll keep my eyes open.)

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