Living in Ecuador

Living in Ecuador: All About Life in Ecuador (Cuenca, Salinas, Quito, Loja, etc)

Are you thinking about living in Ecuador? Does it have what you need? And what part of Ecuador will you live in? In this huge guide to our very best Ecuador expat content, you’ll learn what it’s like to live in Ecuador, the best areas to live in, and how to get settled into your new life abroad.

Living in Ecuador
We moved to Ecuador as a family in July 2009. There is no question – a number of things were challenging when we first arrived. But in spite of that, we all loved it.

To help you make sense of the hundreds of posts on our site, we’ve built this page to get you started as you plan your new life in Ecuador.

On this page, we cover:

  1. Ecuador Expats
  2. Getting started: Is living in Ecuador right for me?
  3. Where to live in Ecuador
  4. Daily life in Ecuador
  5. Living in Ecuador as a family
  6. Getting settled in your new life

Here’s more about Ecuador travel

Guide to Living in Ecuador

Okay, ready to learn about living in Ecuador? Lets get started!

Ecuador expats

Curious about where to move? Here are 7 reasons that Ecuador is the best country for expats.

1. Ecuador Expats

In this huge article, we share the stories of 32 different families (some large, with children – others are single) who have moved to Ecuador and are living in the Andes or on the coast.

They talk about everything from why they moved, what they love about it and the cost of living in Ecuador.

Check it out: 32 Expats Talk About Living in Ecuador

View of the Yunguilla Valley.

2. Getting Started: Is Ecuador Right for Me?

If you are thinking about a move to Ecuador, there are lots of factors to consider. For every expat that chooses Ecuador as their new home – there are more who decide against it. What factors do you need to consider?

Here are some posts about living in Ecuador:


3. Where to Live in Ecuador

Choosing the area you’ll live in is just as big of a decision as the country itself. Cuenca gets lots of press as an ideal retirement city but there are lots of other options. Small town Ecuador has a strong draw for many expats.

Here are some posts to help you decide on where to live in Ecuador:

The park in the center of Santa Isabel.

4. Daily Life in Ecuador

Choosing an ideal country is one thing – settling into daily life and being happy there is something else.

We’ve been covering great things to do in Ecuador over the past few years. Everything from the Galapagos Islands to great Ecuador beaches.

Here are some posts to get you started in your planning:

5. Living in Ecuador as a Family

Family life in Ecuador is amazing. We have been here for years and love it. There is so much to enjoy – but there is also lots that we still miss from Canada.

Moving abroad presented some unique challenges, which ultimately helped us be much closer as a family.


6. Getting Settled in Your New Life

Setting up your new life in Ecuador means learning a whole new set of customs – not to mention a new language.
Although Ecuador is a relatively safe country, there are a number of different precautions that you should take – to avoid being a victim of crime. There are also concerns about water and food.

Ecuador is home to many craft towns. Here are some of the best items produced in Ecuador.

Ready to plan your relocation? You might want to check this post: 17 Best Expat Books to Plan a Successful Relocation 


  1. Greetings
    I’m a filmmaker
    I’m planning to locate to Ecuador soon,
    How did they treat foreigners
    Is a place I can achieve my dreams of becoming international filmmaker

  2. I am Noel, From Philippines I would like to move and work in Ecuador, I need help or employment agency….

  3. Greetings, Earthlings!
    I will be retiring in Ecuador within the next year. Currently, the place will be Loja. My brain is numb from collecting vital info from websites. There’s a piece here and a clue there – no one-stop-shopping. Obviously, I want to meet all the visa requirements without any “Ooops! Oh darn.” I’m planning on going for a week with just my passport.
    Can I wait until I arrive there the second time to apply for a pensioners visa? Is there any other validation or documentation I need to get in the states? I’m aware of shots and a background check.
    Let’s say I’ll have all my belongings in a steamer trunk. Best way to transport it? As for money, I see no reason not to leave it in a bank account and access it locally using a debit card. Then transfer to a local bank if necessary.
    So looking forward to slowing down and living off the beauty of this amazing place. I will definitely be marketing nature photography and doing lots of writing while absorbed in ‘being where I am’. Our American brains are like a radio with no off switch. A few months in the mountains and it will unplug itself.
    Please, share any personal experiences… and happy trails.

    1. Your plan resembles mine. I am retired and only have some savings and my monthly social security check. $1520. Looking to rent. Looking at Cuenca, Loya, and small town about an hour away from Cuenca. Wishing you well journey.

  4. Need some local advice please. I am looking to move out of states as soon as house sells. Couple years ago I dud quit a bit of reading on different areas to live. If i sell it all car etc. is Quenca or Quito my best option for myself? Dont need to worry about employment, just quality of life.
    Thanks Cherie

  5. Greetings, I am an American expat (retired anthropology professor) living in Brasil for ten years. I will be moving to Salinas, Ecuador on/about 10 January 2018. I am looking for a one-bedroom apartment in a safe condominium or safe neighborhood – price range U$400-600 per month. Can anyone help me?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Neil,
      I was looking at different posts & noticed you were looking to move to Ecuador in Jan.
      I was curious if that happened for you? I live currently in states but lived abroad in Mexico for many years. I lived there first to adjust to 3rd world living. If you are there now would love to hear your opinion. Hope you found your way there & hope to hear from you.
      Thanks Cherie

  6. What areas would you recommend for a man and his dog, on a shoe string budget?
    Looking for safe towns where we can go for walks. My dog likes bathing, and cooler temps. Thank you.

    1. For reasons of security, I would like to visit with a backup of some cash in Cuenca. I read warnings of the uselessness of hundred dollar bills. My hope is to rush to a bank to exchange for smaller denominations. What advice would be best? What bank? How often, and how much? Is creating an account better?

  7. Interested in checking out Cuenca and other possible cities in which to retire.
    However I am having difficulty finding a good flight deal from the US (Sacramento, CA). When is the best time to go and what airlines? All I am finding at this time for flights from April – Oct are round trips for OVER $1000 and worse, most flights take 20 hours or more. This doesn’t make sense since California is not all that far from Ecuador. Why does it take 20 hours and the cost seems a bit high too. Not worth retiring in Ecuador if every time I want to visit family/friends in the US I have to take a 20 hour flight costing over $1000 🙁 Any suggestions on how to get more reasonable flight times and cost would be greatly appreciated…)
    Thank you for any flying tips to Ecuador…

  8. Looking for a good blog on Quito. I like this one have been researching Cuenca for awhile and would also like to get some research on Quito.
    Thank you!

  9. Hi,what are the safe and the same time affordable cities in Ecuador to live?Also I would like to know what is the possibility to job apart from any special professions.
    Thank you if you you can give me some information .

  10. Hello everyone.
    I am iranian man, and have 42 years old. I am single, my job is electrician. I love to move to Ecuador, but I afraid I couldn’t find a good job.
    Who can help me, and tell me about job opportunities in Ecuador.
    my email address is

  11. Hi guys,
    Thank you for sharing you experience with us. I am from Canada and considering moving to Ecuador with my family. We are very concerned about employment while we don’t speak Spanish. Is finding job there going to be big challenge for us?
    I appreciate if you can give us your feedback 🙂

    1. Hey!
      I’ve lived for a while here, let me tell you, I love it!
      But what I wouldn’t recommend is coming at this time of the year, as the situation (economically) is getting worse. Don’t worry, not being rude, but it is not like they are ending up like Venezuela or something.
      I suggest living on Samborondon, where you can easily find a job, as this is a wealthy area, and people tend to talk fluent english and schools are WAY better (In the case you have or will have kids) . Still, finding a job where you can only speak english may be a little harsh, there’s many options at Downtown Guayaquil or Quito, which is also a metropolis.
      In my opinion, as an American, wealthy/economically balanced cities have a better lifestyle on all aspects, just make sure you choose the right area. Again, I definetely recommend Samborondon, as shopping centres appear to be as big and advanced, education, buildings and houses, as developed in America. Samborondon people even have a little rural/countryside town near, if you want something typical and different.
      Best wishes,

  12. Hello, im from Iran, me and my husband with my little girl who is 6 years old ,have decided to move to ecuador as soon as possible , we are worried about finding jobs in quito, im a graphic designer and my husband is civil engineer. Any body gots good information and help us. We would be very thankfull. Thanks

    1. I am Ericka, Ecuadorian woman and with my mom we are a Msc in holistic healing, so we need people for help us with tourism, and also promote our franquise with a modern and great curtains.
      If you need help in Quito just email us at anytime. Would be a pleasure to help you.
      I have some friends who they moved from the States and now they live in Quito.
      Hopefully you get a safe travel.

      1. Hi Erica
        I’m so glad for your respond. It would be very nice meet you as soon as possible in Quito.
        We are coming there for the next 3 months . I can talk French too and it would be a great pleasure working with your team .
        This is my email:

        1. Hi Zahra,I hope everything goes well with you. This is Nilufar. I found your email address when I was looking for getting some information about Ecuador; I am researching for one of my friends who has decided to immigrate and needs to get some information about the job, education, and society in there. Please if it is possible to you advice us.
          Thanks in advance

  13. Dear Bryan Haines
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful guide. I had been so anxious ever since my brother advised me to move to Ecuador. He is settled in London by the way.
    I’d be starting my CELTA certification shortly. I have been told that CELTA certified English Language teachers have a good chance of securing a job in Ecuador.
    Do you believe it to be true? And if yes, may you share certain resources that will help with the job hunt.
    Hey, I know am asking for copious information, but you’d be helping a 26 year old boy from India realize and achieve his dreams.
    Please do reply. Will be waiting for a response.
    Thank you!

  14. hi everyone
    iam a resident doctorand have a nice family and “vegot an offer from a person to move to ecuador and iam confused
    he made too easy >>>>and told me that i would be employee there with a monthly salary payment of 3000 dollar in govermental hospitals as a starting …{iam still a resident doctor not aspecialist} is too much as salary in ecuador. i had searched in google and couldnot find more than 800 d monthly{difficult to live }
    really really need help and advice

  15. Hello my name is Bruna please let me know if you need any help with renting or buying any kind of real state in Ecuador, mainly in Quito. I will be glad to help and give advise regarding the best areas and budget according to your needs. 🙂 My email is

  16. I am currently a licensed cosmetologist here in the states. I quit my job after having my son but would like to possibly work again cutting hair once me move. Has anyone transferred their license to Ecuador? Would I even need to? Or are there any working in Ecuador forums I could be directed to that might answer my question? Thank you in advance

    1. I am currently a certified CNA in the states, is it possible to transfer my certification to be able to work in Ecuador?

      1. I have lived in Ecuador since 1988, first in Quito for 1 year and Guayaquil since then. I would strongly recommend that you do not buy a house or make any substantial investment in Ecuador until you have lived here for a few years. Living in Ecuador is not as easy as many expats and marketing ‘promises’ would have you believe, and this includes buying anything more substantial than a used car (and that’s not easy) and a refrigerator. There are scams in almost everything you could ever imagine, and new scams popping up every day. I didn’t buy an apartment until I had lived here for about 6 years. My best advice is that Ecuador is not what it’s promoted to be for foreigners. Beware!

  17. I hear a lot about the healthy, fresh food in Ecuador, but I rarely hear about organic food–not necessarily certified, but local and without gmos, pesticides and chemical fertilizers or herbicides. My son has chemical allergies, and here in the U.S., I get all of my meats, dairy, and eggs from local organic farms. I read about an organic nursery near cotacachi, but. The owner, on the website, said he has to really educate the locals who buys plants because they tend to do use them with chemical fertilizers etc. Do they organic farms there GMO feeds for the animals, and do the large grocery stores have organic bread, and other stuff?

  18. Hi, we are from South Africa and have plans to retire in Ecuador in a few years. We would like to purchase a one bedroom house/apartment as an investment (spanish style) in the meantime. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.( 2 adults, no kids)

    1. Hi Susan…My spouse and I have travelled extensively (including Ecuador) and recommend holding off purchasing a property until you’ve lived in the area for awhile. Renting first allows you time to explore the area, see what the locals see, and ensure you’re not being gouged just because you don’t know the rules. Most of all it allows you the freedom of changing your mind without a huge financial commitment. We retire in three years and have come to the conclusion we’ll keep our house on the beach in Canada (about 100kms from where Bryan and Dena used to live) and simply rent a house or apartment for a few months in the places we decide to travel too each year. Perhaps one day we’ll find exactly the right country to settle down and buy in….Good luck, Grant

  19. Hello, am from Africa ,Nigeria, 28 years of age
    and also a graduate here in Nigeria, my major is Philosophy, I had a challenging life,
    and I will love to explore more and get meet new people. I will like to move to
    Ecuador in few weeks to start a new life but i
    don’t have anyone over there. i need someone
    to help me in putting me through to get
    started. My email address is Thanks so

  20. My husband and I are seriously considering taking a TESOL certification class in Quito in the spring. We are retirees with lots of energy and professional backgrounds. After the course we want to pursue short term (3-4 months) english language teaching positions. The course provider indicates there are positions available. However, we want input from someone other than the provider on the availability of positions and where they may be available. We know that Cuenca is probably saturated due to the large expat community. Any information anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    1. How did your pursuit of teaching English go? I am also considering doing the same thing. I’m 31, retired from the US Army, a family of 6 and we’re wanting to get away from the plastic life of America.

      1. sadulos desde Eduador.
        Lei tu anuncio y actualmente vivo ceca de Quito en una casa de campo muy linda , tiene todos lo servicios, por situaciones de trabajo la tengo que vender, mi profesión es militar y por tal razón me a tocado irme a otra cuidad.
        mi meil si requiere mas información es :

  21. Hello My husband and I will be needing a furnished apt in Salinas Jan-end of March for work. If anyone knows of someone needing to rent their place I would welcome to opportunity to discuss. We are from Chicago IL in are mid 30’s and professionals. Thanks

  22. Hello, am from South Africa, 29 years of age and also a graduate here in South Africa, I lost my parent few years ago. I will like to move to Ecuador in few weeks to start a new life but i don’t have anyone over there. i need someone to help me in putting me through to get started. My email address is . Thanks so much..

  23. we will move from San Francisco to Cuenca Ecuador and want to have our mail redirected from our san francisco address to our new address in Cuenca. Do you have any experience or knowledge of how to make this happen. Secondly what resources would you recommend to find out the customs laws for shipping from San Francisco to Cuenca some of our personal items. thank you so very much sincerely Norma Garcia

  24. Our family is considering a move to Ecuador. I have not been able to find much information on upload/download speeds of internet services in the country. I know Ecuador is known for having some of the highest speeds in all of Latin America, but I’m sure some areas within the country are faster than others. This could be a deciding factor for us based on our work. Thanks.

    1. i just spent 1.5 weeks at 10,000 ft in Tambo (about 1 hr north of cuenca and 3 hrs east of guayaquil). we were in town of about 2000 people in the andes and had good internet at the hostel. i was able to Skype with my family back in america every night with no problems…

  25. I didn”t want to give you the impression I’m elderly or sickly because I’m not. I’m 55 yrs. old and other than the heart condition (which is hereditary), I’m in good shape. I do, however, get out of breath easy and tire faster than others, but I feel good and ready to experience new things and expect that the doctors and/or hospitals in ecuador are able to treat me and refill my medications.

  26. WOW so much info. Thanks. At this point just a couple questions. Do you have to have a visitors visa just to visit or is that when a person moves there? Also found out that a person can get sick flying into the altitude of Cuenca. Have you or anyone you know had that experience? The reason I ask is that I have a heart condition and have a pacemaker (one of the few spanish sentences I know!) and I live at sea level now – half hour from atlantic ocean.
    Penny H.

    1. I’ve heard of some new visitors being tired for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Cuenca isn’t really high enough to get altitude sickness (as I understand it). Most people just take it easy for a few days as they get acclimatized. Higher elevations are more of a concern.

        1. Penny,
          You didn’t describe your heart condition, but maybe I can help. I too have a heart condition (heart valve), and live at 6500′ elevation in Colorado. I’d recommend you concentrate on lower altitudes than Cuenca, but only your doctor can give you that advice. There are several cities at lower altitudes, including Guayaquil, that have excellent health care. Good luck.

  27. Hello Bryan,
    Have you heard of where “Blake Sawyer” has been living during the past 15 years in Ecuador?
    Is there an English blog that discusses employment opportunities for licensed skilled trades people in Cuenca?
    Do you know of anyone in the Cuenca area that would swap the use of their furnished condo/home, in exchange for the use of our fully furnished 2 bedroom/2.5 bathroom beachfront condo on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands for 14 days?
    Ken & Gail (Canadian Nationals)


  29. I noticed Maria was asking about Malacatos. I moved there recently and am impressed by this pleasant and friendly town. I lived in Cuenca for 5 months and enjoy my time there. But, I the big city is not where I want to stay. So here I am and loving it. Malacatos is an 20 to 30 minutes from Loja and the taxi drivers are very careful driving for the most part. And, if you are willing to share a cab you only pay $1.50 for the drive. Feel free to e-mail me, Maria, if you want more info. I will be in the US from 12/7 to 12/17/2013, then returning to Malacatos.

    1. Hi,
      I’m really interested in the area near where you live. Can you tell me some more about your experiences, good and bad?

  30. Great info! Perfect actually.
    We live close to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and are seriously considering moving somewhere WARM! (time to put another piece of wood in the stove).
    I see you are from Greenwood, so you know what I’m sayin’.
    We’ve learned so much since discovering your site – muchas gracias!! We’re coming down for a visit next January for a few weeks – Quito to Guayaquil by train, on to Salinas, Cuenca.
    Maybe we’ll see you there……

  31. How is the crime rate in Cuenca?
    We are looking for year round warm temperature like mid 70s but not hot.
    We also look for another city like Loja and Santo domingos. Do you have any information about those places?
    Thanks for your kind answer. I really enjoy your website. Thanks.

    1. Hi Hanna, here’s a post about crime in Cuenca: Is Cuenca Safe for Expats?.
      There is crime in Cuenca, but from the papers it appears that most of the violent crime is related to illegal activity. It most frequently occurs at night and at places known for drugs and/or prostitutes. Petty theft is a problem during the day. I understand that Loja is quite safe. We have friends who grew up in Santo Domingo and it has considerably more crime.

  32. Just wanted everyone to know we have opened a new GYM in Quito at Reina Victoria & La Pinta esquina. Two blocks south of Burger King / Holiday Inn on Orellana. It’s got a fantastic atmosphere and great Cybex machines. We offer: Yoga, Pilates, Cross-fit, Dance, Jiu-jitsu & Capoeira. Look forward to meeting you all.

  33. Hi, I don’t know if anyone might be interested but I’m looking at renting out our lovely house , fully furnished. If anybody has a friend or thinks they may be interested please let us know.

    1. Have you rented it yet? If not, do you have a specific timeline in mind for when you want to rent it? – Jeff S

  34. Greetings,
    Great blog Bryan & Dena!
    If I may, I’d like to share word of my home for sale. If you’re a family or business looking for a nice split level home in Tena, capital of Ecuador’s Napo province and gateway to the Amazon basin, please visit the link below. We came back to the states and now I’m getting my PhD. We just won’t be visiting Ecuador (my “second home”) enough to justify having the home.
    I will be getting interior photos soon.

  35. Do you know or have you heard, I just read something about the Ecuadorian government cutting down half of the trees there in order to grow palms for palm oil production? That would be a very sad thing for them to do and I hope that’s not true at all. Supposedly palm oil is not even healthy for people.

  36. regarding mail , can I set up a in Cuenca how do I go about my mail? Here in the states the post office does not hold mail for a prolonged time so I do not know what to do. Also do you know if I can buy money orders through the bank to send money back to the states thank you

    1. We just opened a box at the post office in Cuenca. This was years ago – so I’m not sure how it works now.
      I know that you can wire money out of the country, but I’m not sure about money orders. They control the flow of currency out of the country.

  37. Hi Bryan regarding coffee is it expensive there or should I haul our a case of Folgers coffee? My husband has to drink de-caf. The reason why I ask is just today I got a short message from an expat that I should bring spices,all electronics, sheets, blender,toaster, shower head, this is very EXPENSIVE in Cuenca so I was told????

    1. Coffee isn’t expensive. We like Cubanito (it’s from Ecuador) and it costs $4.50/lb. We don’t drink decaf but I’m sure it’s available. It is true that blenders cost more here – ours was around $50 for a basic one – but I don’t think it is worth hauling one from home. Why not buy a brand new one and save the hassle? Spices, at least the ones we use, are all available here and not expensive. We haven’t bought a shower head so I’m not sure.

      1. lol thank you Bryan…We are excited about out trip and I want to take the time to THANK YOU FOR THE TIME YOU HAVE TAKEN to answer my questions BECAUSE OF YOUR BLOG AND EXPERIENCE IS THE REASON WHY WE ARE MOVING I DISCOVERED A FEW YEARS BACK and our planning has been “in the works” to move to CUENCA..and FINALLY the time is nearing..THANK YOU AGAIN BRYAN maybe we will see walking about Calle Larga with your family .

  38. Ah, so sorry Bryan. I wanted to follow up to an initial posting you had kindly responded to and now I can’t find it. Forgive me!
    My initial question was whether expat musicians can work in Ecuador. My follow up question was to ask if you knew whether there are gigs available? How hard is it to find music gigs as an expat DJ or live performer?
    Thanks for any feedback!

  39. Hi Brian
    We (a couple) are currently in Cuenca and have decided to apply for residency. How can we find all the info on what exactly is needed to start this process? Are there different requirements for different nationalities? We have double citizenship and have the choice to apply under either one.

    1. That’s a good question. We used an immigration lawyer here in Cuenca – they are up to date with all the current requirements. I understand that there is a site for the immigration department but I don’t know what it is. There are some different requirements between Canadians and Americans – primarily with apostilled or legalized documents. Also, some birth certificates have different requirements.

        1. If I’m in southern Ecuador, can everything be done by phone and email with them?
          Thank you, btw. Your blog is a treasure.

          1. For most things, I think so. But you will need to sign and be present for parts of the process. You can check with the directly and they can let you know for sure.

        2. Hello Brian, I am a cameroonian and i am really interested in travelling to Ecuador, i do not know how you can help me to secure an invitation letter my country is visa free to equador.

      1. Daniel, I spoke with a number of expats while I was there, and based on what I’ve heard, I want to second Bryan’s recommendation. There are slightly less-expensive attorneys, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about Grace and Nelson. To be more specific (and to use Grace’s own words), they do quite a bit of “hand holding” and deal with many things themselves that other attorneys foist off on their clients. Grace and Nelson also work pretty much exclusively through Quito, making the net result a more smooth and worry-free transition for expats. Just last week I asked Grace if coming back (with everything complete) by March or April was feasible, and she assured me it was. Other Gringos I know who used other attorneys have been waiting closer to a year, and they’re still in a state of relative limbo. – Jeff S

  40. Hi Bryan I have my tourist visa cost 240.00 each for my husband and I we can stay 6 months and I also have a Proof of Income with an apostile …we will be looking for permanent residency how difficult is it to have the residency and what is the cost. Thank you. I plan to do everything myself I think I can do as I am fluent in Spanish and I might be able to save some money that way. thanks Maria

  41. Bryan at this we are offered a home in Malacatos. Do you know any expats that live there I can connect with? I am not sure if we are going to take it but my husband like the photos and where the house sits etc…he feels comfortable with the owner as he speaks Portuguese and so does my husband. Okay thank you again, Maria Aurelia

  42. I’m hoping someone here knows the answer…I saw on someone’s Ecuador blog how to disguise the local IP address to make it look like a U.S. IP. This would allow Netflix streaming video for instance. The posting had a link to a website that I failed to save!

    1. There are a number of ways. You can use a browser plugin called and it opens Netflix USA along with Hulu and other streaming sites. You don’t need a US IP address to get Netflix, we use it here and just get the Latin American version.

      1. Be sure to read the fine-print on some of these VPN providers. Also look for reviews from past and current users. Some VPN services will throttle your speed, depending on what you’re doing, and others have certain restrictions that I find: 1) None of their business, and, 2) None of their business. I haven’t been in touch with the individual who assists folks in setting up VPN service in Cuenca (see, but he may be a good resource.

  43. I AM SO SORRY FOR ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS….my husband does not want to wait so many hours from the time we get to Quito to the time the plane leaves to Cuenca the following day…do you wait that long when you come back from holiday from the states or do you go a different route once you fly into Quito. Have a great day….Maria Aurelia

      1. yup just confirmed that information with another expat thank you for all your help we have decided to fly into Guayaquil and take a van to Cuenca.

  44. Hello there we are so excited we are in the process of completing our visa 12-9 for the 6 months we were told since we are looking to live there they told us told to also apply for a “Pensioners Visa”.

  45. coming in a bit more than a month…for 3 months…..doing a tour, and then planning to go to Cuenca….need housing, etc….any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  46. Hi,
    Just a quick question about currency in Ecuador. I have heard that cash is the only way to go and also that only small bills (one’s and fives) are really accepted. How should I plan for that during my three month stay?

    1. Cash up to $20 bills are commonly accepted. But don’t try to pay for a $4 purchase with a $20. You should confirm with your bank that you can withdraw funds from your account at the atms here. Thats what most travelers/expats do. Travelers checks are not common.
      Once you withdraw from a bank machine, you can go into the bank and get some of the $20’s changed to $5’s and $10’s. It makes things much easier.

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