airport in cuenca, ecuador

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Yesterday we set out on a trip to Quito, so I thought I would tell everyone a bit about the airport in Cuenca.
The airport in Cuenca is bright, clean and modern.  You can find little bits of everything you might expect to find at an airport even though the airport itself isn’t that big.

The airport is called: Aeropuerto Mariscal La Mar and is run by La Corporación Aeroportuaria. Check out the Cuenca Airport Web site for arrival / departure information.

airport in cuenca, ecuador
airport in cuenca, ecuador
Almost immediately after entering an attendant approached us and spoke in very good English to ask if he could help us.  I don’t know if this is common, but if you ask, there is most likely someone on duty to help if you don’t speak Spanish.  Every time we’ve been at the airport we had the help of English-speaking staff.

airport in cuenca, ecuador

Downstairs you’ll find gift shops, a candy store and if you want one more taste of the wonderful bread and pastries you’ve enjoyed while exploring Cuenca you can grab some at the little bread shop.  Upstairs there is a food court with a nice variety of food to chose from, and the prices are reasonable.

After passing security you’ll find a cafe, more gift shops, and a liquor stock up point (in case you feel your friends just have to sip Zhumir for themselves because you can’t truly describe it to them.

I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not recommending it, but it seems pretty popular here.)  In this area of the airport the announcements are also in English, so don’t worry if your Spanish isn’t that polished.

airport in cuenca, ecuador
airport in cuenca, ecuador
airport in cuenca, ecuador
We flew with LAN, we are never disappointed with that airline, so unlike the Zhumir, I am recommending it 🙂  The attendants are very friendly and helpful, the plane itself is clean and in good shape, and the captain made his announcements in English as well.  We also noticed that the same English-speaking attendant that helped us when we arrived in the airport was on the flight.

Unfortunately, we flew at night, so I didn’t any good pictures of the scenery.  Our flight back is in daylight so hopefully it’ll be a clear day and I’ll have some good pics to share.

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  1. My wife and I are just starting to talk about retiring abroad. One of the spots that has come up is Cuenca, Ecuador. At some point in the future we will be visiting this city as well as other countries as well like Mexico and Panama also.
    Dena or Daniel, do you have any articles about any other abroad places to live? Where is the best location to stay in Cuenca to visit? How do we go about meeting and talking with ex-pats who currently call Cuenca home? Is it easy to become a resident there? If you need a car? Is there a reputable place to purchase one, new or used? Thanks for any answers you can give me.
    These will also help answer some questions for my friend George and his wife who also have read lots about Cuenca.

  2. Hello again,
    I feel so happy to find your messages in my email almost daily! I have a new question which sort of relates to your airport trip. I am all registered and rooms booked in Quito and Cuenca for the months of November and December. My question is do I have to purchase a round trip plane ticket to come to Ecuador? I am so undecided about my return? I am hoping to spend enough time there to make some life changing decisions and am undecided about my return flight dates, do they check our papers for return tickets or would I be able to buy my ticket to return to the US when I arrive. I am hoping to stay my full 90 days allowed, but wanted to have leave return dates open until I decide? Thanks for the help and advice and even more so thank you for being patient with the clueless people like me! Your answers to our questions are always so kind and easy for everyone regardless of age or experience to understand!

  3. Need to know if they have the Visa on Arrival facility at Cuenca airport, ready to book Bogota – Cuenca online but if they don’t issue visas….!

    1. Hi Daniel, I don’t think they have any immigration/visa offices there at all. I believe that it is a national airport only. I think you’ll have to fly through Quito/Guayaquil before landing in Cuenca.

  4. I really love how you two are writing about the day to day things that are important for us readers. keep up the good work and I can not wait until my wife and children can vist this wonderful part of the world.

  5. Dena, this is a wonderful article! I will be visiting in a couple of months and it is nice to know that Cuenca has a nice, warm and friendly airport. I assume you and the family are on your way to Quito. Have a good trip!

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