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What’s the Guayaquil Airport Like?

Last Saturday we took a flight back to Canada and came through the Guayaquil Airport on our way. I thought I would share a little bit about what it’s like.


What’s the Guayaquil Airport Like?

The Guayaquil Airport is modern and spacious. There are cafes, restaurants, and gift shops, both before and after security.

If there are souvenirs that you forgot to pick up for yourself or others, there are lots of shops to browse through while you wait for your flight. I even saw some English magazines and books in the book shop in the departure area; they can be hard to come by in Ecuador.

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There is also free WiFi throughout the airport. The WiFi is accessible by key code at cafes in the arrivals area. And there is open access everywhere in the departure area. So you can catch up on some work, or do some socializing with friends and family to make your waiting time fly even faster.

The grounds around the front of the building are really nice. There are tall palm trees, and a fish pond with some really big goldfish. 

What’s the weather like? Here’s the guide to Guayaquil weather.

The GYE taxi stand outside of the airport. 

The Guayaquil Airport is officially known as the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport. Their official site is found here


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

Going through Guayaquil airport. Lots of options for food on the public side of the airport. Once you are in the international departures area the choices are very limited for food, one restaurant one pizza/ sandwich cafe and a pizza/sandwich kiosk and a cinnabon kiosk. Wish I had known before I went through security as I had lots of time to spare.

Craig Follett

Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Hi there, arriving in Guayquil next week from the snowy north. First visit to Ecuador, and I was wondering about lead time prior to departures at Guayaquil Airport...


Wednesday 11th of February 2015

I am planning a trip to Ecuador and am writing to find out what the official policy is at the Guayaquil Airport and at Ecuadorian airports as a whole when it comes to the use of full body scanners. Can one, when traveling to the U.S., "opt out" of a full body scan and instead have a "pat down" or is one forced to enter a body scanner if one wants to board a return flight to the U.S. When traveling from the U.S. this is, by law, an option for the traveler. Also, what kind of body scanners are in use there, ones referred to as "backscatter," exposing the traveler to added radiation, or the "millimeter" scanners. Thank you!


Saturday 16th of May 2015

I was forced to go into the bodyscan. Absolutely no alternative ( I asked for one). 4th time in Ecuador and that's the only place where it happened. Never got one in Quito. Plus I had the full baggage check at boarding. Only strangers were checked, especially a French group in which some even got called once seated for a checked bag review. I strongly disrecommand this airport and will never fly again to Guayaquil.


Sunday 1st of December 2013

Hi, Do you know if SIM cards are available to buy at Guayaquil airport and if they are expensive? Also if i choose not to buy a SIM card, are there cheap pay phones there where I could make a call an Ecuadorian cell phone? thanks


Sunday 24th of June 2018

Don't buy the Movistar/Tuenti Sim-Card at the Guayaquil airport! It is a small shop with other internet and phone service at one corner. 1.) I bought the bigger package for some GB, however the speed is horrible (Edge) thus within a day I only could use 50mb. 2.) I was charged four times the price of the recharge value, which I only saw later. Unless the Sim-Card has a price of approx. USD 25-35, which I doubt.

Bryan Haines

Tuesday 10th of December 2013

I think so - both Claro and Movistar have stores there. They cost around $7.

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