safest asian countries

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What are the safest Asian countries to travel to? In this article, we’ll look at the 17 safest countries in the biggest continent in the world according to the 2022 Global Peace Index (GPI) Report.

The safest Asian countries are Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia. This is according to the Global Peace Index. It compares three factors, which are explained in this post. Other safe countries include Bhutan, Qatar, and Taiwan.

safest asian countries
Singapore is the safest Asian country

PLEASE NOTE: The following information on safety is not my personal opinion or from my personal experience. This comes from the 2022 Global Peace Index Report from Vision of Humanity (Download PDF report), which ranks 163 countries around the world. Any travel warnings listed below have been found on

You’ll see a little bit about how these Asian countries are ranked, where they rank in the world, some things to do in each country, and some precautions you may need to take while visiting.

This is just a quick guide, so be sure to do thorough research before traveling anywhere, that way you can enjoy your trip!

Safest Asian Countries: Ranking System

The Global Peace Index uses three main factors (which are divided into 23 indicators) that are assessed, then a score is given. The countries can then be compared based on this standardized set of criteria.

As a quick summary, here are the 3 main sections that determine each country’s score:

  1. Ongoing Domestic and Internation Conflict: Duration and intensity of conflicts, number of deaths, and relationship to neighboring countries are some of the factors looked at.
  2. Societal Safety and Security: Political instability, refugees, terrorism, violent crimes, murders, number of incarcerated, and police are some examples of this section.
  3. Militarisation: Military expenses, armed services personnel, how much contributed to UN peacekeeping missions, and nuclear and heavy weapons capabilities are some points that contribute here.

The lower the score, the safer the country is considered, and the higher it is on the list. Here’s a handy map to visualize the safety of all the countries listed in the GPI.

Learn more about the safest countries in AfricaCentral America, South America, Latin America, and Europe. These are all part of our series about the safest countries in the world.

17 Safest Countries in Asia: The List

Here is the list of the 23 safest countries in Asia. This will include Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

We’re using the term “Western Asia” for this list instead of “The Middle East” for clarity, and also because Egypt (part of Africa) is sometimes included in the latter term.

Population estimates were researched as of July 27, 2022; tourism estimates are pre-pandemic (2019) unless otherwise stated.

1. Singapore

singapore safest asian country
Tourists on Helix bridge, Marina Bay, Singapore
  • Safety Score: 1.326
  • Worldwide Rank: 9
  • Population: 5.94 million
  • Capital City: Singapore (City-State)
  • Tourists Per Year: 19.12 million
  • Region: Southeast Asia

The safest country in Asia is Singapore. Singapore is actually a city-state and calls itself the Garden City. This can be seen by such attractions as the Gardens by the Bay, and various parks and gardens.

There is still a plethora of other attractions to see, like Singapore Flyer and Universal Studios Singapore.

The country is currently at Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions, so there are no special warnings to travel there.

2. Japan

japan safe asian country
Cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Safety Score: 1.336
  • Worldwide Rank: 10
  • Population: 125.68 million
  • Capital City: Tokyo
  • Tourists Per Year: 31.88 million
  • Region: East Asia

From snowy Hokkaido to the subtropics of Okinawa, Japan has a variety of attractions to choose from, ranging from advanced technology to beautiful scenic nature sites. Most notable are places like the majestic Mount Fuji and the most populated city in the world, Tokyo.

While Japan may be safe overall, Japan is currently at a Level 3 advisory to reconsider travel there because of a high level of COVID-19, and restrictions in place which may affect entering the country.

3. Malaysia

malaysia safe country in asia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Safety Score: 1.471
  • Worldwide Rank: 18
  • Population: 33.94 million
  • Capital City: Kuala Lumpur
  • Tourists Per Year: 26.10 million
  • Region: Southeast Asia

If you’d like to visit Malaysia, you’ll be able to explore a variety of sights and sounds. From the city of Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Towers to some snorkeling at the Perhentian Islands, or climbing to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, there’s something for everyone in this Southeast Asian country.

Malaysia is at Level 1, with some extra caution when traveling to the eastern part of Sabah State, due to kidnappings.

4. Bhutan

  • Safety Score: 1.481
  • Worldwide Rank: 19
  • Population: 789,079
  • Capital City: Thimphu
  • Tourists Per Year: 316,000
  • Region: South Asia

Bhutan is located in the Eastern Himalayas, and may not be a country people first think of visiting. But with its mountainous terrain, Bhutan has wonderful nature tourism, like rafting on rivers fed by the famous mountain range, or hiking its many scenic treks.

Bhutan is so far at a level one to travel, with no special warnings, though there is an unknown level of COVID in the country.

5. Qatar

doha qatar market
Market in Doha, Qatar
  • Safety Score: 1.533
  • Worldwide Rank: 23
  • Population: 2.98 million
  • Capital City: Doha
  • Tourists Per Year: 2.14 million
  • Region: Western Asia

The first Western Asian country on our list, Qatar is the host of the 2022 World Cup. But it has more to offer than world-class soccer (or football) to non-sports fans. You can go swimming with whale sharks, visit the SouqWaqif, or explore the underground world of Dahl Al Misfir.

No special warnings currently for this country, as Qatar is currently at a Level 1 Advisory.

6. Taiwan

  • Safety Score: 1.618
  • Worldwide Rank: 30
  • Population: 23.91 million
  • Capital City: Taipei City
  • Tourists Per Year: 11.86 million
  • Region: East Asia

Taiwan is located just east of China and north of the Philippines. Famous for its street food, it’s a destination for foodies everywhere. There are other things if you’d like to visit this island, like the National Palace Museum, Taroko National Park, and Sun Moon Lake.

Taiwan is on a Level 3 travel advisory, due to high levels of COVID-19 and travel restrictions.

7. Kuwait

  • Safety Score: 1.739
  • Worldwide Rank: 39
  • Population: 4.40 million
  • Capital City: Kuwait City
  • Tourists Per Year: 8.57 million
  • Region: Western Asia

Located on the Persian Gulf, Kuwait has the 6th-biggest oil industry on the planet. If you want to visit for a vacation, you can enjoy some shopping and the beach at Salmiya, visit the Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center, or enjoy Al Shaheed Park.

Kuwait is at a Level 1 advisory, with some increased caution in the Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh area for crime, and a caution not to travel near the Iraq border because of unexploded bombs or military materials.

8. Mongolia

mongolia monument
Statue of Genghis Khan, near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Safety Score: 1.775
  • Worldwide Rank: 42
  • Population: 3.39 million
  • Capital City: Ulaanbaatar
  • Tourists Per Year: 637,000
  • Region: East Asia

Mongolia, landlocked between China and Russia, is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. It can be the country for you to visit if you’re into adventure, with the Gobi Desert being its biggest draw. You can sleep in a ger, ride a camel, or climb the sand dunes of Khongor.

Mongolia is at a Level 1 advisory, with no special warnings.

9. South Korea

  • Safety Score: 1.779
  • Worldwide Rank: 43
  • Population: 51.36 million
  • Capital City: Seoul
  • Tourists Per Year: 17.50 million
  • Region: East Asia

South Korea is world famous for things like K-pop, Samsung, and kimchi. But there’s more to this country than that. If you’re a tourist in South Korea, you can visit such sights in its capital, Seoul, as Gyeongbokgung Palace or N Seoul Tower. You can also visit the sea at Busan or enjoy the beauty of Seoraksan National Park.

South Korea is at a Level 1 advisory, with no extra warnings.

South Korea is located at the southern end of the Korean Peninsula, one of the largest peninsulas in the world.

10. Vietnam

hanoi vietnam tourism
Tourist in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Safety Score: 1.786
  • Worldwide Rank: 44
  • Population: 98.19 million
  • Capital City: Hanoi
  • Tourists Per Year: 18.01 million
  • Region: Southeast Asia

With China to the north and Laos and Cambodia to the east, Vietnam can make for a wonderful travel experience. You can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Halong Bay, take in the sights of Ho Chi Mihn city, or explore the caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Vietnam makes three countries in a row on this list with no special warnings, or at Level 1.

11. Indonesia

  • Safety Score: 1.8
  • Worldwide Rank: 47
  • Population: 275.52 million
  • Capital City: Jakarta
  • Tourists Per Year: 16.11 million
  • Region: Southeast Asia

In doing research for Indonesia, the words that keep coming up are “beautiful” and “diverse”. This is true by its attractions. You can enjoy the Beaches of Bali, see orangutans on Borneo, or visit Komodo dragons at Komodo National Park.

Our first Level 2 (Exercise Increased Caution) on the list, Indonesia has this level because of terrorism and natural disasters.

12. Laos

  • Safety Score: 1.809
  • Worldwide Rank: 51
  • Population: 7.53 million
  • Capital City: Vientiane
  • Tourists Per Year: 4.79 million (2019)
  • Region: Southeast Asia

The only land-locked, or land-linked, country in Southeast Asia, Laos has many interesting and wonderful things to see and do. You can enjoy some local cuisine at the Vientiane Night market.

If you’re looking to get out of the city, Laos is especially known for some spectacular waterfalls, like Kuang Si and Tad Sae.

Laos is at Level 2 because of civil unrest, and some areas have warnings due to unexploded bombs.

13. Timor-Leste

  • Safety Score: 1.839
  • Worldwide Rank: 54
  • Population: 1.37 million
  • Capital City: Dili
  • Tourists Per Year: 74,800
  • Region: Southeast Asia

If ocean-based travel and a limited amount tourists are what you’re looking for, then Timor-Leste might be the country for you. You can enjoy diving near Dili, go whale watching, or enjoy peaceful beach surroundings on islands like Jaco Island or Atauro Island.

Timor-Leste is currently under a Level 2 travel advisory, mainly due to civil unrest and crime (gender-based violence).

14. Jordan

  • Safety Score: 1.849
  • Worldwide Rank: 57
  • Population: 10.41 million
  • Capital City: Amman
  • Tourists Per Year: 5.36 million
  • Region: Western Asia

If desert conditions are more your speed, then Jordan may be for you. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Jordan’s biggest attraction, the ancient city of Petra. You can also visit the famous Dead Sea or go camping in Wadi Rum.

At Level 2, Jordan has several areas that travelers are advised not to travel to at all, like close to the border with Syria. This is due to terrorism, armed conflict, and crime.

15. The United Arab Emirates

  • Safety Score: 1.865
  • Worldwide Rank: 60
  • Population: 10.14 million
  • Capital City: Abu Dhabi
  • Tourists Per Year: 25.28 million
  • Region: Western Asia

The second country in a row with desert conditions, the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is known for some impressive engineering feats. You can see the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and one of the tallest hotel buildings in the world, the Burj Al Arab.

Currently, the United Arab Emirates is at a Level 3 advisory, or reconsider travel, this is due to the threat of missile strikes or drone attacks in some areas.

16. Cambodia

  • Safety Score: 1.882
  • Worldwide Rank: 62
  • Population: 17.19 million
  • Capital City: Phnom Penh
  • Tourists Per Year: 6.61 million
  • Region: Southeast Asia

Located in Mainland Southeast Asia, Cambodia has some amazing ancient ruins, like Angkor Wat, the Bayon, and Ta Prohm. You can also walk with and feed elephants with the Mondulkiri Project, or enjoy some other nature tourism in Cambodia’s various national parks.

Cambodia is currently at Level 1, with some extra precautions in Phnom Penh (crime). In other areas, like Battambang, Pursat, and Siem Reap, travelers are cautioned due to land mines.

17. Oman

  • Safety Score: 1.889
  • Worldwide Rank: 64
  • Population: 5.37 million
  • Capital City: Muscat
  • Tourists Per Year: 3.51 million
  • Region: Western Asia

Rounding out the list is Oman, the third biggest country in the Arabian Peninsula. Take in the scenic waterfront of the capital at the Mutrah Corniche. Explore the Damaniyat Islands for some ocean views. And you can go swimming in the Bimmah sinkhole.

Oman is at a Level 2 advisory, mainly due to terrorism and armed conflict near the Yemen border, so please avoid that area.

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safest asian countries to travel
Singapore is one of the safest Asian countries for travel

17 Safest Countries in Asia: Region Breakdown

Southeast Asia has the most countries on our list with 7.

The following is a breakdown of how many countries in each region are on this list of 17 safest countries in Asia:

  • Western Asia: 5
  • Central Asia: 0
  • South Asia: 1
  • East Asia: 4
  • Southeast Asia: 7

Safest Asian Countries: FAQ

What is the safest country in Asia?

The safest country in Asia is Singapore. It is also in the Top 10 safest countries in the world, landing at number 9.

In 2019, Singapore had 19.12 million tourists. Japan is also in the top 10, landing right behind Singapore in world rankings.

Other safe countries in Asia include Malaysia, Bhutan, Qatar, and Taiwan. All of these countries rank in the Top 30 of the safest countries in the world.

What Asian country has the most tourists/visitors?

With over 145 million tourists (including visitors from Hong Kong and Taiwan) in 2019, China is the most popular Asian country for tourists and has among the most tourists in the world.

Ranked 89th worldwide in the GPI, China ranked just outside the Top 17 safest Asian countries, as shown in the list below.

What are some other safe countries in Asia not on the list?

Here’s a list of some other safe countries just outside the top 17:


  • Safety Score: 1.947
  • Worldwide Rank: 73
  • Region: South Asia


  • Safety Score: 2.001
  • Worldwide Rank: 86 (tied with Tanzania)
  • Region: Central Asia


  • Safety Score: 2.01
  • Worldwide Rank: 89
  • Region: East Asia

Sri Lanka

  • Safety Score: 2.02
  • Worldwide Rank: 90
  • Region: South Asia


  • Safety Score: 2.028
  • Worldwide Rank: 91
  • Region: Central Asia


  • Safety Score: 2.031
  • Worldwide Rank: 92
  • Region: Central Asia

What is the safest Asian country in each region of Asia?

The following countries are the safest country in each region of Asia:

  • Western Asia: Qatar
  • Central Asia: Uzbekistan
  • South Asia: Bhutan
  • East Asia: Japan
  • Southeast Asia: Singapore

What is the most dangerous country to visit in Asia?

The most dangerous country to visit in Asia is Afghanistan.

In fact, the three most dangerous countries in the GPI out of 163 are all in Western Asia:

  • Afghanistan (score: 3.554; rank: 163)
  • Yemen (score: 3.394; rank: 162)
  • Syria (score: 3.356; rank 161)
best countries in asia

Your Turn

Again, this was just a quick review of the 17 safest countries in Asia. There’s a lot more they can offer!

Which one of these countries have you been to, and what were your experiences? What Asian country would you like to visit? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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